Izakaya Hopping in Imabari, Ehime: Enjoy Local Yakitori, Ramen and Oden



During my solo trip to Setouchi region, coastal areas located western Japan, I went bar hopping in Imabari, Ehime to enjoy some drink✨ I visited 2 izakaya shops and then finished off with eating Imabari local ramen! I am so satisfied with enjoying local food!
Look at my solo bar hopping journey, and I hope you have an enjoyable izakaya experience too!

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary


The first stop I chose was one of the four best Imabari Yakitori shop.

Imabari Yakitori is different from the usual Yakitori; it’s grilled on a teppan (iron plate) and not being on a skewer!
What a new type of yakitori! I was quite surprised as I didn’t know that before.

I wanted to have a counter seat so that I could see the process of how the owner cooks yakitori, but unfortunately, I couldn’t as there were no available seats at the moment.

Famous Shop

Popular by both locals and tourists!

Popular Imabari Yakitori

Grilled chicken skin 270 yen

Imabari’s local cuisine

Senzanki (Imabari’s local fried chicken) 390 yen

Food Menu

Drink Menu

Spot Outline

Toribayashi, located in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, is a long-established shop established 50 years ago. It is famous as one of the four main Imabari yakitori shops, and is characterized by its innovative style of grilling on a teppan (iron plate). The restaurant is centered around an L-shaped counter, with tatami rooms in the back and on the second floor.


The second stop I found while strolling around.

The atmosphere of the shop was very comfortable and nice!
Regulars were chatting and laughing at the counter seats!

What a heartwarming time

Assorted oden 600 yen
Tofu, chikuwa and hanpen (fish paste cake), egg, konnyaku, sausage


Food Menu

Drink Menu

Spot Outline

Ofuzake is an izakaya located in Asahimachi, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. The interior of the shop has cozy and wonderful atmosphere. Regulars can be seen chatting and laughing at the counter.

Kurume Ramen Mitsuya(久留米ラーメン 光屋)

The final stop is ramen shop!
It’s a Kurume Ramen shop so that you can eat Kurume ramen, a Fukuoka’s local ramen, but you can also eat Imabari Ramen here! (note that it is limited to 20 servings)

Seafood-flavored salt ramen noodles made with local ingredients.
A squeeze of lemon is refreshing! It was very delicious!

The shop also offers ‘locabo noodle’, a low-sugar noodle.

The shop has counter seating and tatami room tables, and there were many local families visiting!



Imabari Ramen 800 yen

How to eat:

Imabari Ramen is limited to 20 servings so visit the shop before it’s sold out! (photo is a signboard saying ‘sold out’)

Food Menu

Side and drink menu

Spot Outline

Mitsuya is a ramen shop located in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. It is known as a Kurume Ramen shop, but Imabari Ramen, a seafood-flavored salt ramen using local ingredients is also popular. Low-sugar ‘locabo noodles’ are also available. The shop has both counter and tatami room table seating, and is frequented by local families. Please note that Imabari Ramen is limited to 20-serving.

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