Recommended for sightseeing in Tokyo in July! Introducing unique summer events and outdoor spots!

If you are going to go sightseeing, you may want to incorporate into your itinerary things that can only be seen or experienced during that time of the year. In this issue, we will introduce the weathers, events, and recommended spots in July in Tokyo for those who are interested in such things.

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About Tokyo in July


July is a hot and humid month in Tokyo. Average temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, sometimes even higher. It can get especially hot and humid during the day, so it is advisable to bring lightweight clothing, a hat, and sunscreen.

In the first part of July, the rainy season may still be in full swing. It is wise to bring a folding umbrella or raincoat, as weather and temperatures can fluctuate wildly during the rainy season.


July is a wonderful time to enjoy outdoor events and camping in Tokyo. Temperatures are relatively high, but daytime activities can be comfortable by finding a cool spot in the shade or by the water.

However, the rainy season can bring rain and humidity, so it is important to bring waterproofing and appropriate equipment. Also, please remember to make reservations and check the rules of the campground in advance.


Even in July in Tokyo, there is a wide variety of places to visit. To avoid the summer heat, it is recommended to stroll around in the early morning or evening. Even outdoors, there are cool spots where you can get away from the summer heat, and even if it is very hot outside, you may even feel chilly when you enter a shopping mall because the air conditioning is working. Basically, July is a hot season, but there are enough cool spots to enjoy sightseeing to the fullest.

July Fashion

Light, cool clothing is common in Tokyo in July. Lightweight shirts and T-shirts, shorts and cool skirts are good. Hats, parasols, and sunglasses are also recommended to block out the sun. Hydrate frequently, especially on hot days, as there is a risk of heat stroke. In some indoor spots, air conditioning may be too effective, so a cardigan is a good idea.

Fireworks Event

Sumida River Firework Festival (Tokyo)

The Sumida River Fireworks Festival has a long history dating back to 1732 and is one of the two largest fireworks festivals in Tokyo, along with the Edogawa-ku Fireworks Festival held annually in August. Usually held on the last Saturday of July along the Sumida River, the 2023 event was the first to be held in four years. 20,000 fireworks are shot off in a spectacular display, providing a breathtaking view and attracting one million visitors every year. Since the fireworks can be viewed from the observation deck of the Tokyo Skytree, crowds are expected to gather on the day of the festival.

3 Recommended Campgrounds

Wakasu Park Camping Ground (若洲公園キャンプ場)

Cycling road

Because it is located in the city center, this campground is so popular that it is booked up during the camping season. Bicycle rentals are available, and cycling while feeling the sea breeze is also recommended!

At evening, you can see the sunset over Tokyo Bay and the illuminated Rainbow Bridge.

WOOD LAND BOTHY (ウッドランドボシー)

Accessible only 1.5 hours by car from central Tokyo or about 2 hours by train and bus, this facility offers glamping in the midst of nature. At this facility, you can enjoy the cuisine of a dedicated chef in a luxurious environment that is limited to one group per day. You can also experience fishing along the Yozawa River or enjoy cycling. Recommended for those who want to experience a luxurious and extraordinary experience.

WILD MAGIC (ワイルドマジック)

Newly opened in 2017, WILD MAGIC offers authentic BBQ. Even if you don’t have any equipments like a tent or BBQ grill, you can enjoy it without one, so it is recommended for beginners.The vast 1.6-hectare site is divided into seven areas, each with a different atmosphere and characteristics, offering a wide variety of experiences.

2 Summer Resorts in Tokyo

Hossawa Falls (払沢の滝)

Hossawa Falls is the only waterfall in Tokyo selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. The waterfall is approximately 60 meters long, and legend has it that a giant snake lives in the basin of the waterfall.

The boardwalk is covered with woodchips, which are fluffy and comfortable to walk on. During the summer, the path is lit up at night, creating a fantastic view.

Nanushinotaki Park (名主の滝公園)

Nanushinotaki Park in Kita-ku, a 10-minute walk from Oji Station, has been used as a summer resort since the Edo period. There is a waterfall in the park, and taking a walk while admiring the mountain stream and trees is recommended. The soothing sound of the waterfall will heal you.

Editor’s Comment


The hot summer is a great time to get outdoors, or conversely, to visit relatively cool spots and refresh yourself while experiencing nature. Don’t let the heat overwhelm you; instead, enjoy summer by engaging in activities that are beneficial to both your body and mind✨

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