Tokyo in September: Recommended Activities and Spots Unique to the Beginning of Autumn Season

If you are going to go sightseeing, you may want to incorporate into your itinerary things that can only be seen or experienced during that time of the year. In this issue, we will introduce the weather, conditions, activities to experience, and recommended spots in September in Tokyo for those who are interested in such things!

*The information presented is subject to change.

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About Tokyo in September


September in Tokyo is the season when the summer heat eases off and the arrival of autumn can be felt. The average temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius, and the days are still warm, but the mornings and evenings become cooler. The daytime sun is still strong, so UV protection is necessary, but the weather will be comfortable and easy to live in.


Although the heat still lingers, the weather becomes somewhat more pleasant in September after the extreme heat wave, making it the perfect time to go out. Especially in Japan, as autumn arrives, the culture of indulging in art, literature, and seasonal gourmet food becomes even more accentuated. Phrases like “autumn of art,” “autumn of reading,” and “autumn of appetite” are commonly used. The Japanese way of embracing this season is to fully enjoy the arrival of autumn by partaking in activities such as picking seasonal fruits, taking leisurely moments to relax and read, and appreciating various forms of art.


September is a great time to visit tourist destinations around Tokyo. With the arrival of autumn, the green nature gradually begins to change its beautiful colors. Compared to the summer season, September is relatively less crowded, so you can enjoy sightseeing at a leisurely pace.

September Fashion

September is still warm during the day, but the mornings and evenings are cooler, so dress accordingly. Bringing a light jacket or cardigan is a good idea. We also recommend that you wear clothing made of breathable materials in preparation for the heat during the day.

Immerse yourself in reading

Forest Library (森の図書室)

Located a minute walk from Shibuya Station, you can enjoy a space surrounded by many books. The rule in libraries is that eating and drinking are prohibited and that people should be quiet inside the library, but here you can enjoy your favorite beverages and food along with books, and you are even allowed to chat. Free Wi-Fi and free power supply are also available.

Roppongi Tsutaya Books (六本木蔦屋書店)

Renovated as “Roppongi Tsutaya” in March 2020. The concept is a “Western-style bookstore in Roppongi”. In addition to the café, a new “BOOK & BAR-LOUNGE” has been established where customers can enjoy reading books with creative cocktails inspired by art. Be sure to check out the sundries, stationery, and other products only available here.

Pottery experiences for beginners

Shiraku (町田陶芸教室 師楽)

This pottery school is located an 11-minute walk from Odakyu Machida Station. Since the studio is located near a forest with a Japanese garden and an art museum, visitors can enjoy making things while feeling nature. At the pottery workshop, you can choose from a variety of pottery utensils such as teacups, cups, small bowls, and tea bowls, and make your own. Losing track of time and making ceramics will refresh your body and mind.

Senshu Craft (千秋工房)

A five-minute walk from Nakameguro Station, the shop boasts an cozy and homey atmosphere. The popular plan, “regular course” includes rice bowls and panting unglazed teacups. The total time required for both is about 2 hours. Try it with a group of friends or as a couple.

Uzumako Ceramic Art School (うづまこ陶芸教室)

Located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, this ceramic art school welcomes beginners, as the staff provides support. The popular “Pottery Trial Courses” offer the perfect introduction for newcomers to the art of pottery.
You can choose either the electric pottery wheel or the hand-building. 2 to 4 pieces can be made in an hour, and you can choose the piece you want to bake from among them. The pottery work will be completed in approximately a month and a half.

Enjoy the fruits of the season!

Grape Picking Example Image

The time and amount of fruit that can be harvested may vary depending on the climate and growing conditions of the year, so please check the official website in advance to confirm the opening dates.

Manda Blueberry Farm (萬田ブルーベリー農園)

About 200 trees of about 15 varieties grow on the 1,000 ㎡ farm site. The farm does not use pesticides or herbicides at all, and everyone can enjoy tasty blueberries with peace of mind. Tasting the blueberries while harvesting them is also exceptional. For the enjoyment of families, a nursing room and diaper changing area are available.

Kimura Vineyard (木村ぶどう園)

Opened in 1982, this farm in Setagaya is rich in nature. Admission is free, and grapes are sold by weight. The large and satisfying “Fujiminori” grapes are popular. There are also other varieties available. There is also a café space “ABCafe” in the garden.

Editor’s Comment


You can enjoy fruit picking amidst nature even in Tokyo! If the weather is unfavorable or if you simply want to relax, you can read a book or try your hand at pottery making at an indoor spot!

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