6 Best Things to Do in Hiroshima in November: Festival, Fall Foliage , and Illumination Spots

If you’re planning to go sightseeing, including seasonal activities unique to that time of year in your itinerary is ideal. In this issue, we introduce essential travel information for November in Hiroshima, including weather, appropriate fashion, key events, and recommended spots, catering to those interested in experiencing the uniqueness of the season.


Hiroshima in November


In November, Hiroshima is in the depths of fall and temperatures gradually begin to drop. Average high temperatures fall below 20°C (68°F), and mornings and evenings are particularly chilly. Sunny days are mild and comfortable, but you need to be prepared for chilly weather that reminds you that winter is coming.


In Hiroshima in November, in addition to the Hiroshima Ebisu Festival, one of the three major festivals of Hiroshima, many events are held to enjoy the fall leaves as it is the best season for fall foliage, and gardens and temples are specially illuminated. Also, as the temperature gradually cools and we move closer to the winter season, illumination events that make the city even more attractive at night start around November in many places. This will be the month to enjoy beautiful natural scenery and decorated cityscapes.


November is the best time to view the fall leaves in Hiroshima, attracting many tourists from within and outside the prefecture. In particular, visitors can enjoy beautiful fall foliage at various places. It is also a good month to visit tourist attractions at a leisurely pace, as there are relatively few tourists.

November Fashion

A layered style is recommended for fashion in Hiroshima in November. Although it may feel warmer during the day, sweaters, jackets, and scarves should be utilized in preparation for the cooler morning and evening temperatures.

Traditional Festival held in November

Introducing traditional festivals where you can experience Japanese culture! If you are interested in a more local and Japanese experience, please visit there.

Ebessan / Hiroshima Ebisu Festival (えべっさん / 広島胡子大祭)

One of the three major festivals in Hiroshima, this festival is held at Ebisu Shrine and along Chuo-dori Avenue. It is so named Ebessan because Ebisu-sama, the god of business prosperity at Ebisu Shrine, is called “Ebessan”. Held over three days from November 18 to 20 every year, the festival has a history of more than 400 years.

At night, Chuo-dori Street turns into a pedestrian zone, where Kagura and Taiko (Japanese drum) performances unfold. In addition, a street dance battle and other events are held on the Alice Garden stage just off Chuo-dori, making this a very popular festival that attracts many young people with its lively music and dancing.

3 Recommended spots for Fall Foliage

November is the best season for fall foliage. Many people visit fall foliage viewing spots to take in the fall scenery. Here are some carefully selected fall foliage viewing spots in Hiroshima Prefecture! The best time to view the fall leaves depends on the weather conditions of the year.

Momijidani Park (紅葉谷公園)

Momijidani Park has beautiful greenery from spring to summer, and the fall leaves from mid to late November. It is one of the most famous spots on Miyajima, with approximately 700 trees brightly colored. The red bridge at the entrance is the most photogenic spot in the park. The beautiful collaboration with the fall leaves attracts visitors. The “Yamamura chaya” located quietly in the park is also recommended. It is a traditional restaurant where you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery and a relaxing time.

Buttsuji Temple (佛通寺)

Buttsuji Temple is located in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. It is one of the most famous places in Hiroshima Prefecture for its fall foliage, and it is a spectacular sight to see the approach to the temple turn into a variety of colors such as yellow, vermilion, and red. The best time to view the fall leaves is from early to mid-November, when many visitors and tourists come from all over Japan.

Illumination is also held every year. The illumination of the trees along the river is a beautiful sight. Please enjoy the fantastic scenery unique to this time of year.

Ozekiyama Park (尾関山公園)

This urban park is beautiful in its natural seasonal beauty, and the observatory at the top of the mountain offers a panoramic view of the city of Miyoshi. The trees usually begin to change color in late October, and the best time to view the leaves is around mid-November. The park is also illuminated, and the tunnel of fall leaves is breathtaking.

2 Illumination Spots

We introduce two illumination spots that are perfect for dates and families! You can also take great photos with the beautiful sight as a backdrop.

Hiroshima Dreamination (ひろしまドリミネーション)

This is the largest illumination in Hiroshima and a popular annual event, usually held from mid-November to early January. The city center, including Peace Boulevard and Hiroshima Station, is illuminated simultaneously, transforming the city into a fairy-tale-like beautiful world. The entire area is decorated with more than 1 million twinkling lights, making it a spectacular sight to behold. Illuminated objects are also very popular as photo spots.

Bihoku Hillside Park Winter Illuminations (備北イルミ)

This illumination event is held at the Bihoku Hillside Park from early November to early January. The illumination, which makes full use of the terrain and trees, creates a mysterious and fantastic space as if the entire park is enveloped in light. There are many cute photo spots, and the park is crowded every year.

Fireworks are displayed mainly on weekends, so be sure to check the times and recommended viewing areas in advance. You will surely have a memorable and wonderful time.

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With illumination shining on fall leaves, Hiroshima in November also has plenty to offer! Please refer to this page and enjoy your Japan trip!

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