Izakaya Hopping in Hiroshima: Introducing recommended shops in the “Ekinishi” area near Hiroshima Station



We had a hagi-zake at a place called “Ekinishi,” a collection of standing bars located just outside of Hiroshima Station.
I hear that many restaurants are open early in the day, so you can drink at your leisure!
Please use it as a reference when choosing a restaurant.

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

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Yakiton Miyachan(やきとん 宮ちゃん)

The first is a standing izakaya that serves delicious odorless hormone and yakiton (Pork skewers)! It is a lively restaurant crowded with locals.
The liver steak here is really good…This might be a must-have shop for bar hopping.


It was a stand-up drinking style restaurant!
It is easy to stop by by yourself.


The restaurant is proud of its kushiyaki skewers.

Drink Menu

Other Menu

Full lineup of snacks! Good cospa!


420 yen

Vinegared tripe 300 yen

It was light and tasty with no smell!

ume crystal (A delicacy made of finely chopped shark cartilage mixed with plum meat)

Rebateki (liver steak) 180 yen

The restaurant’s recommended menu!
I’m glad there are plenty of green onions. Even those who don’t like liver can eat it!

Second cup

Spot Outline

Yakiton Miyachan, located in Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, is a lively restaurant filled with locals. The restaurant is known for its delicious odorless hormone and yakiton (Pork skewers), and is especially recommended for its rebateki. The restaurant is also cosy and perfect for a drink on the run.

Oyster & Smoked BAR SANGO

Arriving at the second restaurant! If you want to eat seasonal oysters in Hiroshima, this is definitely the place to go.
It’s great to be able to casually enjoy excellent oyster dishes at an izakaya that is easy to stop by!
You can enjoy a variety of dishes, including raw, grilled, and fried foods.
The smoked dishes are also delicious and make for great drinks.
The restaurant was beautiful and comfortable.


The stylish atmosphere makes it easy for women to enter.

Food Menu

Oyster dishes

Hiroshima is all about oysters, isn’t it?

meat dish

There is a wide variety of menu other than seafood!

Menu on the wall

Black Nikka Highball

Squid mentaiko and pickled Hiroshima cabbage

This is the first time I’ve had Hiroshima mustard.

Smoked potato salad 550 yen

The smoky aroma was very nice.

Oysters baked in garlic butter, 1,080 yen

It was the best snack for drinks ✨Recommended!

Spot Outline

Oyster & Smoked BAR SANGO is an oyster specialty restaurant located in Minami-ku, Hiroshima City. The attraction of this restaurant is that you can casually enjoy seasonal oysters in Hiroshima, and a variety of dishes are available, from raw to grilled and deep-fried. The smoked dishes are also delicious and go well with alcoholic beverages. The restaurant is clean and comfortable, and is recommended as an izakaya that is easy to stop by.

Sake Bar Maru(日本酒Bar 丸)

Lastly, we came to a standing bar specializing in sake, which has been around since the first year of the Kyoho era.
Sake lovers should definitely stop by!
A glass of sake was available for 500 yen, and snacks to go with the sake were provided.
This was an interesting restaurant, as it did not have a menu of alcoholic beverages, but rather, the master would select and serve them to us when we told him our preferences!

Signature Found


The space is large enough to accommodate about 10 people in a standing drinking style!
The atmosphere was fun and close to the master and customers.

Food Menu

Shinrai Junmai Ginjo Senbon Nishiki(神雷 純米吟醸 千本錦)

Even if you are not familiar with sake, you can enjoy drinking it with the master’s commentary.
Delicious with a gentle mouthfeel!

Konjac with spicy sauce

320 yen
The Japanese pepper flavor was delicious!

Yamamoto Junmai Ginjyo Genshu No.6 Yeast

Next was a sake from Akita! It was so easy to drink.

Chicken stewed in ume plum paste

350 yen
Gently sweet plum flavor.

It was in a comic book.

Wakako sake, vol. 14

Spot Outline

Located in Osuga-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the spot called “Maru” is a standing bar specializing in sake. It is a must-visit place for sake lovers, where you can enjoy sake for only 500 yen per glass. The bar also offers snacks that go well with sake, which can be enjoyed along with the drinks. The restaurant has an interesting system in which there is no drink menu, and the master will select and serve you a drink if you let him know your preference. Please stop by.

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