Things to Do in Choshi, Chiba: 2 hours from Tokyo Station by Limited Express! – enjoy seafood and ocean views



Check out this Choshi, Chiba trip plan! Enjoy tasty seafood and beautiful Pacific Ocean views in nature. Hope it helps with your travel plans:)

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

07:30am Tokyo Station

It takes about 2 hours from Tokyo Station to Choshi by “Shiosai” limited express train! The white, yellow and blue coloring is cute.

Limited Express “Shiosai”

Now it’s time to go to Choshi!

Inside the train

The train has comfortable seats, and the two-hour one-way train trip will be enjoyable.

Spot Overview
Located in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Station is the terminal station for JR East’s conventional lines and various Shinkansen lines, JR Tokai’s Tokaido Shinkansen, and Tokyo Metro’s Marunouchi Line. Located in the center of Japan’s largest business district, the station is directly connected to the surrounding office buildings via an underground shopping mall. With a high concentration of souvenir stores, restaurants, and stores, the station is frequented by a wide variety of visitors. Also a must-see is the red brick Marunouchi Exit Station Building, which was designated a National Important Cultural Property in 2003 and is recognized as one of the “100 Best Stations in the Kanto Area”.

10:00am Shichibe

Having breakfast at Shichibe, a restaurant known for its bluefish dishes. Planning to start my day with some delicious mackerel!

Mackerel 🐟❣️


The warmth of wood can be felt inside the restaurant. Very nostalgic vibes


The comfortable lighting and handwritten menus lining the walls are the key to the warm and cozy atmosphere

Pickled prime mackerel rice bowl set meal (1,300 yen)

Set meal of superb mackerel sushi (1,880 yen)

It was fatty, with none of the fishy smell characteristic of bluefish, and I had never tasted mackerel as good as this!

Cheers to the morning 🍻

I feel a little guilty toasting with beer from the morning…lol But today is a special day so♪

The exterior looks like this

Spot Overview
Shichibe in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture, is a restaurant specializing in bluefish dishes using fresh bluefish from Choshi Port. In particular, the superb mackerel sushi and mackerel simmered in miso are very popular, and the restaurant is highly praised for its excellent combination with white rice. Breakfast is also popular and reasonably priced, making this restaurant a favorite among locals and many others.

12:00pm Inubosaki Lighthouse

After breakfast, enjoy the view! 🚃 The pure white Inubosaki Lighthouse looks great against the blue sky. I heard it was selected as one of the 100 best lighthouses in the world and one of the 50 best lighthouses in Japan.

Beautiful spectacular view from Inubosaki Lighthouse

A pure white post

In front of the lighthouse, there is a cute white post box that matches the lighthouse. There is a rumor that if you write a letter here, your wish will come true!

Let’s climb the lighthouse!

The 99-step spiral staircase is surprisingly tough, and my legs are cramped at the end 😂

The view from the observatory is simply breathtaking!

Surrounded by the ocean, the spectacular view is like having the magnificent Pacific Ocean all to yourself.

Contrast of blue sky and white lighthouse✨

Spot Overview
The Inubozaki Lighthouse in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture, is a 32-meter-high brick Western-style lighthouse. It is the tallest brick structure in Japan, second only to the Shiriyazaki Lighthouse, and is registered as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan. The Inubozaki Lighthouse Museum is also located next to the lighthouse, and visitors can enjoy playing on the shore and observing coastal plants in the surrounding area.


After taking in the spectacular view, head to the commercial facility located right next to the lighthouse. The INUBOW TERASU TERRACE is a great place to eat delicious food and shop for specialty products while enjoying the wonderful view.

The view in front of the building be like

Hammock seat

The facility has hammock seats and terrace seating for relaxing and enjoying the view of the blue ocean.


There are cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal with a view of the ocean!


There is also a large select shop filled with the charms of Choshi, where you could find all kinds of specialty products and goods from Chiba and Choshi. A great place to buy souvenirs!


Inubosaki Lighthouse figurine.

Nure senbei (rice cracker), a specialty of Choshi

soy sauce

Choshi Beer (600 yen)

We bought a bottle of local “Choshi Beer” (600 yen). It was delicious with a sharp taste.

Photo spot

We also found a nice photo spot. I wanted to leave the memories of my visit to Choshi in photos! So I took a lot of pictures.

Photo Spot 2

The exterior of the facility looks like this

Spot Overview
Inubow Terasu Terrace, located in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture, is a local information facility near the Inubosaki Lighthouse. You can enjoy a delicious meal and shop for local specialties while enjoying the wonderful view overlooking the lighthouse. The restrooms are very clean, and the hammock terrace on the second floor is stylish and comfortable.

3:00pm Wosse21

We came here for lunch by train🚃 Wosse 21 is a facility where you can enjoy fresh seafood landed in Choshi.

Enjoy a bowl of fresh seafood

Inside a facility

The atmosphere inside the facility is just like a seafood market. The stores close in the evening, so it is best to get there early.

Souvenir 1

Souvenir 2

Souvenir 3

There are so many delicious-looking fish! Since they are all reasonably priced, I wanted to buy a bunch to take home. Canned and bottled fish make excellent souvenirs!

Seafood rice bowl(1,700 yen)

Enjoy fresh seafood and fish at the restaurant on the second floor. Seafood rice bowl (1,700 yen) was surprisingly satisfying! With 12 different varieties, including tuna, shrimp, salmon roe, and even conger eel.

Choshi Port Tower

Next to Wosse 21, there is Choshi Port Tower! The two towers are connected, so you can easily come and go. If you climb up, you can see the whole view of the sea of Choshi.

W‪osse21 & Choshi Port Tower

Spot Overview
Wosse 21, located in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture, is a collection of restaurants, shopping, souvenir stores, and markets. One of its particular attractions is that visitors can enjoy fresh seafood landed in Choshi.

4:30pm Chikyu-no-marukumieru-oka Observatory

After lunch, we want to feel nature so go to Chikyu-no-marukumieru-oka Observatory where offers a spectacular 360-degree view.

Magnificent scenery

We managed to get there in time for sunset and a great view of the city.

Can you feel the earth round?

The horizon stretched out like a rounded arc, which really made us feel as if the earth were round. When we saw the sunset on the horizon, we felt the end of my trip and felt a little sad.

Spot Overview
The Chikyu-no-marukumieru-oka Observatory in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture, is an observation deck with a spectacular 360-degree view. Since going on foot is strenuous, it is convenient to have a car.

6:00pm Cafe Machiai-Shitsu

We have some extra time until the train, so came to a cafe. A good old Showa-era coffee shop with a retro atmosphere.

Tea break


The scent of coffee wafts through the air

A melon soda float

The exterior

Spot Overview
Machiai-Shitsu is a coffee shop located in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture. It is a good old Showa-era coffee shop with a retro atmosphere. As the name ‘Machiai-Shitsu,’ which means ‘waiting room’ in Japanese, suggests, it is a great place for meeting up. You can spend a relaxing time here.

6:30pm Choshi Station

I will take the limited express train back to Tokyo. It was a fun day!

We enjoyed drinks on the train on our way home and had a good time together until the end of the day.

The fun-filled trip has finally come to an end

It is the same train as on the way there, but the view on the way back looks different.

Spot Overview
Choshi Station, located in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture, is a station of East Japan Railway Company and Choshi Electric Railway Company. Although the station is jointly used by both companies, the jurisdiction is held by East Japan Railway Company.

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