Mount Takao Hiking : Perfect Guide for Beginners



For this trip, we took a stroll on Mt. Takao, enjoyed the fall views, exercised in nature, and savored some delicious food after the hike. Please check it out for more details ♪

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

07:30am Takaosanguchi Station

Meet at Takaosanguchi Station, the gateway to Mt. Takao!
This beautiful station building with a Japanese atmosphere was designed by architect Kengo Kuma and is made of cedar wood.

The spacious square in front of the station is ideal for meeting up.

Meet up at 7:30 am!

Breathe in the fresh morning air and we’re ready for Mt.Takao!


Autumn leaves

It’s a good feeling to be able to see the autumn leaves in the morning

Spot Overview
Takaosanguchi Station is located in Hachioji City, Tokyo, and serves as the gateway to Mt. Takao. There is a plaza in front of the station, which is ideal for meeting people. Besides using the station as a starting point for climbing Mt Takao, some people use the nearby toilets to avoid the crowds in the bathrooms. On the way back, a shuttle bus takes you to the station, which is also ideal for sightseeing.

07:36am Kiyotaki Station

After 5 mins walk from the station, we get to the foot of the mountain! You can get to halfway up the mountain by using a cable car or lift, but this time we will walk!

The autumn leaves at the foot of the mountain are also very beautiful!

There was a shopping street in front of Kiyotaki Station

There was a row of souvenir shops and restaurants, so we might stop off later.

Souvenir shop

A row of restaurants

Finally, let’s climb!

We’re going up on the beginner’s track (route 1), but we’re excited and nervous

Spot Overview
Kiyotaki Station is located in Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo, and is also the cable car station. It takes only five minutes to walk from the station to the foot of the mountain, and the cable car and lift can take you to the halfway up the mountain, or you can walk. The surrounding area is rich in nature and is known as an ideal spot for hiking and trekking.

08:20am Takosugi (The Octopus Shaped Cedar Tree)

Just past the halfway of the mountain, found ‘Takosugi’.

Looking at the base of the tree, you can see that it is bent like the legs of an octopus! It is said to be a lucky cedar because the roots of the cedar, which were in the way when the approach was being built, wound around and opened up the approach.

It is a whopping 37 metres high!

It was a powerful giant cedar.

How old are the trees?

450 years old!

Next to the Takosugi is a lucky ‘Hippari-dako’!

Pat the head- may bring you luck!

It’s so cute with a smooth head.

Spot Overview
Takosugi is located in Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo, halfway up Mt Takao. It is known as the ‘opening cedar’ because at this location, the roots of a cedar tree that got in the way of building an approach wound up and opened the approach to the mountain. Takosugi is said to be over 450 years old, along the approach past the monkey and wildflower gardens, which is popular with tourists as a power spot. However, a wire fence has been installed to protect the tree and you should be careful when taking photos. Do not touch it and watch it gently.

08:45am Takao-san Yakuo-in

Popular power spot on Mt. Takao! It was located at about the eighth station of the trail.

The grounds are lined with various beneficial objects and statues, as well as shops, making it fun just to walk around!

There are many Tengu in the precincts of Yakuo-in

It is said to bring good luck, ward off bad luck and bring good fortune!

Colourful autumn leaves are also found in the precincts!

It was a beautiful view, so I couldn’t help and take a quick snap.

There were many charms on display!

Ward off bad luck

Omamori (Lucky Charm)

Behind the bright red Niomon gate is the main hall

Remember to bow before climbing the stairs.

Arrive at the main hall

After passing through the Niomon Gate, you come face to face with the main hall, the largest hall in Yakuo-in!

There is also a Tengu in the main hall!

He is a big tengu with a red face and a high nose.

The size and power is astonishing!

Spot Overview
Takao Yakuo-in, located in Hachioji City, Tokyo, is a temple at the eighth station of Mt Takao. The official name of the temple is Takaosan Yakuoin Yuki-ji Temple. It is also known as a spot for beautiful autumn foliage and can be climbed without using the cable car. With its various benefits, Yakuo-in is a popular power spot.

09:00am Otoko-zaka

After starting the climb again and walking for a while, you are faced with a path that divides into two! On the left is the steep staircase “Otoko-zaka” (meaning Men’s Slope) and on the right is the gentle slope “Onna-zaka” (meaning Women’s Slope).

108 steps

The “Otoko-zaka” seems to have 108 steps, the same number as the number of human worldly desires.

We went to the “Otoko-zaka”

Spot Overview
The ‘Otoko-zaka’ spot in Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo, is a slope leading up to the Yakuo-in Yuki-ji Temple on Mt Takao. After passing through the Joshinmon gate, the path splits into two, with the steep staircase on the left called ‘Otoko-zaka’ and the gentle slope on the right called ‘Onna-zaka’.

10:00am Mt. Takao

At last we have reached the summit of Mount Takao! I heard that when the weather is good you can see Mt Fuji 🗻.

Photo to commemorate the 599 m ascent!

The summit is an open space with a good view

Beautiful autumn leaves on the summit square

It has soothed my tired heart!

Bright red autumn leaves🍁

Enjoy the autumn colours while sitting on a bench

View of the summit

If the weather is good, Mt. Fuji is usually visible, but unfortunately, we couldn’t see it this time.

Views towards the city centre are also available!

The town looks so small – We’re so proud that we’ve made the climb so well!

Spot Overview
Mount Takao, located in Hachioji City, Tokyo, rises 599 metres above sea level. Close to the city centre, it is visited by many tourists and climbers throughout the year. It is possible to climb the mountain without using the cable car, and there are many places of interest, such as the Gongen Tea House and the Monkey Garden. There are also hot springs, trick art and other play spots that can be enjoyed in combination with climbing the mountain.

11:00am Yamabiko Chaya

One of the pleasures of the summit! Go to this restaurant for a gourmet meal on Mt. Takao.

Shop interior

There was seating, tables in the restaurant, tables on the terrace and counter seating.


The menu included soba, set menus and sweet dishes, with a wide variety of wild vegetables and yam. There are many other tasty foods besides soba!

Sansai Tororo soba (1,200 yen)

We decided on the Sansai Tororo Soba (1,200 yen)! It’s luxurious soba noodles with both wild vegetables and grated yam on top!

On a terrace with a great view

You can eat while enjoying a 360° view of Mt Takao, and the food tastes even better!

Exterior looks like this

Spot Overview
Yamabiko Chaya is a restaurant in Takao-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo. It offers soba and other dishes. Many visitors come to enjoy the gourmet food of Mt Takao as one of the pleasures of the summit.

1:00pm Takaosan Sumika

Eat and drink at this halfway up the mountain. You can find delicious Mt. Takao specialities here too!

Gourmet food

Soba noodle shops and café restaurants. There were gourmet eateries that were perfect for replenishing energy during the climb!

Tengu yaki (150 yen)

First, get the ‘Tengu-yaki’ – a type of pancake!

With a tengu face

It has a tengu face and looks like it could bring good luck! Crispy and chewy, with black bean paste inside. It was so good I wanted to take it home as a souvenir!

Mitsufuku-Dango (three lucky dumplings)

They’re called Mitsufuku dango, which means three lucky – “great fortune”, “happiness” and “wealth”. I have to eat them because they bring me good luck!

Being grilled

It’s getting more and more charred and looks delicious!

Mitsufuku dango (350 yen)

Mitsufuku dumplings with a generous coating of walnut miso. Savory and chewy! The dumplings were more generous than I expected and I was full.

Observation space in front of the shop

Full of happiness, eating delicious food with great views!

Spot Overview
Located in Takao-machi, Hachioji City, Tokyo, Takaosan Sumika is a commercial shop next to Takaosan Station on the Mt Takao Cable Car. Located halfway up the mountain, it offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy some of Mt Takao’s best gourmet specialities.

3:50pm Takaosanguchi station

From the foot of Mt Takao, we returned to the station for a shuttle bus to take us to our next destination! 🚌

4:00pm Gonsuke

After we finished climbing, we came to this completely private restaurant where we can enjoy hearth-roasted food.

A car will take you to the shop

They can pick you up from Takaosanguchi Station since it is a bit far away. Please note that prior contact for the pick-up service is required.

Shop interior

The entrance leads to a reception and shop, where you can make your order.

Souvenirs also available

Specialities for souvenirs


The menu primarily features a course meal.

Private rooms dotted around the 6,000 tsubo site (per square)

The restaurant is said to resemble a village/settlement, with 6,000 tsubo of land dotted with separate private rooms! The atmosphere was magical, as if you had entered a folk tale.

The lanterns are lovely 🏮

There’s also a large pond on the grounds

Walking along, you feel like you’ve wandered into a village.

Each room is very nice!


The warm atmosphere makes you feel like you’ve come to grandma’s house. The restaurant is spacious, so you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere!

First, a beer toast!

Himesama Course Meal (4,170 yen)

We ordered “Himesama course meal”! It included an appetizer, seven grilled dishes, and so on.

Let’s grill

Enjoy grilling around the hearth.

Also grilled ayu fish! It was crispy on the surface and fluffy and tasty inside.

Finishing off with…

There was a choice of mushroom udon or barley rice with grated yam

Barley rice with grated yam

The stomach is full and very satisfied!

Spot Overview
Gonsuke, located in Hachioji City, Tokyo, is a fully private restaurant where you can enjoy hearth cooking. It is also a great place to visit after descending a mountain. The menu offers only basic set menus.

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