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Tokyo Skytree, located in the eastern area of Tokyo, is a landmark and a popular tourist attraction in Tokyo, along with Tokyo Tower. It stands 634 meters height, making it the tallest radio tower in the world.

The area where the Sky Tree is located is also known as “Shitamachi,” or old town, and is a place where the traditional streets of Tokyo still remain. The tower’s futuristic and urban design, juxtaposed against the backdrop of an old-fashioned streetscape, creates a captivating blend of old and new.

The Tokyo Skytree offers not only breathtaking views but also the opportunity to ascend its heights. Don’t miss the Tembo Deck, which offers a spectacular view of Tokyo.

At the base of the tower, discover a range of attractions including stores offering Tokyo souvenirs and original goods, Sumida Aquarium, Tokyo Solamachi, the Planetarium, and other sightseeing spots, collectively known as ‘Tokyo Skytree Town.’

It’s a place where you can enjoy shopping, sightseeing, and more—perfect for outings with friends, family, dates, and any other occasion.

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Things to Do

View from Tembo Deck

At 634 meters, the Tokyo Skytree is the tallest radio tower in the world, nearly twice as tall as Tokyo Tower, which was the tallest tower in Japan before the Tokyo Skytree was built.

Observation Deck

Visitors to the Skytree can enjoy the view of Tokyo from two locations: the Tembo Deck and the Tembo Galleria.

Tembo Deck is a 360-degree glass-walled area where you can see as far as 70 kilometers away. On clear days, Mt. Fuji and ships sailing in Tokyo Bay may be visible in the distance. After taking in the spectacular scenery, visitors can relax at a cafe or explore the souvenir store.

If you are looking for a luxurious atmosphere with a view, we recommend going to Sky Restaurant 634 (musashi) located in Tembo Deck. You can enjoy delicious food while admiring the view from 345 meters above the ground. Lunch hours are also available, but we recommend visiting at night when the view is beautiful for a great mood.

Observation Corridor

The Tembo Galleria, located 100 meters above, is an area where visitors can enjoy a walk through a tube-shaped corridor. The walk in this area, which is 450 meters above the ground, gives visitors the feeling of walking in the sky. If you are not good at heights, you may feel a little scared.

The fee for this observation space is charged, depending on whether you go to Tembo Deck only or both Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria. Also, please note that the fee varies depending on weekdays and holidays.

Please click here to check the fees.

Spots in the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria

  • Tembo Deck/Floor340
    You can experience the amazing view of the glass floor. Photo service and cafe are also available.
  • Tembo Deck/Floor345
    Enjoy shopping at the official Skytree shop and dining at the restaurant while enjoying the view.
  • Tembo Deck/Floor350
    At the SKYTREE ROUND THEATER, experience a night-only performance showcasing on a giant glass screen measuring approximately 110 meters wide and 2 meters height. In addition, there is a ticket counter for the Tembo corridor, a photo service and a cafe.
  • Tembo Galleria/Floor 445 and 450
    Sloping from Floor 445, Tembo Galleria provides the sensation of walking in the sky. At its highest point, Sorakara Point, visitors can immerse themselves in the interplay of light and glass, experience a floating sensation, and the curvature of the earth.

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Sumida Aquarium

The Sumida Aquarium is also located directly below the Tokyo Skytree. Sumida Aquarium has gained popularity for its distinctive exhibits featuring penguins and spotted garden eel. This indoor facility is an ideal choice, especially on rainy days, and its manageable size makes it easy to visit.

The main attraction of Sumida Aquarium is the large aquarium with Magellanic penguins. The cute penguins are so close that you can almost reach out to touch them. Experience feeding time with different lighting between day and night. At night, you may catch the penguins dozing off.

There is also a “Penguin Cafe” inside the Aquarium. The Penguin Cafe sells cute drinks and snacks, allowing visitors to enjoy a relaxing teatime while observing the penguins. Alcohol is also sold. There are plenty of chairs in the aquarium, so we recommend spending a relaxing time watching the aquarium with a drink in hand.

[Spot Name] Sumida Aquarium
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Enjoy the new Planetarium experience!

In addition to the Aquarium, there is Planetarium “TENKU” produced by Konica Minolta.

Planetarium TENKU offers exclusive ‘crescent moon seats,’ limited to just three. These special seats allow you to recline and gaze at the entire sky, providing a most relaxing and immersive experience.

Other than that, there is also healing programs with aroma performance recommended for families and couples on dates.

Tokyo Solamachi for shopping and dining

Tokyo Solamachi is located adjacent to the Tokyo Skytree. It is a commercial facility with more than 300 stores offering a wide variety of goods.

Inside the building, you will find a wide variety of items exclusive to Tokyo Skytree, official character Sorakara-chan goods, souvenirs unique to Tokyo, and limited-edition sweets. There is also a fashion floor and a restaurant floor.

In addition to restaurants, there are also food court for eating and drinking, as well as deli section that sell prepared foods. There is a wide variety of gourmet food available, including Japanese, Western, Chinese, and even sweets, so you’re sure to find something to satisfy any craving.

[Spot Name] Tokyo Solamachi
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Illumination at night

The Tokyo Skytree is illuminated every night. There are usually three types of lighting, which change depending on the days.

  • Nobori: Warm atmosphere based on orange color
  • Iki: Light blue color inspired by the water of the Sumida River
  • Miyabi: An elegant and graceful image with the theme color of Edo purple

Additionally, you can see limited edition lighting for events, providing a unique experience for each visit.

Tokyo Skytree Facility Information

Basic Information

[Business Hours] 8:00am-10:00pm (last entry 9:00pm)
No closed days
[Admission Fee] Free *There is an additional fee for Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria.

*This Information is as of 30/11/2023. Please check the official website for details.


[By train]
・Taking Tobu Skytree Line and get off at Tokyo Skytree Station.
・Taking Tokyo Metro Hanzomon, Keisei Oshiage, or Toei Subway Asakusa Line to Oshiage Station, followed by a 5-minute walk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase tickets to the Observatory? 

Purchases can be made on-site on the day of the visit, or online purchase in advance. You can purchase either of the following:

[On-site purchase]
You can purchase at the Tokyo Skytree 4F Ticket Counter

[Advance purchase]
You can purchase from official Tokyo Skytree website

What are the Observatory’s opening hours and last entry time?

The observatory is open from 10 am to 9 pm.
Last entry is 8 pm for Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck (350m), and 8:20 pm for Tembo Galleria (450m).
(except for special business hours such as year-end and New Year’s days)

If I purchase a time and date ticket and am late for my reservation time, will I not be allowed to enter?

You can enter through the entrance for same-day tickets. Please note that there may be a long wait or numbered tickets may be distributed depending on the crowd.

Is there a time limit on how long I can stay after going up to the observation deck? 

There is no time limit on the length of stay, but this is subject to change depending on the crowds on the day of the visit and the operation of the elevators.

Is there a first aid room?

There is a first aid room, but it’s important to note that there is no doctor or nurse on-site. The first aid room is equipped to provide emergency treatment for light wounds and has bed for rest.

Are pets allowed to enter the observation deck?

Pets are not allowed on the observation deck.

Are service dogs (seeing-eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, service dogs) allowed on the Observation Deck?

Service dogs are allowed admission.

Do you have wheelchairs available for rent?

Wheelchairs are available for rent, but please note that the number is limited.

Are there wheelchair-accessible restrooms?

There is a wheelchair-accessible toilets in the facility.

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