A Complete Guide to Nasu: Recommended Sightseeing Spots and Access Information

Nasu is a tourist destination that immerses you in nature, allowing you to experience the changes of the four seasons up close. It is an ideal place for family trips, offering events that can be enjoyed by everyone, including interactions with animals and engaging in craft activities.
Since it is easily accessible from central Tokyo, it is a good place to wander around and visit on a holiday.
Here are some of the many attractions of Nasu, a place where you can spend a relaxing and fun time!


What is Nasu like?

Minamigaoka Dairy Farm (Lover's Sanctuary)
Minamigaoka Dairy Farm (Lover’s Sanctuary)

Nasu is located in the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture, approximately 180km away from Tokyo. With convenient access, it takes about 2 hours by car or about 1 hour by Shinkansen (bullet train) to reach Nasu from Tokyo.

Mt. Chausu, the main peak of the majestic Nasu Mountain range, rises in the northwest. The area at the foot of the mountain is known as ‘Royal Resort Nasu.’ This area, with its historic Nasu hot spring that opened in 630 AD, numerous lodging facilities, historical sites, theme parks, and the Imperial Villa where the imperial family has stayed over.

Minamigaoka Dairy Farm
Minamigaoka Dairy Farm

Nasu is full of sightseeing spots that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, and the sheer number of sightseeing spots is one of the attractions that have made Nasu a popular tourist destination. Nasu is filled with numerous sightseeing spots such as farms, theme parks, and museums.

Carp streamers swimming in Naka River
Carp streamers swimming in Naka River

Among those sightseeing spots, Nasushiobara city, at an altitude of more than 200 meters above sea level, is a great summer resort. We recommend that you spend a whole day playing outdoor activities at the nature-filled tourist spots that take advantage of Nasu’s cool climate.

Must-Visit Popular Attractions

Minamigaoka Dairy Farm

Minamigaoka Dairy Farm
Minamigaoka Dairy Farm

This is a sightseeing farm where visitors can experience horse riding and play in the animal petting area. You can make ice cream, sausage and butter using freshly squeezed milk, and at the fishing pond, you can grill and eat the rainbow trout you catch on the spot.

The specialty products here including ice cream, yogurt, and milk jam made with golden milk from Guernsey cattle, will be perfect souvenirs. In addition to animals, you can also enjoy wildflowers and seasonal flowers.

Nasu Kogen Rindo Lake Family Ranch

 Nasu Rindo Lake View
Nasu Rindo Lake View

This leisure facility is centered around Rindo Lake, the only lake in Nasu Highlands, and features a ranch and a full lineup of rides. Visitors can interact with animals, as well as there are attractions such as the world’s first zipline that glides over the lake.

Surrounded by stunning natural scenery, a variety of events and experiences are available. You can also enjoy a meal with a view of the lake.

Nasu Flower World

Nasu Flower World
Nasu Flower World

This is a vast flower park located on the Nasu Highlands, where you can see a picturesque and colorful flower garden. The best highlight of the park is the cockscombs on the east side of the park, which reach their peak around September, covering the land in vivid reds, yellows, and pinks, making them extremely photogenic.

Various flowers can be seen from May to October.

Nasu Animal Kingdom

Nasu Animal Kingdom
Nasu Animal Kingdom

It is a zoo in the form of a theme park with more than 600 animals from all over the world living in a vast site about 10 times the size of the Tokyo Dome. There are many opportunities to interact with the animals, and shows and performances are held daily.

There are a variety of restaurants and stores, and the BBQ garden offers all-you-can-eat BBQ. On fine days, you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the view of Nasu. There is also space for dogs, and a dog park is available.

Nasu Highland Park

Nasu Highland Park
Nasu Highland Park

This huge amusement park offers dozens of rides and activities, and with many attractions for children under 3 years old, it is perfect for a family vacation.

The most popular of all is the “River Adventure,” a ride down the rapids while splashing through the water. You will get soaked as the round boat will spin and be carried away by the water current!

The park also has a wide variety of restaurants, so eating lunch in the park is recommended. The tropical restaurant, Tropicana, serves Vietnamese pho and curry, and on sunny days, you can enjoy your meal on the terrace.

You can enjoy the clean air and play all the time.

Sessho-seki (Killing Stone)

Sessho-seki (Killing Stone)
Sessho-seki (Killing Stone)

When you travel to Nasu Highlands, you should visit Sessho-seki (Killing Stone) located near the Nasu Yumoto hot spring area. The spot is associated with the legend of the Nine-Tailed Fox, with the large stone believed to be its incarnation. A strong scent of sulfur permeates the air.

It is also known that the haiku poet Matsuo Basho visited this area in his famous travelogue “Okunohosomichi” (The Narrow Road to the Deep North), and is designated as a national scenic beauty.

The spot creates a unique atmosphere.

NASU Teddy Bear Museum

The Nasu Teddy Bear Museum exhibits works by 100 teddy bear artists from around the world. The concept of the museum is “Teddy Bear House,” where about 1,000 teddy bears of various materials, expressions, and costumes live.

The museum store sells stuffed teddy bears, cookies, tea cups and saucers, and more. You can enter here without an admission fee. There is also a cafe-tea room “Teddy’s Garden” where visitors can relax and enjoy the terrace on sunny days.

On the second floor of the exhibition building, exhibition of My Neighbor Totoro from the popular Ghibli film is currently held.

Nasu Stained Glass Museum

Nasu Stained Glass Museum
Nasu Stained Glass Museum

This museum is based on the motif of a manor house in the Cotswolds, England, and is decorated with antique stained glass mainly from the 1800s, creating a peaceful atmosphere for visitors. On weekends, concerts are held to enjoy the sounds of various musical instruments, providing visitors with a sense of elegance.

The stained glass craft experience is also a popular activity, where you can make your own original key chains. Reservations are not required, so please feel free to try it out.

Weddings can also be held in the museum’s St. Raphael’s and St. Gabriel’s Chapels. You may unexpectedly witness a museum wedding while visiting the museum.

Mt. Chausu

Mt. Chausu, an active volcano representing the Kanto region, is the main peak of the Nasu Mountain Range. This is an active volcano that still emits a white plume of smoke.

With an elevation of 1,915 meters, it is just the right mountain for mountain climbing. There is a ropeway to the ninth station, and it takes about 30 minutes to reach the summit.

Many climbers visit during the fall foliage season in October. The view of Mt. Chausu from the ropeway is truly spectacular.

Roadside Station Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori

Roadside Station Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori
Roadside Station Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori

Roadside Station Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori is located at the entrance to Nasu Highlands. It has continued to develop as the center of tourism and art in Nasu. The spacious premises are filled with greenery, and in addition to shopping and dining, visitors can also experience craft experience.

The farmer’s market area selling fresh vegetables is so popular that they are already sold out in the afternoon. At the restaurant, you can enjoy dishes using local ingredients.

Get some sweets

Cheese Garden Nasu Main Store (チーズガーデン那須本店)

Tochigi Prefecture, which has long been a popular tourist destination and has attracted visitors from abroad since long time ago, was one of the first to introduce the culture of Western confectionery. Tochigi Prefecture is the second largest producer of raw milk in Japan after Hokkaido, and cheesecake has developed in its own unique way. Nasu is famous for its large number of dairy farms, which makes it possible to enjoy all kinds of cheesecakes.

At the Cheese Garden Nasu Main Store, you can enjoy cheesecakes made using a unique process that can only be found in Nasu. The “Goyotei Cheesecake” has become a popular souvenir of Nasushiobara.

From the standard baked, to the refreshing rare, to the fluffy melt-in-your-mouth cream, there are various kinds of unique cheesecakes available.

  • Goyotei Cheesecake: a moist and rich baked cheesecake
  • NASU WHITE -Fromage Blanc- : rare cheesecake with strawberry jam
  • Shirasagi: with a premium flavor consisting of three layers and a melt-in-your-mouth texture

Address: 28888 Kukihara,Takakukou, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi, Japan
Business hours:
SHOP: 9:00am-6:00pm
CAFE 9:00am-6:00pm (L.O. 5:30pm)

4 Recommended Hot Springs

Shika no yu

Shika no yu
Shika no yu

This is the oldest hot spring in Tochigi Prefecture that has been in existence for 1,300 years. Located diagonally down to the right from Sessho-Seki, visitors can choose their favorite temperature from six different bathtubs: 41, 42, 43, 44, 46, and 48 degrees (48 degrees is not available in the women’s bath). Before taking a bath, you should pour water on your head with using a ladle to avoid getting feel dizzy and sick from the hot water.

The wooden bathrooms have a nice atmosphere, and the hot water has a strong sulfur content and is good for the body. Please note that soap and shampoo can not be used.

Kinchan Onsen

Open-air bath Image
Open-air bath Image

Surrounded by nature and listening to the sound of the river, you can enjoy this hot spring flowing directly from the source. The spring is one of the few sodium, chloride hot springs in the Nasu area, with a high sterilizing effect as well as making your skin moist and smooth.

*This spot has been temporarily closed since October 6, 2023. Please check the official website for updated business hours

Kinachan Onsen Official Website

Wellness Forest Nasu

This hot spring resort hotel is surrounded by rich nature with a view of the Nasu Mountain Range. The spring water in the large bath is slightly alkaline, which is also known as “the bath for beautiful skin,” and is safe for small children and people with sensitive skin.

There are also four private baths with different atmospheres. The baths are also flowing directly from the source.
You can use the hot spring on a one-day trip even if you do not stay overnight.
As of December 2023, the reception for one-day bathing has been temporarily suspended.

Hotel Sunvalley Nasu

This hotel has a hot spring, heated swimming pool, and a jacuzzi. Whether you want to relax in the hot springs or swim in the pool, this is a place where everyone can enjoy together.
Surrounded by nature, the hot spring zone has baths containing three types of hot spring ingredients: sulfur spring, weak alkaline spring, and magnesium spring.
Refresh your body and mind.

5 Popular Activity for Family

Horseback Riding Experience

You can experience horseback riding at Minamigaoka Farm, Nasu Farm Village, and Nasu Senbonmatsu Farm. There are many places to experience horseback riding in the sightseeing areas of Nasu, so please try it once.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting
Treasure Hunting

At TREASURE STONE PARK, visitors can enjoy one of the largest gemstone hunting activity in the northern Kanto region. Visitors can pick up as many crystals, amethysts, and other gemstones as they like within a time limit, which is fun for both children and adults. The park has roof, allowing for enjoyment even in bad weather.

You can take home all the stones you got, so do your best to find them!

Elephant Ride Experience

Elephant Ride Image
Elephant Ride Image

At Nasu World Monkey Park, you can experience one of the few elephant rides in Japan. Up to three people (up to two adults) can ride.

Making Sausage and Butter

Sausage Image
Sausage Image

Visitors can experience sausage and butter making at Minamigaoka Farm. Roughly ground pork and spices are kneaded by hand and stuffed into sheep’s intestines to make sausages. While the sausages are boiling, let’s make the butter. The sausages can be grilled after boiling, and the butter can be dipped in popular homemade bread.

Little Pastry Chef Experience

Making cookies Image
Making cookies Image

The little pastry chef experience at Candy Castle Nasu Heartland is a pastry-making class open to children (ages 3 and up) and adults. The class is held every day, and reservations are not required, so please feel free to join.

4 Craft Experiences to Make Your Trip Memorable

Candle Making Experience

Candle making image

At Candle House ChouChou, you can make your own original candles. Plans range from a casual 20-minute session to a full-blown 120-minute session using flowers and other materials.
Enjoy your favorite activity based on your travel plan:)
There are also a variety of candles for sale in the store.

Bonsai Making Experience


At the shop Kokeya, you can make moss terrariums, experience mini-bonsai making, and Kokedama (moss balls) making while being healed by the greenery of trees and moss in the forests of Nasu Highland.
Take home your experience work and keep memories of Nasu Highlands.

Stained Glass Making Experience

At the Nasu Stained Glass Museum, the stained glass experience is very popular. You can make straps and compact mirrors in a variety of shapes. Reservations are not required, so please try your hand at creating your own stained glass piece.

Aroma Mist Making Experience

At Nasu Kogen HERB´s, which grows its own herbs, you can experience making aroma mists for authentic fragrance preparation. Visitors can choose 3 to 5 essential oils from 10 varieties, including geranium, lavender, and rosemary, and assemble their own fragrance.

Nasu Kogen HERB´s also offers other experiences such as moisture cream making, body oil making, and soap making classes.

7 Stylish Cafes in Nasu

Mori No VoiVoi (森のVoiVoi)

This is a popular pancake shop in Nasu. Pancakes made with local eggs, milk, highland vegetables, and plenty of fruit are available in a wide variety of styles, from meals to desserts. You can also bring your dog to eat on the terrace.

Business hours:10am-5pm(LO4:30pm)
Closed: Wednesdays (with occasional holidays)


This is a very popular cafe in the woods along the street. It has a warm and relaxing atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable.
The scones are especially popular, attracting customers from all over Japan as well as locals.

Business hours: 10am-5pm (L.O.4:30pm)Sales in the store until 5:30pm
Closed: the first Thursday of every month

Yumeya (古民家のカフェ 夢屋)

This cafe is a 150-year-old Japanese traditional house that has been moved to a new location. Time passes slowly in the space of the cafe, and you will be healed by the sound of birds and stream. The menu is slow food and it is handmade.

Business hours: 10am-4pm (LO 4:30pm)
Closed: Wednesdays and the third Thursday
*Open if the day is a national holiday, closed the following day
*Winter Season (Dec to Mar): Wednesdays and Thursdays

Cafe & Garden Shirasagi-tei (カフェ&ガーデン しらさぎ邸)

This restaurant is annexed to the Cheese Garden Nasu main store. The garden seen from the window allows you to feel the seasonal nature of Nasu. The menu includes cheesecake, which is only available at Shirasagi-tei, as well as cutlets and curry.

Business hours: 9:30am-6:00pm (Meal L.O 5:00pm)
*Business hours vary depending on the season.
*Reservations cannot be made.

Nasu Rusk Terrace (那須ラスクテラス)

Here you can enjoy a gelato buffet. You can choose the flavor of gelato, rusks, and sauces to make your own gelato and it’s all-you-can-eat!
You can also purchase rusks in a variety of flavors, including maple, earl grey, and garlic.

Business hours: 10am-6pm (Reception for gelato closes at 5:00pm)
*Business hours vary depending on the season.


This cafe offers cheesecakes made with plenty of fresh cheese made only from raw milk from their own farm. From the deck of the workshop, you can enjoy a view of grazing cows and the majestic Nasu Mountains. Enjoy the amazing cheesecake while enjoying the great nature of Nasu.

Business hours:
Weekdays: 11am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am-5pm
Closed: Thursday


This cafe is famous for being a pioneer in the cafe trend. The atmosphere has remained the same since its opening, and has been served as a reference for many of today’s cafes.

Not only fans from within Tochigi prefecture but also from far away visit the shop. The seasonal teas, coffee beans, and original mugs are also available for purchase on the first floor.

Business hours: 11am-6:30pm (L.O.6:00pm)
Closed: 1st Thursday

8 Classic Souvenirs in Nasu

Cheese Garden Nasu Main Store, “Goyoutei Cheesecake”

Goyoutei Cheesecake is a very popular souvenir product from Nasu. It is made of high-quality cream cheese collected from around the world and blended with their original recipe. It has the best moist, rich flavor and smooth texture.

Minamigaoka Farm, “Guernsey Golden Milk”

Guernsey Golden Milk is milked from the rare Guernsey breed, of which only about 200 are bred in Japan. The milk is high in milk composition and has a rich, creamy, yet refreshing taste. This product won the “Highest Gold Award” at the National Local Milk Grand Prix.

Candy Castle Nasu Heartland, “Goyoutei Moon”

These cake muffins are made with their original custard cream with plenty of fresh cream, and gently wrapped in a fluffy sponge cake. It has been awarded at the National Confectionary Exposition in 2013. Stop by for a visit, as it is conveniently located on the way home from Nasu.

Shinrin no Bokujo Farm, “Squeezed Yogurt”

Squeezed yogurt is a unique product that comes in a container that at first glance may look like mayonnaise. There are two types: a sweetened type and a sugar-free type. The sweetened type has a fluffy, sticky texture, while the sugar-free type has a smooth texture. You can enjoy rich milk flavor as it is made from 100% Jersey milk. It can be used by squeezing it directly onto a spoon or fruit.

Tamagoya, “Tamagotappurin”

A rich and smooth pudding made with Hinode eggs. The pudding is contained in an egg-shaped ceramic container and looks very pretty.

Nasu No Rusk Yasan, “Kogepanda”

The most popular rusk at this shop, these rusks are 1 to 3 cm square in shape, dark brown colored, and have a crunchy, crispy texture. Once you start eating it, you can’t stop. This product won the Gold Prize at the 25th National Confectionary Exposition.

Amatani Cheese Factory, “Milk Sauce”

This naturally sweet sauce is made by adding fine white sugar and maltose to milk and boiled down over direct fire. Flavorful cheese and butter are handmade one by one using freshly squeezed milk from grazing cows in Nasu Highlands. When spread on bread, the sweet milk flavor spreads softly in your mouth and makes you happy. We also recommend using it on shaved ice.

Nasu Trappist Abbey, “Nasu Trappist Galette”

It looks like a Belgian waffle, but when you eat it, it is hard. It is like a thick cookie with a crispy texture. The ingredients used are flour, granulated sugar, eggs, butter, and margarine, making it a popular snack for children.

Access to Nasu

By Shinkansen

From Tokyo Station, take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen (bound for Koriyama, Fukushima, Sendai, Morioka, Shin-Aomori) and get off at Nasushiobara Station.

By conventional line

Take JR Ueno Tokyo Line (bound for Utsunomiya), transfer at Utsunomiya Station to JR Utsunomiya Line (bound for Kuroiso), and get off at Nasushiobara Station.

By bus

Take the Nasu-Shiobara bus from Busta Shinjuku.

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