Izakaya Hopping in Koenji: A Midday Out for Drinks with Friends!



This time, my friend and I went bar hopping in Koenji from noon time! All the three shops we visited were delicious and highly recommended!
Koenji is popular as a gathering place for subculture lovers. Koenji has more bars than we expected and there are still many places we are interested in, so we would like to come back!
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*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

Sakaba nihoremo(酒場 ニホレモ)

The first stop was here!
It was a very cozy shop, located just off the main street, like a hidden gem.


The counter is lined with bottles of sake! Part of the wall had sake bottles and descriptions written on it, very stylish! The first floor is counter seating and the second floor is table seating.

Sake Menu

There are three more types of sake from the four classifications, so it was very hard to decide what to order. You can choose the amount and the way how you want to drink it, a fun time from the ordering time!

Lemon Sour Menu

Here is the menu of lemon sours! From sour to sweet, the menu is truly extensive! I know that Lemon sour lovers will want to try them all!

Ochoko (small sake cup)

We were allowed to choose our own sake cups! All the sake cups were so cute, I couldn’t decide which one to choose. The sake I drank with the cups I chose was exceptionally delicious✨

Jikon (half a bottle: 480 yen)

The waitress recommended a sake that was not on the menu! She said it was a sake from Mie prefecture. It was sweet and easy to drink, and we both downed it right away.

Meikyoshisui (half a bottle: 480 yen)

I was attracted by the description “super dry and spicy” and ordered this one! It was more refreshing than the first sake and went down my throat very easily! It was dry and had a tangy sensation, but it didn’t stay in the mouth and went down smoothly, which I liked very much✨

White Lemon Sour (left: 480 yen) and Honki Lemon Sour (right: 550 yen)

White Lemon Sour (left) and Lemon Sour (right).
The White Lemon Sour was sweet and easy to drink, with minimal acidity. The Lemon Sour, however, was a delightful surprise. I discovered that the white layer on top was actually lemon peel! The bitter essence of the peel blended with the sweetness of the drink, creating a unique flavor sensation in my mouth✨

Ume Suisho (shark cartilage with plum sauce): 390 yen

The crunchy texture and sourness of the plums were a perfect match✨

Today’s stew dish (580 yen)

On this day, it was Motsuni (Japanese tripe stew) ! The daikon radish was stewed to the point of changing color, and the flavor was just right and went well with sake!! I want to try it again.

Spot Outline

Sakaba Nihoremo is an izakaya located in Koenji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, well received by the reviewers for its very comfortable atmosphere.

Taishu Izakaya Taisho(大衆居酒屋 大将)

The second stop;
This shop is so close to the station that you can see it from the south exit. We went there quite early midday, but the first floor was already full of customers! It is a popular izakaya in Koenji!


In the front of the shop, there was a line of yakitori (grilled chicken)! You can tell just by looking at them that they are delicious!

Drink Menu

Food Menu

There was a wide variety of yakitori!

Draft beer (490 yen)

We toasted with smiles!

Chef’s choice 5 pieces of yakitori (610 yen)

For the first snack, we order freshly grilled yakitori! When you take a bite, the savory taste will spread in your mouth✨

Seared Tuna (580 yen)

This is an item not on the menu! We were told by the waitress that it was today’s recommendation, so maybe you can enjoy a different menu every day…! There were other recommendations that day, such as kimchi fried rice.

Spot Outline

Taishu Izakaya Taisho is an izakaya located in Koenji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo. The shop is located so close to the station that it can be seen from the south exit, and is popular for its yakitori, a secret recipe that has been preserved for over 40 years.

Tachinomi Chigiraya(立吞み 千吉良屋)

The third stop was Tachinomi Chigiraya!
This is a standing style shop where you can enjoy okonomiyaki! Unfortunately, we could not order okonomiyaki on the day we visited though.
I will definitely visit again and try okonomiyaki next time for sure!


The menu was on the wall of the shop! I was amazed at how cheap all the items were!

Draft beer (410 yen)

We’re still toasting with beer at the third stop!

Dashi omelet (150 yen) and fried takoyaki (180 yen)

The food is cooked right in front of you once you order! The omelette was very tender and the deep fried takoyaki was freshly fried and crispy, both very tasty✨

Ginger highball (290 yen) and ume kobucha (290 yen)

Here is what we ordered next! The ginger highball had a strong ginger taste.
The sake with ume kombucha (plum kelp tea) was warm and soothing, warming me up from the inside out.

Meat croquette (130 yen) and fried dumpling (180 yen)

Attracted by the inexpensive price, we ordered the croquettes. They were very tasty, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside!
The dumplings have a crispy skin that goes great with the karashi mustard.

Spot Outline

Tachinomi Chigiraya is a standing izakaya located in Koenji-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo. The counter is a teppan (iron plate) where you can enjoy Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. According to the reviews, okonomiyaki may not always be ordered.

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