Izakaya Hopping in Jujo, Tokyo: Trying Motsu and Horse Meat at a Hidden Gem



Jujo Station is located next to Akabane Station, but it’s not as widely recognized compared to Akabane. Despite this, it offers excellent transportation accessibility and exudes a cozy, old-town charm.
This time, I went to Jujo for bar hopping alone! There are so many shops nearby station where you can enojoy dirnking while experience the nostalgic atmosphere and good vibes! Please refer to this page for your trip✨

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

Jujo Station (十条駅)

Came to Jujo Station in Kita-ku, Tokyo!
I’m going to drink a lot today!

Spot Outline

Jujo Station is a station of East Japan Railway Company located in Kami-Jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo. The area surrounding the station is a bustling shopping district, crowded with many people. The shopping street is crowded with a variety of stores, making it enjoyable just to walk around. In addition, an eye-catching arcade at the north exit of Jujo Station is characterized by its lively atmosphere.

Motsu-yaki Goen(もつ焼き 碁ゑん)

The first stop is Goen, a 5-minute walk from the north exit of Jujo Station!
Open from 12:00pm! Izakaya where you can enjoy fresh motsu (offal)!


In addition to motsu, there are many a la carte dishes!

Menu 2

There is also an extensive drink menu

Menu 3


The shop was small and cozy, with table seats upstairs!

First glass of beer: 500 yen

Senmai (tripe) sashimi: 500 yen

Hatsu (heart): 170 yen, kashira (crown): 150 yen

The choice of salt or sauce for yakitori was left up to the shop!

Lemon Sour: 450 yen

Nin-tama-liver: 280 yen

Shochu with grape: 280 yen

Taisho 12-nen
Poured until it overflowed!

Burenzu (brain): 380 yen

I had it for the first time and it was very tender and fluffy!

Ham cutlet: 450 yen

Thick and great!

Spot Outline

Goen is an izakaya located in Jujo Nakahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo. Motsu-yaki and yakiton are on the menu. According to reviews, the shop offers fresh motsu, and is open from lunch time, so feel free to stop by.


The second stop is this one, which serves delicious horse meat!
There is no sign, so you may face difficulty finding the shop. Be cautious not to pass it by.
You can eat horse meat from only 190 yen!


There were counter seats and tables surrounding the kitchen!

Horse sashimi (190 yen each)

Had the shoulder roast and the rib meat.
It is very tender and light!

Horse yukke (raw meat): 380 yen

The best way to eat it is to mix the sweet and spicy sauce with the yolk!

Spot Outline

Umagozaru is an izakaya in Kami-jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo, where you can enjoy horse meat dishes starting at 190 yen. Since there is no signboard, be careful not to pass by. It is recommended to make a reservation before going there.

Tachi-nomi Syou(立ち飲み 勝)

The last one is a standing style shop!
There are many regulars here and I was nervous at first but it was a very fun place! And most importantly, the snacks are cheap and delicious!


There was counter seats and a small standing table!


Beer 400 yen

A wide variety of snacks from 100 yen!

Chashu pork (150 yen)

It’s tender, perfectly seasoned, and goes great with sake✨
Everything is just perfect✨

Stewed Motsu (200 yen)

Add plenty of shichimi (seven spices chilli pepper) and eat it

Spot Outline

Tachi-nomi Syou is a standing drinking izakaya located in Jujo Nakahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo. There are many regular customers, and although you may be nervous at first, there is a very pleasant atmosphere. Some reviewers also say that the snacks are inexpensive and delicious.

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