Izakaya Hopping in Oji, Tokyo: Midday Drink at Retro Bar with Showa-Era Vibes



This time, I went bar hopping alone in Oji, located in Kita-ku, a northern part of Tokyo. It is an area located right next to Saitama Prefecture.
I enjoyed drinking from noon. There were many delicious yet inexpensive bars around the area, and additionally, some are open from the morning, so I’m sure that drink lovers will love it!
Please refer to this page and enjoy your trip✨

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Travel Itinerary

Hirasawa Kamaboko Oji Ekimae Store(平澤かまぼこ 王子駅前店)

The first stop is a standing oden bar right in front of the station!
It is run by a store specializing in fish cake.

The shop is very small with only counter seats, but that creates unique vibes, which is also good.

Oden, a type of Japanese hot pot dish, was available from 100 yen, and there were also a la carte dishes such as Gyusuji Nikomi (Japanese Beef Tendon Stew).

The soup stock here is very tasty! Gentle taste✨

Homemade hanpen (fish cake): 150 yen

The texture is so good! Very chewy

Daikon radish: 100 yen

The daikon radish was well seasoned and delicious!



Spot Outline

Hirasawa Kamaboko Oji Ekimae Store is a kamaboko (fish cake) store located in Kishimachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo. Although the store is small with only a counter, it offers oden and a la carte dishes, and is well-reputed by reviews for its delicious homemade hanpen and daikon radish. Located right in front of the station, it is easy to stop by and is a recommended spot for those who want to try oden.

Taishu Izakaya Matsushima(大衆居酒屋 松島)

The second stop is a 3-minute walk from Oji Station. It is a nostalgic old-fashioned Japanese-style pub.

The shop has not only table and counter seating, but also tatami room seating, and the atmosphere was relaxing, like a grandmother’s home!

They offer lunch, but it’s also okay to order a single side dish only. However, the variety of food and drinks is less than at dinner time.

If you are craving fish, this is the great place to be!

Yellowtail sashimi (350 yen)

The fatty fish is very good!

Stir-fried eggplant (100 yen)

The strong seasoning makes the drinks go really well! I personally enjoyed both very much and would love to try the other menus too next time✨


Menu 2

Spot Outline

Located in Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo, Matsushima is an old-fashioned Japanese-style pub with tables, counter seats, and tatami room seating, offering a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The shop also offers lunch, and although it is possible to order a la carte side dishes only, the variety of dishes and alcoholic beverages is smaller than at dinner time. According to reviews, the yellowtail sashimi and Stir-fried eggplant are very tasty, and it seems to be a must-visit shop when you are craving fish.


The third stop is a popular izakaya located about a 10-minute walk from Oji Station.
What a surprise, they are open from 8:00am!

The shop is very spacious and open, but slightly dark. It feels like time traveling back to the Showa period! You forget that you are in the present days… lol!

A wide variety of very cheap menu items from 100-350 yen✨There were also many kinds of alcohol.

You can customize a combination of iichiko and soda water, so you can drink it as strong as you like!

Popular soft-boiled egg (250 yen)

With soba noodles included! I recommend it because it is tasty and healthy, though you can eat it in one bite!

Ham cutlet (180 yen)

Karaage (Fried chicken): 250 yen

A nostalgic taste!


The menu on the wall

The menu on the wall

Spot Outline

Yamadaya is a izakaya located in Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo, about a 10-minute walk from Oji Station. Open from 8:00 a.m., the spacious shop has a Showa-era atmosphere and offers a wide variety of very inexpensive menu items ranging from 100 yen to 350 yen. Soft-boiled eggs (250 yen) are served with soba noodles, and you can also enjoy nostalgic flavors such as ham cutlet (180 yen) and fried chicken (250 yen). In addition, shochu high is served in a style that combines soda water, allowing you to customize it to your liking.

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