Izakaya Hopping in Ningyocho: Exploring Retro Bars in Tokyo’s Old Town



This time, I went to Ningyocho, a traditional old town area, for solo bar hopping! The total bill for the two shops was 4,350 yen and both izakayas are very close to the station and are very affordable! The yakiton (grilled pork on skewers) and other pork horumon (offal) were just too good✨

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Travel Itinerary

Ningyocho Station(人形町駅)

Start from Ningyocho Station!

Spot Outline

Ningyocho Station, located in Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, is a station of Tokyo Subway and Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau. It is served by the Hibiya Line of the Tokyo Metro and the Asakusa Line of the Toei Subway.

Chikuzenya Ningyocho Sohonten(筑前屋 人形町 総本店)

The first stop is Chikuzenya, a one-minute walk from Ningyocho Station. This izakaya is very popular for its yakiton, yakitori, and kushiyaki.
The shop’s specialty, yakiton (grilled pork on skewers), pairs perfectly with alcohol and is a great choice to accompany your drinks! The drink menu is also quite extensive!


Drink Menu

Handwritten Menu

The handwritten menu also includes delicious-looking items!

Food Menu

Fresh Lemon Highball: 490 yen

Motsuni (Japanese tripe stew): 580 yen

Yakiton assorted skewers with miso sauce: 780 yen

I’ve never heard of and tried miso-flavored skewers so I ordered it. It was so good! ✨

Plum wine with soda: 490 yen

It was sour but sweet and delicious.

Toro-tama natto yaki 380: yen

The soft and fluffy omelet with natto and green onion is definitely delicious✨

Spot Outline

Chikuzenya Ningyocho Sohonten is a Japanese-style pub located in Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Yakiton (grilled pork on skewers), yakitori (grilled chicken), and kushiyaki (grilled skewers) are especially popular and go well with alcoholic drinks. The drink menu is also abundant and will surely make your drinks go down a treat. The location is also easily accessible, just a minute walk from Ningyocho Station, making it easy to use.


The second stop is Yamakita, also a minute walk from Ningyocho Station. This izakaya is popular for its hand-made motsu skewers. There are table seats as well as counter seats, which are perfect for drinking alone!

Fresh lemon sour: 480 yen

Bean sprout namul (seasoned vegetables): 180 yen

One of the best and reasonably priced

Tataki Kyuri (Smashed Cucumber): 310 yen

Refreshing cucumber and lemon sour is an awesome combination, especially during the summer season!

Shirokoro 90 yen (1 piece)

I ordered the specialty shirokoro (pork large intestine), one with spicy miso and one with tare sauce. There’s no unpleasant smell, and the taste is absolutely delicious!

Sparkling sake Mio(澪): 480 yen

This was my first time trying sparkling sake, but it became my favorite!

Spot Outline

Yamakita Ningyocho is a popular izakaya in Nihonbashi-Tomizawacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, serving hand-made motsu skewers. It is conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Ningyocho Station. It has both table and counter seating, and is recommended for drinking alone.

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