Things to Do in Obihiro, Tokachi! Part 2



In search of delicious food, I went to the Obihiro Station area and a bit further afield to experience ranching.
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Travel Itinerary

Obihiro Station

This time, we started from Obihiro Station.
We will travel to popular local sweets and gourmet foods!

Spot Outline

Obihiro Station is the representative station in Obihiro City, Hokkaido. It is the first and last station for the limited express Tokachi and all passenger trains including the limited express “Ozora” stop there. Located near the bus terminal, it is an important transportation node in the Tokachi region.

11:00am Butadon no Butahage Obihiro main store(豚丼のぶたはげ 帯広本店)

We immediately went inside the station to eat Obihiro’s specialty. Here we had the famous pork bowl.

Simple menu

The menu is simple, with only a pork bowl. The restaurant is filled with the savory smell of charcoal grilling.

rice covered with pork and vegetables

Four pieces of slightly thicker pork grilled to a golden brown over charcoal. The sweet and spicy sauce was a perfect match, and I couldn’t stop eating the rice. I should have ordered a large portion…

Spot Outline

Buta-don no Butahage Obihiro Honten is a restaurant specializing in grilled pork bowls located in Obihiro City, Hokkaido. It is conveniently located next to Obihiro Station for easy access. According to word of mouth, the specialty, buta-don (pork bowl), is well-received.

12:30pm Cranberry Yayoi Street store(クランベリー 弥生通り店)

Next, we went to a popular sweets store in Obihiro for sweets. There are several stores in the city, but this time we went to this one, which has a coffee shop.


Although I was tempted by the ice cream and parfait, my main attraction this time was the sweet potato.

sweet potato

This specialty makes full use of the goodness of the sweet potato ingredients. The combination of the sweetness of the sweet potato and custard cream was the best.

Spot Outline

Cranberry Yayoi Dori Store is a store specializing in western-style confectionery located at Nishi 9 Minami 29-chome, Obihiro City, Hokkaido. The sweet potato is especially popular for its excellent sweet potato, and there are several stores in the city. There is also a coffee shop space where customers can relax and enjoy the sweets. According to word of mouth, the store is loved by locals.

1:30pm Ryugutsu Sweetpia Garden(柳月スイートピア・ガーデン)

Although Ryugetsu products are sold nationwide, some are only available here, so we paid a visit to the factory. You can also enjoy freshly made sweets at the coffee shop.


Many kinds of sweets are lined up. You can buy the famous Tokyo baumkuchen Sanpouroku, Anbatasan, and more.

coffee corner

There was a coffee corner with free coffee. After all, this is the only place where you can eat…

Moo Moo Crowaffle and Anbatasan

Chocolate coated waffle with the texture of a croissant. It was crispy and delicious! I ate it on the spot, as did Anbatasan.

Spot Outline

Located in Ondo-cho, Kawato-gun, Hokkaido, Ryugutsu Sweetpia Garden is a confectionery factory of Ryugutsu’s confectionery. Word of mouth has it that visitors can not only buy Ryugutsu sweets, but also enjoy factory tours and hands-on workshops. Visitors can also enjoy freshly made sweets in the coffee shop space. Since some products are sold nationwide, the place is always crowded with tourists.

3:30pm Country Farmers Fujita Farm(カントリーファーマーズ 藤田牧場)

Natsuzora is all about dairy farming! So we went to a dairy farm. Since it was winter, we were not able to milk the cows or make ice cream, but we were able to see the cows living in the great outdoors.

Study first

Before the tour of the dairy farm, you will learn more about how milk is produced and the ecology of dairy cows. Once again, you will learn a lot.

And newborn calves.

There was also a cute newborn calf, about a few days old. We hope they will grow up well.

And finally, some milk.

We had milk from the farm here that was processed and made into a product. I always drank it without thinking about it, but it was deeply moving to drink it after seeing the cows.

Spot Outline

Country Farmers Fujita Farm is a dairy educational farm located in Shikaoi-cho, Kawato-gun, Hokkaido. Visitors can enjoy farm tours and milking experiences. According to word-of-mouth, the milking and ice cream-making experiences were not available due to the winter, but visitors were able to observe cows living in a beautiful natural environment.

5:00pm Fujimaru(藤丸)

We went to a well-established department store to buy some souvenirs. I recommend the food section in the basement, which is quite extensive.

cheese corner

The most recommended is the section featuring cheeses from Tokachi. A variety of cheeses unique to the town of dairy farming are on display.

So many to choose from!

It was hard to decide which cheeses to choose. I bought several kinds this time and they matched perfectly with wine.

Spot Outline

Fujimaru is a department store located in Obihiro City, Hokkaido. It has a well-stocked food department in the basement, with an attractive assortment of goods that only a long-established store can offer. According to word of mouth, it is one of the best places to stop by when buying souvenirs.

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