Izakaya Hopping in Fukuyama!



I came all the way to Hiroshima 🚅.
This time, we went to a place called Fukuyama in Hiroshima!

I was happy to see the famous restaurants where locals gather and the snacks that can only be found in Fukuyama 😌✨.
And of course, okonomiyaki! LOL

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Travel Itinerary

Oden Western food Jiyuuken(おでん 洋食 自由軒)

The first is a long-established izakaya located a 3-minute walk from Fukuyama Station🍺.
It’s been in business for over 60 years and was loved by locals and celebrities alike 🥰The store is full of autographs 👀.
It is easy to use for women and couples🙋‍♀️.

The kitchen is in the middle and there are counter seats surrounding it! It is easy to call out from any of the seats, and we were greeted by a friendly lady 😚.

Specialty is oden

Standard Daikon radish, konnyaku, thick fried tofu and all your favorites!

Beer (480 yen)

Daikon radish (150 yen) and cabbage rolls (300 yen)

The light soup stock goes well with the sweet and spicy miso sauce 🤤The meat of the cabbage roll was not broken down and was elastic and great 💓.

Kimoteki (580 yen)

I ordered this kimochi because my neighbor ordered it. It seems to be pork liver with ketchup sauce 🐷This dish does not have the peculiar smell of liver at all and makes you want to eat rice 🍚.

Spot Outline

Oden Western food Jiyuken is a long-established izakaya (Japanese-style pub) with a history of over 60 years in Motomachi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. It is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Fukuyama Station and is loved by locals and celebrities alike. The restaurant is decorated with many autographs, making it easy to use for women and couples. The kitchen is in the center, surrounded by counter seats, and a friendly lady will welcome you from any seat. The oden is topped with a generous amount of miso paste, and the open kitchen has a Showa-era atmosphere.


The second restaurant is an okonomiyaki restaurant located a 7-minute walk from the station 🍺.
Since I came to Hiroshima, I wanted to go home with a taste of okonomiyaki, so I went to this restaurant, which is open from noon.

The restaurant has only two tables and counter seating, and is run by a married couple, giving it an at-home feel.

The great thing about this place is that you can enjoy not only Hiroshima-yaki but also Osaka-yaki, Kobe-yaki, and three types of okonomiyaki! ✨
There were many varieties, but I knew I had to go with the simple nikutama ☺️ The seats are equipped with an iron plate, so you can eat them warm to the end 😋.


The table seated four people!


Kaku highball (490 yen)

Nikutama with buckwheat noodles (790 yen)

The noodles were sticky and the cabbage was crispy and chewy 😚 and the meat was big 👍.

Spot Outline

Okonomiyaki Sakusaku is a restaurant serving mainly okonomiyaki in Funamachi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Located a 7-minute walk from the station, the restaurant is characterized by its homey atmosphere. In addition to Hiroshima-yaki, the restaurant offers three other types of okonomiyaki, including Osaka-yaki and Kobe-yaki, so you can enjoy a wide variety of tastes. The restaurant has two tables and counter seating, and is run by a couple, creating a warm atmosphere. According to word of mouth, the meatballs are highly recommended and can be eaten warm to the last in the seats with a teppan attached.


The last one is a seafood izakaya🏮 located a 4-minute walk from the station.
They are a popular place to eat fish from Fukuyama!

The restaurant was quite spacious with counter seating, tables, and apparently a tatami room on the second floor 👏 The atmosphere was great✨.

Fresh fish was available at a relatively reasonable price, and there was also a sushi menu 🍣.


Drink Menu

There was a good selection of local sake from Hiroshima!

Food Menu

Nebut fried (700 yen)

The crispy fried nebut were well salted and delicious 🤤.

Hagane (950 yen)

The waiter pours it out to overflowing 🤤.
It was dry and grueling even after many sips 🍶.

Spot Outline

Located in Fushimi-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Izakaya Uosen is a popular restaurant where you can enjoy fresh fish from Fukuyama. It is conveniently located a four-minute walk from the station. The restaurant has counter seats and table seats, and there is also a tatami room on the second floor, so you can enjoy your meal in a spacious area. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed. The food is fresh fish at reasonable prices, and the sushi menu is extensive. Word of mouth reviews have praised the taste of the fresh fish in particular.

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