Izakaya Bar Hopping in Omiya, Saitama: Explore 3 Unique Stops Near the Station



This time, I went bar hopping in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture. It had been a while since my last visit to Omiya, so I was excited to explore the area again. Omiya Station is a major transportation hub with 12 lines passing through, surrounded by shopping malls and dining options, it offers convenience for visitors.
Also, it was my first time exploring around the east exit area of Omiya Station, and I had so much fun!
I visited three izakayas near the station where you can enjoy a drink from midday so please refer to this page✨

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

Izumiya Honten(いづみや 本店)

The first stop: izakaya established in 1947.
They open at 10am and had regulars as soon as they opened!

There are several long, narrow tables in the shop, and I thought it would be fun to drink with a large group of people in the retro-style round chairs too.

There were so many items on the menu that I had a hard time deciding which to order, but I ordered the famous motsu (offal) and sake with plum flavor (Ume wari).
In addition, there were many other alcoholic beverages available for 250 yen, so you can enjoy a lot!


Motsu-nikomi (tripe stew): 170 yen, Ume wari: 250 yen

The flavor of motsu and other ingredients including daikon radish was amazing!

Taki Masamune (滝政宗): 250 yen

It’s cheap, 250 yen for a big portion, it was so refreshing and went so well with the motsu ✨

Ham cutlet: 300 yen

Four freshly fried crispy ham cutlets!
It was great on its own, with sauce to change the flavor, or with a squeeze of lemon.

Spot Outline

Izumiya Honten (main store) is an izakaya established in 1947 in Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. It is open from 10:00 in the morning, with a wide variety of menu items, including the famous motsu and ume wari, and many alcoholic beverages available for 250 yen.


The second stop was located a minute walk from Izumiya, a first stop.
It was my first time at a standing bar and I was kind of nervous lol

I ordered drinks at the cash register and took the snacks from the counter by myself! The snacks in small plates all looked delicious.

There are also food menus such as spaghetti, so it’s a good place to go if you’re feeling a little hungry.



Drink Menu


Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese-style rolled omelet): 100 yen, and Taro: 150 yen

This dashimaki tamago was very tasty and goes perfect with sake!!

Beer: 400 yen, and Naporitan (ketchup-based spaghetti): 100 yen

This spaghetti was so inexpensive at 100 yen! And yet, it includes quite a few sausages and green peppers in it ✨

Spot Outline

The spot called Nagomi is a standing izakaya located in Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. You order your drinks at the cash register and take snacks from the counter on a self-serve basis. The restaurant also offers food items such as spaghetti, so it can be used when you are a little hungry.

Yakitori Hidaka Omiya Suzuran dori store(焼鳥日高 大宮すずらん通店)

The third stop is here, which you can see as soon as you enter the shopping street called Suzuran-dori! It’s one of franchised shops, but I’ve never been in there and was curious!

It’s funny that you can order by pressing with a stylus lol, it reminds me of games that I used to do when I was a little kid.

There were set menus available, attracting quite a few salarymen.



Chicken skin with salt: 210 yen

Tare (sauce) is good for yakitori, but sometimes I want to eat it with a refreshing salt!

Karaage (Fried chicken): 260 yen

Fried chicken served with lots of mayonnaise!

Spot Outline

Yakitori Hidaka Omiya Suzuran Dori store a standing izakaya located in Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. Located in a shopping street called Suzuran-dori, it is unique in that you can order with a stylus. It also offers a set meal menu and is popular among Salarymen.

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