Tokachi and Obihiro 2 Day Itinerary! Part 3



What a second trip to Tokachi Obihiro following the spring! This time we enjoyed Obihiro in summer. ☺️✨
The scenery was full of greenery, delicious food, and a little bit of alcohol, and I felt most refreshed 🍃.
It was nice and dry in Obihiro in early summer!

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Travel Itinerary

09:30am Obihiro Airport (Tokachi Obihiro Airport) -帯広空港(とかち帯広空港)

This time, we departed from Haneda Airport.
I arrived at Tokachi Obihiro Airport on a direct flight.

Spot Outline

Obihiro Airport (Tokachi Obihiro Airport) is located at 8-41 Nishi 9 Line, Izumi-cho, Obihiro City, Hokkaido. This airport is located in Obihiro, Tokachi, which was the setting for the TV series Natsuzora, and can be reached by air from Tokyo in about an hour. When the plane lands from Obihiro Airport, visitors can enjoy a beautiful silver world of scenery. Obihiro Airport also offers convenient access to Tomamu, and it is common to use a rental car to get around.

10:00am Kofuku station (Kofuku Railway Park)-幸福駅(幸福鉄道公園)

First came the old station building in Obihiro City!
The name of the station was so auspicious that together with Aikoku Station on the same line, the name Happiness from the Country of Love became a huge boom 🥰It is still a sacred place for lovers more than 30 years after the line was closed down🙃❤︎

Big pretty pink ticket!

I heard that if you write your wish and paste it inside the station building, it will make you happy. ❤︎

In addition to tickets, they also sold good luck charms and other items, which would make good souvenirs. 🙆‍♀️

Attach a ticket

We also rang the happy bells 🔔.

Kofuku Station

Spot Outline

Happiness Station (Kofuku Railway Park), located in Obihiro City, Hokkaido, is the site of a former station house named Shiawase. More than 30 years after the closure of the railway, it is still loved by many as a “holy place for lovers” with its beautiful snowy scenery, orange trains, and happy bells.

11:00am Tokachi Hills(十勝ヒルズ)

Next, we will visit a garden on a small hill with the concept of flowers, food, and agriculture 🌺🍽.
Admission is 1000 yen for adults and 400 yen for children 🎫.

The park has restaurants and stores as well as flower gardens! You can enjoy about half a day!


The roses were just at their best🌹.

Roses were blooming as far as the eye could see, and it was very soothing!

Orange roses

Dragonfly pond with pretty flowers floating in it 💐.

There were many small dragonflies flying around!

Peaceful and spacious park 🍃.

Picnicking on the lawn is also recommended!

Picnic Lunch Set 1,200 yen

I purchased a picnic lunch set at the park store 🍱.
It’s nice to be able to borrow free basket bags and leisure seats, and it looks great on sns. ☺️❤︎



inside the garden (park)

Spot Outline

Tokachi Hills is a garden located on a hilltop in the town of Makubetsu. Admission is 1000 yen for adults and 400 yen for children. The garden has flower gardens, restaurants, and stores, and can be enjoyed for about half a day.

3:30pm Hirose Farm Uemon’s Heart(広瀬牧場 ウエモンズハート)

We came to a very popular gelato shop in Obihiro 🍨.
Mr. Hirose, the owner, is the dairy supervisor of Natsuzora 👀.

The soft serve ice cream here is made with freshly squeezed milk from the adjacent Hirose Farm, and the gelato seems to be made with Tokachi ingredients!
This time I ordered Doppio to enjoy both 🤤🍦.
The soft serve was rich and very smooth, and the haskap gelato was delicious, although it was more sour than I expected!

gelato (Italian ice cream)



Spot Outline

Liberty Hill Hirose Farm Uemon’s Heart, located in Obihiro City, Hokkaido, is a store where ice cream can be enjoyed. Soft-serve ice cream made from freshly squeezed milk from the adjacent Hirose Farm and gelato made from Tokachi ingredients are popular, and milk that cannot be taken home is also available. Parking is available and the shop can be enjoyed even on rainy days, making it an easy place to visit.

8:00pm HOTEL NUPKA(ホテルヌプカ)

This time, instead of using the hotel, we went to NUPUKA for a horse-drawn carriage bar ride🐎 The horse-drawn carriage bar is a tour of the city of Obihiro at night in a horse-drawn carriage!

Tickets include drinks and snacks for 3,300 yen.
There is also a chance to feed Koma-chan, a horse, during and at the end of the tour!

With the sound of horses’ steady footsteps as background music and a drink in hand, we cruised slowly through the city…! It was a very meaningful 50 minutes!

Upstairs is recommended.

You can sit on the first or second floor, but I overwhelmingly recommend the second floor!
It was still chilly at night at the beginning of July, but it was pleasant~!

Beer at the beginning of the journey 🍺.

It was an easy drinking craft beer with 100% Tokachi barley malt!

The snacks were also delicious, as I heard they are particular about Tokachi products.

Former racehorse, Koma.


Breakfast at NUPUKA!
I received this when I stayed at a hotel before! Very stylish ✨There were two types of bread to choose from, and I went for the Masuya bread!

Spot Outline

HOTEL NUPKA is a lodging facility located in Obihiro, Hokkaido. In addition to hotel use, the hotel also offers a tour called “Horse-drawn Carriage Bar. In this tour, you can enjoy drinks and snacks while touring the streets of Obihiro at night in a horse-drawn carriage. You can also feed Koma-chan, a horse, during and at the end of the tour. With the sound of the horse’s footsteps as background music and a drink in hand, you can enjoy a relaxing 50-minute tour of the city, which is very meaningful. The hotel itself has a stylish atmosphere and is popular as the first lodging facility of its kind in Obihiro City.

07:30am Masuya Bakery, Mugioto(ますやパン 麦音)

Start of Day 2!
A bakery with the largest garden in Japan that focuses on Tokachi products 🍞.
They use 100% Tokachi wheat for their bread and ingredients from Tokachi! They seem to make more than 100 kinds of bread! The reasonable price is also a plus!

Bread bought at the store can be eaten in the large garden in front of the store! There was even a wheat field 🍃.
If you get up early and have breakfast here, you are sure to have a wonderful day! ☺

Bread made of 100% Tokachi wheat

They all look delicious!

There are so many varieties, it’s hard to decide.

purchased goods

thick cheese bread (250 yen), anpan (130 yen), and curry bread (240 yen)!

wheat field


free drink service

Terrace Seat

Spot Outline

Masuya Bread Mugioto is a bakery located at 16-43 Inada-cho Minami 8-sen, Obihiro, Hokkaido. Here you will find over 100 varieties of bread and sandwiches made with 100% Tokachi wheat. It is also a great place to buy them at reasonable prices. Bread purchased in the store can be eaten in the spacious garden, where you can even see the wheat field. According to word of mouth, breakfast at the store with the largest garden in Japan is sure to make for a wonderful day. This spot with its stylish atmosphere is worth a visit.

09:30am Itadakimasu Company(いただきますカンパニー)

With our stomachs completely full, we joined the Potato Blossom Picnic and Meal Tour with a Field Guide organized by the Itadakimasu Company🌼🍃.

He will take you to a large field in Tokachi, where you can tour the field, experience harvesting and enjoy a bread x BBQ bread barbecue. ☺️
I learned a lot about fields, crops, and farmers, and once again felt grateful for the food and sweets that we usually take for granted🥲❤︎

At the panbekyu, you can have what you can pick there in front of a vast field! It felt special and tasted even better 🤤I knew Tokachi potatoes were too good 🥔.

Wheat just before it turns brown!

There are many varieties of wheat, and they make wheat for processing here 👀.

Here is the potato flower!

It’s so cute 🥰.
I heard that Marie Antoinette loved it. ❤︎ It was purple or yellowish depending on the variety!

Young corn harvesting experience!

It was so fresh and tasty, just like a vegetable! It was so fresh and delicious! 👍🏻

Spot Outline

Itadakimasu Company is an exchange facility located in Obihiro City, Hokkaido. According to reviews, field guides and picnic/dining tours are offered, and visitors can enjoy a tour and harvesting experience. Also, the meals using products from the fields are said to be special and exceptionally tasty. It seems to be popular as a place where visitors can feel anew their appreciation and gratitude for food.

11:30am Shin Arashiyama Sky Park Observatory(新嵐山スカイパーク展望台)

Finally, we will go to the observatory where you can enjoy the patchwork-like countryside scenery!
It was a really great view of the 360-degree nature of Tokachi☺.

The breeze was pleasant, the air was delicious, and the scenery was vast! I felt so small and my worries were blown away.

viewing platform

The building was a handsome, log cabin-like structure.


Spot Outline

Shin-arashiyama Sky Park Observatory is located in the town of Blastomuro, Kawanishi-gun, Hokkaido. According to word of mouth, it offers a wonderful 360-degree panoramic view of the Tokachi wilderness, and the air is reputed to be pleasantly breezy and delicious. At night, you can enjoy the star-filled sky.

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