Opening Friday, March 1, 2024: A theme park offering a fully immersive experience is to open in Odaiba! Immersive Fort Tokyo


・Fully immersive experience theme park to open in Odaiba on March 1, 2024 (Friday)
・The main attraction is the Immersive Theater, a cutting-edge trend in live entertainment!
・The event will feature a variety of attractions in collaboration with popular content!

Immersive Fort Tokyo, scheduled for grand opening in Odaiba on March 1, 2024 (Friday), is a remarkable new theme park where visitors can enjoy an immersive experience that will make them feel as if they have stepped into a story. Visitors can enjoy a magical experience in this all-weather, completely indoor theme park where they can enjoy cutting-edge entertainment and become a part of the world.

The park will be one of the largest all-weather, fully indoor theme parks in Japan, and will include 12 fully immersive attractions and six retail and food & beverage outlets.

Enter the World of Immersive Theater

Immersive theater is a cutting-edge trend in live entertainment, and is the general term for experiential theater productions. It is designed to immerse the audience in the story as the characters involved, creating an experience that makes them feel no boundary between reality and fiction.

The Sherlock - The Baker Street Murder Case
The Sherlock – The Baker Street Murder Case
Tales of Edo Oiran
Tales of Edo Oiran

There are two types of immersive theater experiences: “The Sherlock – The Baker Street Murder Case”, a large-scale immersive theater in which you can walk around the vast world of authentic mysteries with Sherlock Holmes, and “Tales of Edo Oiran”, which allows you to experience the unique and humid world of the Edo brothels. The two are.

Enjoy all day long with a variety of attractions!

The Immersive Fort will feature 12 diverse attractions, including an Immersive Theater. These include an immersive escape based on the popular animated TV series “Tokyo Revengers,” an immersive rally experience that immerses visitors in the world of the popular animated series “Oshi No Ko”, which is taking the world by storm, and an immersive action maze themed on “Identity V”, which is based on the theme of Personality, and many other experiences that immerse you physically into the story you have always wanted to tell.

Jack the Ripper, Whitechapel Killer
Jack the Ripper, Whitechapel Killer

The most terrifying immersive horror experience in 19th century London where you encounter the killer “Jack the Ripper” as a party.

  The Cabaret
The Cabaret

“The Cabaret”, an immersive show restaurant, is suddenly caught up in a lavish party at the restaurant.

Identity V Immersive Chase
Identity V Immersive Chase

An attraction themed around the asymmetrical competitive multiplayer game “Identity V”, which has more than 300 million users worldwide.

Tokyo Revengers Immersive Escape
Tokyo Revengers Immersive Escape

An escape-type immersive theater experience from the popular anime “Tokyo Revengers”.

"Oshi no Ko" Immersive Rally
“Oshi no Ko” Immersive Rally

The “Oshi no Ko” Immersive Rally, where you can immerse yourself in the world of “Mystery Child” and participate in the live performance by waving psylliums.


Facility Information

Immersive Fort Tokyo
Official website:


By train

  • Directly connected to Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Line

By bus

  • 3 min. walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line
  • From Haneda Airport, take Airport Limousine to “Palette Town” or Keikyu Limousine Bus to “Tokyo Teleport Station” or “Palette Town Mae”.


Immersive Fort Tokyo will operate on an admission ticket (free pass) basis, whereby visitors can purchase a 1-day Immersive Pass for a full day of fully immersive fun at attractions, restaurants, stores and more.

1 Day Immersive Pass Casual

  • Adult: 6,800 yen
  • Child: 3,000 yen

1-Day Immersive Pass – Standard

  • Adult: 9,800 yen
  • Child: 6,000 yen

1-Day Immersion Pass Premium

  • Adult: 14,800 yen

*The attractions you can experience will vary depending on your ticket.
*Adults 12 years old and up, children 4 to 11 years old (Children’s rates apply until the end of March of the year they graduate from elementary school at age 12; children under 3 years old are free.)

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