Izakaya Hopping in Naha, Okinawa: A diverse lineup! Part 2



This is the second time for me to visit Hashigo-zake in Sakae-machi Market!
We enjoyed a varied lineup of Japanese, Western, and Korean cuisine and Korean drinks, and finished with Okinawan cuisine.
After a night of drinking at Sakae-machi Ichiba, we recommend finishing off with a bowl of soba noodles with three slices of meat from Bottleneck ✨
We encourage everyone to visit using this recommended route!

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

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Travel Itinerary


The first restaurant is Shinkoya! The restaurant has a casual atmosphere with counter seating surrounding an open kitchen! There is also table seating in the back of the restaurant.

grilled pork tripe is popular and there are many varieties! In addition, there are a variety of Japanese and Western dishes as well as Okinawan cuisine. There is also a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.


Grilled pork hormone skewer


Menu 2

Drink Menu

ARACOYA Ochawari Oolong wari 450 yen

Assorted charcuterie (S) 1,200 yen

Voluptuous even in S size! Glad I asked ✨

Assortment of 3 grilled pork tripe 600 yen

Too delicious!

Grapefruit Chuhai 500 yen

Spot Outline

Arakoya is an izakaya located in Asato, Naha-shi, Okinawa. The interior has a casual atmosphere, with counter seating around an open kitchen and table seating in the back. grilled pork tripe is especially popular, and the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes. In addition to Okinawan cuisine, the restaurant offers a variety of Japanese and Western dishes and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Word of mouth reviews rate the atmosphere of the restaurant, the variety of dishes, and the wide selection of alcoholic beverages.

Korean Restaurant Ariran(韓国食堂アリラン)

The second restaurant is Korean Restaurant Ariran, located in the alleyway just before the south exit of Sakae-machi Market. It is a popular Korean tavern, well-known in the Sakae-machi Market area!

The restaurant has a Korean feel as if you were in Korea ✨
There is a wide selection of Korean drinks such as chamisul and makgeolli, as well as a wide variety of Korean dishes on the menu!


Drink Menu

Food Menu

Food Menu 2

Take-out menu

Chamisultoku Muscat 1,000 yen

Comtan 900 yen

Thick beef bone broth with meat and chives. The aftertaste is refreshing, so you can drink as much as you like!

Kimpa 600 yen

The sesame oil has a nice aroma and is very appetizing! Lots of ingredients!

Spot Outline

Korean Restaurant Ariran is located in Asato, Naha-shi, Okinawa, and serves Korean cuisine. Located in the alleyway just before the south exit of Sakaecho Market, the restaurant is filled with an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are in Korea. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Korean drinks, such as chamisul and makgeolli, as well as a menu of Korean dishes.

Sakae-machi Bottleneck(栄町ボトルネック)

The third and final restaurant is Sakae-machi Bottleneck, located at the west entrance of Sakae-machi Market and further down a deep alleyway.
It is a long-established izakaya, which is also the beginning of the Sakae-machi Market’s drinking district, with the atmosphere of an old private home!

A wide variety of alcoholic beverages from beer to awamori. There are many Okinawan dishes, and the soba noodles to finish off the meal are very popular ✨




Orion beer (small bottle) 450 yen

Goya Chanpuru 750 yen

Oolong high 420 yen

Soba with three pieces of meat (small): 700 yen

Best closing of the day!
The kettle came with the soup stock, which is served in a style that allows you to pour it yourself!
I will also have my favorite red ginger on top.

I’ll pour the broth.

Smells great✨

Spot Outline

Sakae-machi Bottleneck is a long-established izakaya located in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. Located at the west exit of Sakae-machi Market, the restaurant has the atmosphere of an old private home, and offers a wide variety of Okinawan dishes, Okinawan soba noodles, beer, and awamori. Some reviewers say that it is especially unusual to pour the highly particular bonito broth from a kettle, and they recommend drinking only the broth left in the kettle at the end of the meal.

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