Izakaya Hopping in Naha, Okinawa: Delicious food at a deep market! part 1



Naha-shi is the central city of the main island of Okinawa and is full of attractions such as Shuri Castle and Kokusai-dori.
This time, we visited three restaurants from noon at Sakae-machi Market near Asato Station in Naha.
Sakae-machi Market has a fun, The stylish atmosphere made it easy to enter alone.
The vegetables, meat and noodles were all delicious ✨

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Yasai no sakaba. Kusawake(野菜の酒場。クサワケ)

The first restaurant is here! Popular bar boasting dishes using local Okinawan vegetables


Very stylish!


Full table seating!

There’s also a counter.

Drink Menu

Meal Menu

Recommended Menu

I ordered a few recommendations from the handwritten menu!

Glass of Sapporo Draft Beer

300 yen

Specialty veggie snack plate (Assortment of 5 types)

1350 yen
Lots of vegetables! These go great with sake✨

cherry tomato sour

550 yen
Contains a lot of cherry tomatoes.

Spot Outline

Yasai no sakaba. Kusawake is a tavern located in Asato, Naha-shi, Okinawa Prefecture. This restaurant is proud of its cuisine using local Okinawan vegetables, and offers a wide variety of menu items that make the most of local ingredients. Along with the delicious food, it is also popular as a place to relax in a homey atmosphere.

Sakae no Niku(栄ノ肉)

The second restaurant is a genuine Okinawan local izakaya where you can enjoy Okinawan pork dishes.
You can also get Okinawa cold noodles with a lot of attention!

Stylish cold noodle curtain!

counter seat


There is also bone broth!

Drink Menu

I hear you can even do senbero (enjoy enough alcohol to get drunk for ¥1,000) ✨

There is one type of cold noodle!

Okinawan cold noodles seriously made by a butcher! Too tempting ✨

Shikwasa Shu-hai

450 yen

Three kinds of Agu pork frankfurters

1,500 yen
From left to right: plain, island chili, and garlic flavors!

Kurokirishima with Sanpicha

450 yen

Okinawan cold noodles

1,200 yen
It contains soki, cartilage soki, and rafte (Okinawan style pork stew)!
They eat the meat one by one in cold noodles.
There’s ice in the broth, so it won’t dilute when it melts.

Hot pot!

Spot Outline

Sakae No Niku is a Japanese-style pub located in Asato, Naha-shi, Okinawa. Here you can enjoy Okinawan pork dishes. You can enjoy the genuine taste of Okinawa in a restaurant with a local atmosphere. In particular, the Okinawa cold noodles is a dish filled with a lot of attention to detail, and is a must-try.

Nikai no Chuka (二階の中華)

The third restaurant is like a hideaway, entered up a flight of stairs!
A stylish Chinese izakaya where you can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine with gusto.

When you go up the stairs…

Found the sign!

Stylish store interior

Plenty of seating

Lots of alcoholic beverages.

Many alcoholic beverages are served with Shaoxing wine


Tsingtao Beer

550 yen

Lamb and Cumin Daikon Mochi

500 yen
It’s chewy and delicious with the cuminy flavor✨

Dragon Water (Shaoxing wine and oolong tea)

450 yen

jumbo fried gyoza

It’s so big! Even just one of them is a huge volume!

Spot Outline

Located in Asato, Naha-shi, Okinawa, the restaurant Nikai no Chuka is a trendy Chinese izakaya serving Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is like a hideaway entered up a flight of stairs, and offers authentic Chinese food with gusto. According to reviews, the food is delicious and the restaurant has a good reputation for its atmosphere.

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