Izakaya Hopping in Naha, Okinawa: From classic Okinawan cuisine to wine bars!



Kokusai-dori in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, is a bustling shopping street in Naha City, lined with stores and restaurants and popular among tourists. It is a lively street where visitors can enjoy local goods and international brands.
This time, we went to the public market at the end of Ichiba Main dori, a lively shopping street near Kokusai-dori that is packed with stores! We had Okinawan cuisine at a restaurant with a great atmosphere, and the food at all three restaurants was so delicious that we were very happy ✨
If you are going to have dinner near Kokusai-dori, please refer to this page!

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

6:00pm Kokusai-dori(国際通り)

Start at Kokusai-dori, the main street of Naha City, which is always very busy.

Spot Outline

Kokusai-dori is the main street in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. There are many souvenir shops around the area and the main street is busy, but once you step into the alley, you will find a local atmosphere. It is a great area to buy souvenirs and a popular tourist spot that is sure to be exciting just to walk around.

6:00pm Ichiba Main Street(市場本通り)

The main street is located one street away from Kokusai-dori.
The main street of the market is also lively and fun.
The atmosphere of a vibrant shopping district is exciting!

Spot Outline

Ichiba Main dori, located in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, is a bustling shopping street with shopping, tourist attractions, and souvenir stores. Located one street off Kokusai-dori, it offers a deep Okinawan experience. It is especially crowded with people seeking local sweets.

6:05pm Daiichi Makishi Public Market(第一牧志公設市場)

The public market was still under construction when we visited! Looks like it will be back with a power up. Looking forward to it!

Spot Outline

The Daiichi Makishi Public Market is a public market located in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. It is a popular tourist spot, also known as prefectural people’s kitchen because all Okinawa’s foodstuffs are gathered here.

6:10pm Parlor Koyaji(パーラー小やじ)

The first izakaya we came to was a popular izakaya that mainly serves Japanese food but also has a popular Neapolitan menu.
The interior of the restaurant is stylish and not izakaya-like in the best sense of the word.
You can order any dish in half sizes, so you can enjoy a variety of dishes✨



Open storefront and easy to enter


Antique furnishings are all over the store.

Koyaji sour (healthy grape vinegar sour) 440 yen

The refreshing taste of vinegar is addictive.
It is easy to drink and seems to be healthy!

Half-size fried taro 220 yen

It smells buttery and the potatoes are tender!
Peppery and delicious✨

Half-size yellowtail sashimi 440 yen

Ordered as recommended.
Beautiful shiny yellowtail. The sweetness of the fat is really great!


Spot Outline

Parlor Koyaji is an izakaya located in Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. It is a stylish restaurant with many reasonable menu items. You can order half-size portions, so you can enjoy a variety of dishes.

7:30pm Close of business: Sakabaru kemia(酒場ル kemia)

The second restaurant is a Spanish bar where you can enjoy tapas (small plates) and drinks.
It is located right next to the public market.
Here, we toast with an easy-drinking Chilean white wine!
You can casually enjoy Western-style drinks in a cozy space.

*This shop is currently closed.




Fun counter seating with close proximity to waitstaff.

Table seating in a relaxed atmosphere

Iberico Salami & prosciutto 650 yen

A voluptuous dish!

Shrimp and mushroom ajillo (with bucket) 850 yen

Be careful, it’s hot!
The prawns are plump and the rich aroma of the mushrooms is perfect with the baguette! Goes well with wine.

Homemade syrups on the counter

Homemade brandy spritzer (Earl Grey) 550 yen

It’s brandy, but because it’s Earl Grey, it’s easy to drink and delicious! I’m curious to try the other homemade syrups…


Spot Outline

Sakabaru kemia is a tavern located in Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. This place is also known as a Spanish bar where you can enjoy tapas (small plates) dishes and drinks, and toast with easy-drinking Chilean white wine. You can casually enjoy Western-style drinks in a cozy space, but the business is currently closed.

8:50pm Okinawa Bar Namihei Territory(オキナワ酒場 波平てりとりー)

The third and final restaurant is Okinawa is more delicious! and we will go to an Okinawan izakaya that focuses on the ingredients and flavors.
The staff is friendly and very easy to talk to.
Every dish served in the bustling restaurant is exquisite✨
If you want to enjoy Okinawan cuisine, this is the place to go.



The lanterns are lovely


Okinawan style store interior

Menus line the walls as well

counter seat

table seating

Awamori Gacha

Appetizer, island raayu menma

Spicy and savory smell
A good snack with garlic.

Spam skewers (2 skewers) 400 yen

It comes in a spam can and looks cute and guess what ✨
It is freshly fried, hot, and tastes delicious with the rich flavor of Spam!
It is hearty and very satisfying.

Okinawa-style takikomi gohan 300 yen

This time, I asked them to make onigiri (rice balls) to make it easier to eat!
The taste of the broth is gentle and delicious✨
zyusi is a local Okinawan dish that is filled with the aroma of vegetable and meat broth.

Fresh squeezed pineapple high 900 yen

A drink made with half a whole pineapple.
Squeeze the big pineapple yourself and throw in the juice! It’s pulpy and delicious✨

Petit parfait (Blue Seal ice cream Okinawan sweet potatoes + Sataandagi) 500 yen

The sweetness of Okinawan sweet potatoes is gentle.
Freshly fried sata andagi served with ice cream ❗️


Spot Outline

The spot called Okinawa Bar Namihei Territory is an izakaya located in Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. The staff is friendly and easy to talk to, and all the dishes served in the lively restaurant are exquisite. Word of mouth says that this is the place to go if you want to enjoy Okinawan cuisine. The concept is “Okinawa is more delicious! and they seem to be particular about ingredients and taste.

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