teamLab Borderless: Newly Opened in Azabudai Hills, Tokyo! Explore Digital Artworks, Ticket Price


MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: What is Epson TeamLab Borderless?

“Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Epson TeamLab Borderless,” which gained immense popularity in Odaiba, attracting approximately 2.3 million visitors within just one year since its opening, has relocated and opened its doors in Azabudai Hills on February 9, 2024.

TeamLab Borderless is a “museum without a map,” where artworks interact and influence each other, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy ‘digital artworks without boundaries’.

This time, as the editor, I visited and immersed myself in the artworks at TeamLab Borderless, and I will introduce them with plenty of photos!

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お台場にあったチームラボボーダレスが、2/9に麻布台ヒルズに移転オープン🫧 編集部が一足お先に行ってきました♪ 公式ページではチケットが残りわずかになってたから、気になる方はチェック🎫👀 #トーキョーさんぽ #トーキョーさんぽ編集部 #チームラボ #チームラボボーダレス #麻布台ヒルズ #東京お出かけスポット #最新スポット #東京デートスポット

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – トーキョーさんぽ by Holiday – トーキョーさんぽ by Holiday


TeamLab Borderless has interesting art from the entrance! If you look at the entrance from a certain point a short distance away, the words “teamLab★Borderless” appear to be floating in three dimensions. It is an exciting mechanism that makes you want to take a picture even before you enter.

After completing the reception process, you’ll find free lockers next to the reception desk. Leave your luggage there before entering the building!

Borderless World: Artworks move out and form freely

This time, I explored the entire museum to fully experience the artworks. Since TeamLab Borderless is a “museum without a map,” it’s easy to find yourself returning to the same place repeatedly. However, the artworks move fluidly from room to room, with no boundaries between them. They interact and influence each other, sometimes blending and transforming. As a result, even if you revisit the same spot, you’ll encounter the artworks in a different form each time. This is the essence of the “Borderless World”.

Among the many artworks, here are a some that have caught my attention:

First, go to the place where there is a huge rock. What is noteworthy about this place is Universe of Water Particles on a Rock where People Gather. This work changes the lines that represent the flow of water when touched, and can be controlled at will, such as standing on the rock to make it look like a waterfall, or spinning around on the spot to create a whirlpool.

The artwork, Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – A Whole Year per Hour, represents the repetition of flowers from various seasons slowly blooming and falling. In Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, butterflies are born from the hands touching the wall and the feet, gathering together and flying through the space.

Both pieces will appear more photogenic with white clothing, as the flowers and butterflies will stand out more clearly✨

This work, called Infinite Crystal World, is part of the popular series at teamLab Planets TOKYO in Toyosu, where an infinite set of light dots is spread out. It’s also possible to manipulate the light using the TeamLab app, so be sure to participate!

Life is an Ephemeral Light that Blooms in the Dark is a work in which red flowers seem to be born and die in an eternal cycle. Black Waves: Born in the Darkness, Return to the Darkness is a work in which waves made up of a collection of lines move like life, giving the viewer the feeling of being in the ocean.

The moment when the two works blend together is also beautiful. The space where this work was shot is filled with countless square glass objects floating in the air, giving the viewer a strange sensation as if one is floating in midair.

Light Sculpture – Flow Series

This series of works features light flowing outward continuously, creating an immersive experience. In response to sound, the light transforms into various colors such as white, red, purple, and pink, providing the sensation of being enveloped by light.

Bubble Universe / Microcosmoses

There are two spaces filled with countless spheres of light.

Bubble Universe: Physical Light, Bubbles of Light, Wobbling Light, and Environmental Light – One Stroke is a mixture of several dangling spheres, light with material substance, large and strong light like soap bubbles, huge and weak light like a mass of jelly, and light produced by the surrounding environment.

The sphere is made of 360-degree glass and emits various colors, including white, orange, and pink. Be sure to proceed carefully to avoid bumping into the sphere!

The work Microcosmoses – Wobbling Light is a work in which countless lights continuously move through a space that expands to the point where one cannot discern its depth. It resembles a vast universe-like space.

EN TEA HOUSE: a cafe where flowers are born from tea

This is a tea house where flowers are born from tea and trees are born from ice cream. As long as there is tea, flowers bloom endlessly, so you will never miss a photo opportunity. This is a cafe that you can enjoy not only with your taste buds but also with your eyes, so please stop by.

Sketch Ocean: painted fish swim

Visitors are invited to draw a picture of a fish on a piece of paper, and their drawings come to life, swimming in the ocean space in front of them. When you touch the swimming fish, they all scatter away at once. You can also touch the bait bag to feed the fish, just like in the real sea. Another interesting feature is that the fish leave the room and swim through the museum. This interactive experience makes it a great place to enjoy with small children.

Facility Information


February 2024 – Permanent

Opening Hours

10:00am – 09:00pm *Last Entrance 1 hour before closing time
Closed on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays

Ticket Information

Prices for adults and discounts for persons with disabilities vary depending on the admission date.
For more information, please visit official website

  • Adults (18 and above) : JPY 3,800 〜
  • 13 – 17 years: JPY 2,800
  • 4 – 12 years: JPY 1,500
  • 3 years and under: Free
  • Visitors with disabilities: JPY 1,900 〜


Azabudai Hills Garden Plaza B B1 1-2-4 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Directly connected to Kamiyacho Station on the Hibiya Line and Roppongi-Itchome Station on the Namboku Line)

teamLab Borderless is located inside the Azabudai Hills. Azabudai Hills offers a variety of stores where you can spend your shopping, lunch and dinner time, so why not enjoy yourself before or after your visit to teamLab Borderless?


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