9 home goods and interior stores to check out in the Omotesando and Aoyama area

Tokyo is home to many interior design stores and general merchandise stores. Especially in the Omotesando and Aoyama areas, there are many unique and sophisticated stores. We have compiled a list of stores that have been carefully selected by our editorial department for you to check out.


Miscellaneous goods and interior store in Omotesando and Aoyama area

The Omotesando and Aoyama area is home to many furniture and interior design stores. Like the atmosphere of the city, many of the stores are characterized by their individuality and sophistication. Many of the stores deal in imported goods, but of course Japanese folk crafts and Japanese designers’ works are also available together. If you are looking for something uniquely Japanese, please visit one of the stores introduced here.

Found MUJI Aoyama(Found MUJI 青山)

Found MUJI Aoyama is a concept store that was renovated from the first “MUJI store”, which now operates stores outside of Japan. Unlike the general MUJI brand, Found MUJI Aoyama offers a different lineup of items for daily life. A wide range of products are on display, from folk crafts from around the world to products made by Japanese craftsmen. The products are arranged as if they were on display, making the space feel like a gallery. If you are looking for unique items, this is a store you should definitely check out.

Oriental Bazaar, Harajuku Main Store(オリエンタルバザー 原宿本店)

On Omotesando Avenue, lined with modern buildings, Oriental Bazaar is a store with a unique appearance reminiscent of a shrine. The spacious store is filled to the brim with products that give a sense of Japanese tradition. The products range from Japanese crafts, Japanese sundries, and secondhand clothing to one-of-a-kind antiques.

HAKUSAN SHOP / Hakusan Toki Tokyo Showroom(白山陶器東京ショールーム)

Hakusan Toki is a Nagasaki Prefecture “Hasami-yaki” ceramics brand. Hakusan Touki’s tableware, which is neither showy nor ordinary, has long been loved by Japanese people as a standard brand. Hakusan Touki’s showroom is located here in Aoyama. The store also sells in-store, so if you are interested in Japanese tableware, check it out.

Utsuwa Kaede(うつわ楓)

If you want to see the best Japanese tableware, visit Utsuwa Kaede. You will find a wide variety of Japanese tableware, from pottery and glass to lacquer ware.

MoMA Design Store

The MoMA Design Store is a collection of quality items from around the world, selected by MoMA’s architecture and design department with the sensation of selecting art. The store is more general merchandise than furniture, so you can get a good sense of the quality of the items. The store is recommended for those who are looking for small items for souvenirs, as there are more home goods than furniture.


This is a store of the Danish interior product brand “HAY”. The store offers not only furniture and interior accessories, but also stationery, clothing, and other items that can coordinate your entire lifestyle. Some of the items are collaborations with Japanese designers, so if you are looking for items with a Japanese touch, be sure to check it out.


CIBONE is located on the same floor as the MoMA Design Store and HAY TOKYO in the GYRE building. The store, which will be renovated in 2020, offers unique items such as one-of-a-kind pieces by popular ceramic artists and stools that are unique due to the texture of the wood and paint. The shop will be renovated in 2020.

SPIRAL MARKET(スパイラルマーケット)

If you are looking for home goods with a natural taste, Spiral Market, a lifestyle goods store on the second floor of the Spiral cultural complex, is the place to go. From simple stationery and tableware designed for long-lasting use to unique works by unique artists, Spiral Market offers a wide range of items selected according to Spiral’s unique criteria.

Francfranc Aoyama Store(Francfranc 青山)

Francfranc is an interior design store from Japan. It sells gorgeous interior goods at reasonable prices and has more than 100 stores in Japan. Francfranc’s flagship store is the Francfranc Aoyama Store. The store’s large windows allow natural light to stream in, creating an open and airy space.

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