Hanami Spots in Tokyo: Enjoy cherry blossoms in secret spot (Chuo-ku/Koto-ku)

Cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan and bloom in spring with beautiful pink blossoms. “Hanami,” or cherry blossom viewing, is a popular event in Japan to enjoy the arrival of spring.

There are many cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, and every year during cherry blossom season, they are crowded with cherry blossom viewers. In this issue, we will introduce some of the best spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing without worrying about crowds! Please take a look at them for your reference.

*Because the cherry blossom period is short, around one week, it is recommended to check the blooming status in advance before going.


Cherry blossom viewing spot introduction

Hamacho Park(浜町公園)

One of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in the Ningyocho and Hamacho area is Hamacho Park. About 50 cherry trees are planted in the park, making it a substantial cherry blossom viewing spot.

Hamacho Park has a large area where seats can be pulled out and pets are allowed, so there are many hanami visitors in groups or with their families. Compared to famous cherry blossom viewing spots, the atmosphere is more relaxed, allowing for a more leisurely hanami experience.

The photo above was taken on the day the blooming of cherry blossoms was announced in Tokyo. Although only a few cherry trees were still in bloom, people enjoying hanami were gathering here and there.

Hamacho Ryokudo(浜町緑道)

I happened to pass by this place when I was strolling from the Ningyocho area toward Hamacho. I was curious about the tunnel, so I dove in…

To my surprise, a path lined with cherry blossom trees appeared. According to my research, this is a greenway using the former site of the Hamacho River. Various kinds of cherry trees are planted along the path.

We toured other cherry blossom spots that day, but this one was in the best bloom, so if you are thinking of starting blooming and going cherry blossom viewing soon, you might want to stop by.

The landmark statue of Benkei. In Amazake Yokocho, there is the famous taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake) shop Yanagiya and Morinoen, famous for its hojicha (roasted green tea) sweets, so you can enjoy hanami with takeout sweets in hand.

5-minute walk from Tsukishima Station! Cherry blossom trees along the Sumida River

Although the rows of cherry trees in Sumida Park are the most famous cherry blossoms along the Sumida River, the rows of cherry trees in the Tsukuda River City area are also highly recommended. This area has an atmosphere enjoyed by locals rather than tourists, and many families and people walking their dogs while viewing cherry blossoms can be seen. This is a great spot for those who want to enjoy hanami in peace and quiet.

The most distinctive feature of the rows of cherry trees in Tsukuda is the proximity of the cherry blossoms! The cherry trees planted along the slope of the Sumida River are so close that even small children can reach them.

Cherry blossoms all over the area! You can also take pictures of the cherry blossoms in collaboration with the Sky Tree and the Central Bridge. This is also recommended for those who are looking for a spot to take commemorative photos.

Etchujima Park(越中島公園)

In fact, there is also a row of cherry trees in Etchujima Park on the opposite bank of Tsukuda. This park is less crowded than Tsukuda. Last year, when we passed by here on a holiday when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, there were people who looked like neighbors spreading out sheets and holding a cherry blossom viewing party. It was crowded to a certain extent, but there was still enough space to spread out the sheets! It was a situation like this. I think it is possible to stop by and have a picnic under the cherry blossoms!

By the way, Etchujima Park has free rental bicycles for children to cycle around the park. Some bicycles are equipped with auxiliary wheels, so adults can enjoy cherry blossom viewing and children can play by cycling.

The view from Tsukuda is beautiful, but the view from Etchujima is also wonderful. This is a great spot for those who want to spend a more relaxing time.

2 minutes from Monzennakacho Station! Cherry blossom trees along Oyokogawa River

Located about a 2-minute walk from Exit 4 of Monzennakacho Station, Oyokogawa River is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot with 1.2 km-long rows of cherry trees along the river. Although it is not a hidden gem, it is not so crowded as to be a cherry blossom viewing spot, despite the magnificent rows of cherry blossom trees.

The Oyokogawa River is characterized by its riverside path that resembles a tunnel of cherry blossoms. You can take wonderful commemorative photos.

A cherry blossom festival is held during the cherry blossom season. At night, the Bonbori (an old-fashioned lighting device used by lighting candles) is lit, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Other activities are also noteworthy. Hanami kayaking tours are available from the Sumida River to the Oyoko River, and Hanami cruises departing along the Oyoko River are also available. If you are not sure what you want to do this spring, please consider these as candidates.

Kiba Park(木場公園)

One of the most popular parks in the Fukagawa area is Kiba Park. The park has a vast grass plaza as well as an area with playground equipment, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and the Urban greening botanical garden, and is crowded with people on weekends, even when it is not cherry blossom viewing season.

The typical cherry blossom spot in Kiba Park is the barbecue area. When in full bloom, they cover the sky!

This is a great place to enjoy barbecue while viewing cherry blossoms, and reservations are often fought over on Saturdays and Sundays during the cherry blossom viewing season.

The barbecue area is available by reservation only. Nearby is an area with playground equipment, which is also recommended for those with children.

Incidentally, along the Oyokogawa River that runs near Kiba Park, there is a row of cherry trees of Kawazu-zakura (early blooming cherry blossom seeds), which are famous for their early blooming. There are many other types of cherry trees planted in Kiba Park, so you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing any time from late February to early April.

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