3 cafe in Okinawa: Recommended by locals! Part 2



Okinawa Prefecture is a tropical tourist destination with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and rich nature.

This time, part 2 of my tour of Okinawan cafes.
We have visited three cafes loved by the locals in Okinawa. There are exotic cafes, long-established cafes, and bars where you can enjoy night cafes!
Please take a look at it for reference.

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

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Travel Itinerary

hitsuji(穭 ヒツジ)

The first house immediately.
This café is popular for its Taiwanese sweets called Tofu Pudding (A popular Taiwanese sweet made from solidified soy milk).


There were a lot of books in the store.
It is also good to spend time relaxing with a book.

menu list

There are many unusual drinks on the menu.

Pandan leaf cake 320 yen

They are just so fluffy, sweet and delicious. The texture is also great!

tea branch 300 yen

Tastes like oolong tea. It goes perfectly with the cake.

Spot Outline

Located at 1-4-7 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, the cafe Hitsuji is a popular spot for Taiwanese sweets called Tofu pudding. Here you can enjoy the delicious café menu and savor the Tofu pudding.

Coffee Cafe Inshara(珈琲茶館 インシャラー)

For the second restaurant, we walked to a restaurant on Kokusai Dori.
It is a retro, hole-in-the-wall, long-established coffee shop established in 1974.


Elegant, palatial atmosphere inside the restaurant

menu list

There are so many items on the menu, it’s hard to decide which one to try!

Romance in Paris 680 yen

Topped with pretty roses✨

Doria 750 yen

It is filled with seafood and is delicious!

Spot Outline

Coffee Cafe Inshara is a retro coffee shop established in 1974 in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. Located a short distance from Kokusai-dori Avenue, it offers a relaxing atmosphere.

Cafe + Bar 48 PAN(喫茶+バー 48 PAN)

The third restaurant is located just outside of Yui Rail Miebashi Station.
A coffee shop + bar loved as a place of relaxation in Naha.
There is a friendly master and mom.


It is nice to have a night café as well as a bar after the evening.

menu list

Lots of cafe menu and bar menu.

Iced coffee with water 600 yen

It has a robust flavor, but is refreshing and easy to drink.

Takoyaki (10 pieces) 500 yen

The hot takoyaki is so delicious that you can eat as many as you want.

Neapolitan 700 yen

The fried egg is delightful. And plenty of cheese powder.

Pudding 400 yen

The caramel sauce is exquisite.

Orion Soda 600 yen

Instead of Orion beer, I decided on cider today.
Clean and easy to drink.

Spot Outline

Coffee shop + bar 48 PAN is located in Maejima, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. This store is a popular place for relaxation in Naha City, where you can enjoy both a coffee shop and a bar. The master and mother are very friendly, and the comfortable atmosphere is very appealing.

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