3 cafe in Okinawa: Recommended by locals! Part 1



Okinawa Prefecture is a tropical tourist destination with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and rich nature.
This time, I visited three popular cafes in Okinawa. From morning to lunch, I was quite full, but I was still hungry for something sweet! We ended the tour with a unique Okinawan dessert.
If you are not sure which café to go to in Okinawa, check it out!

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

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9:30am Kuma Cafe

The first is a small CAFE with about 10 seats.
It is also close to Kokusai Dori, making it a great place to take a break!
Order a drink and you get a morning ✨
Lunch and daily cakes are also available.


The store is decorated with many bear figures!
It also means “kuma = here” in the Okinawan dialect.


What a menu, CD case. Interesting!

Hot Coffee and Morning A Set

Hot coffee (550 yen)
Morning A Set (Service)
Isn’t it great that hot coffee comes in a pot?
The toast is also buttery and delicious.

Spot Outline

Kuma Cafe is a small cafe located in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. This café offers a morning service that comes with your drink order, allowing you to spend your café time enjoying breakfast. It also offers a lunch menu and daily cake specials, allowing customers to enjoy a variety of meals and sweets.

10:00am Cafe&Diner1363 Okinawa Minatogawa Stateside Town(沖縄港川ステイツサイドタウン店)

The second restaurant! The all-you-can-eat hop-over plates and roast beef bowls are very popular at lunch.

Homemade lemonade (carbonated) 600 yen

Homemade lemonade is refreshing and delicious, not too sweet ✨.

Hop-over plate 1,200 yen

The texture is like the skin of a cream puff!
What a surprise, the popovers are refillable.


The restaurant has a very stylish atmosphere with yellow as its base color.
The view from the window looks like a foreign country, which makes me excited! There are also alcoholic beverages.

Spot Outline

Cafe&Diner1363 Okinawa Minatogawa Stateside Town Branch is a restaurant located in Minatogawa, Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture. The all-you-can-eat hop-over plates and roast beef bowls are very popular at lunchtime. It is ideal for café use and for sightseeing in Okinawa.

11:30am Kominka Cafe Chaaya(古民家カフェ茶ぁーやー)

The last restaurant we headed to was in the alleyway of Kokusai-dori.
This café is a 70-year-old Okinawan traditional house where you can relax.


The interior of the restaurant is a renovated 70-year-old old house, with a wonderful atmosphere of relaxed time passing by.

Bukubukucha with snacks (Tea traditionally drunk in Okinawa Prefecture) 770 yen

Bubbly and cute!
Bukkucha is made of two layers of genmaicha (brown rice tea) and sanpincha (jasmine tea), and has a savory but refreshing aroma.

Okinawa Zenzai (Japanese food made of beans boiled sweetly with sugar) 550 yen

Okinawan zenzai is cold.
I ate it with lots of condensed milk and green tea syrup and it was so good!
The dumplings are also chewy.

Spot Outline

Located at 2-6-6 Asato, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Kominka Cafe Chaaya is a cafe in a 70-year-old Okinawan traditional house. Located in the back alley of Kokusai-dori Avenue, it offers a relaxing atmosphere.

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