Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai 6 recommended gourmet Eat and Walk

“Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai,” which just opened in 2024, is a popular eating spot where you can enjoy various kinds of gourmet foods. In this issue, we introduce six gourmet restaurants in the “Toyosu Menuki Odori” area that are recommended for eating and walking! From salty to sweet, we feature reasonably priced gourmet foods that are perfect for eating and walking around, so please be sure to take a look.


What is Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai ?

Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai (豊洲 千客万来)

“Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai” is a new facility in Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, consisting of an area where visitors can enjoy gourmet foods in a reproduction of an Edo period townscape and an area with bathing facilities open 24 hours a day. The facility is only a 2-minute walk from Ichiba-mae Station, making it easy to access, and allows visitors of all ages to enjoy gourmet food, shopping, and a bath.

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6 gourmet restaurants to Eat and Walk

“Toyosu Menuki Odori” where you can enjoy eating and walking

There are about 50 restaurants in Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai, where you can enjoy a variety of gourmet foods such as udon, ramen, meat, and sweets, in addition to restaurants featuring fresh seafood. In this issue, we will introduce six recommended gourmet eateries in the Toyosu Menuki Odori area where you can enjoy eating and walking!

Since payment methods vary from store to store, it is advisable to have cash as well as credit cards ready for a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

Soma Suisan (相馬水産)

Akami Kushi (lean tuna )500 yen

The first is “lean tuna” at Soma Suisan.

Soma Suisan offers the freshest tuna dishes. Particularly popular are the tuna skewers, which are skewers of raw tuna. You can easily enjoy various parts of tuna such as red meat, medium fatty tuna, and large fatty tuna.

Tuna sashimi with special sauce is very satisfying. Each piece is large and thick, so you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the tuna. Since it is served on a skewer, you can eat it with one hand, which is another great point.

They also sell other items such as burgers and sandwiches made with tuna. The restaurant is quite popular and lines are expected, so it is recommended to head there well in advance of time.

Marutake Premium(丸武Premium)

Tamagoyaki(Japanese rolled Omelet) 300 yen

The second restaurant is Marutake Premium’s Tamagoyaki(Japanese rolled Omelet).

“Marutake Premium” is the Toyosu branch of Marutake, a popular specialty restaurant in the Tsukiji market. In addition to Tamagoyaki(Japanese rolled Omelet, the shop also sells limited-edition sweets such as soft-serve ice cream and sponge cakes.

The omelet is freshly cooked and slightly sweetened. You can also feel the original richness of the egg, and it is so delicious that you can eat it up in an instant. The product is a pleasure to look at as the artisan bakes it right in front of your eyes. This is also a popular restaurant, so it is recommended to head there with plenty of time to spare!

Toyosu Kinpura (豊洲 金ぷら)

Yaki Taraba Kanikama (grilled king crab stick) 350 yen

The third restaurant, Toyosu Kinpura, presents grilled king crab stick.

Toyosu Kinpura is a restaurant that sells mainly oden, a winter specialty, as well as fried, grilled, and other easy-to-eat foods and original craft beers. The showcase is lined with a variety of foods that go well with alcoholic beverages, and all are reasonably priced, so it is recommended for those who want to try a little of a variety of foods.

“Grilled King Crub Stick” is a product made by baking large crab stick that look just like king crab. King Crub Stick is a crab flavored food made mainly from fish paste. It looks just like king crab, but the texture and taste of the crab also make it an interesting product. The price is quite inexpensive at 350 yen, so please give it a try.

Echigoya Skegoro (越後屋助五郎)

Iidako gushi (ocellated octopus skewers) 700 yen

The fourth restaurant is Iidako gushi (ocellated octopus skewers) at Echigoya Skegoro.

Echigoya Skegoro specializes in fresh seafood fish skewers and rice balls. In addition to char-grilled eels and scallops, customers can enjoy a wide variety of onigiri (rice balls). The onigiri menu includes standard ingredients such as ume plum and grilled salmon, as well as more unusual items such as raw salmon and grilled mackerel.

The ocellated octopus skewers are excellent, with butter-soy seasoned iidako octopus that is plump and very chewy. The skewers are grilled to order, so you can enjoy hot, juicy, and savory seafood. The sight of the charcoal grilling right in front of you is also very tasteful and makes the eating experience even more enjoyable.

Tsukishima Monja Jugoya (月島もんじゃ 十五夜)

An-butter Taiyaki 400 yen

The fifth restaurant is Tsukishima Monja Jugoya’s An-Butter Taiyaki.

Taiyaki” is a traditional Japanese baked sweet shaped like a fish bream and filled with red bean paste. Jugoya’s “An Butter Taiyaki” is popular for its unusual combination of rich red bean paste and butter.

The sweetness of the red bean paste and the salty taste of the butter make a perfect match, and the volume is a perfect snack. It is also reasonably priced at 400 yen. A set of taiyaki and sencha green tea is available for 800 yen.

Tsukishima Monja Jugoya also offers a large restaurant with over 80 seats for eating and drinking. In addition to Tokyo’s famous monja, the restaurant also offers snacks and okonomiyaki. The restaurant has many seats, so families and groups can come and use the restaurant with ease.

Gindako Highball Sakaba(銀だこハイボール酒場)

Limited Menu at Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai

Lastly, we introduce the luxurious takoyaki at Gindako Highball Sakaba. Takoyaki is an Osaka specialty, a gourmet dish with octopus cut into pieces and served with sauce and other ingredients inside the unique texture of the dough! The takoyaki also comes with dashi broth, which can be dipped in it to change the flavor.

Gindako Highball Sakaba is an izakaya-style restaurant where you can enjoy drinks with takoyaki, yakisoba, and snacks. There are several seats in the restaurant, so you can eat inside if available.

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