Top 8 Best Spots for Cycling Along the Shimanami Kaido


What is the Shimanami Kaido?

Shimanami Kaido

The Shimanami Kaido is a 60-km-long road connecting Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, via bridges. The route was built to connect islands in the Seto Inland Sea by bridges, and along the way, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the blue sea and islands rich in nature. It is also known as “Japan’s first bicycle path that crosses the straits,” and was designated as a national cycle route in 2019.

Two-tiered Innoshima Bridge (the lower part is for pedestrians, bicycles, and mopeds only)

The Shimanami Kaido, known as a “mecca for cyclists,” is characterized by its thoroughgoing provision of a cycling-friendly environment, including bridges with bike lanes and rest areas for cyclists scattered along the route. Cafes where cyclists can bring their bicycles and accommodations for cyclists are also in operation, making the area attractive to cyclists as a tourist spot. Although it may seem a bit challenging for those who are not accustomed to cycling, bicycles can be rented, and there are routes that are less challenging for beginners, so why not give it a try and make your trip a memorable one ✨.

Islands of Shimanami Kaido

  • Mukaishima Island (向島), Hiroshima
  • Innoshima Island (因島), Hiroshima
  • Ikuchijima Island (生口島), Hiroshima
  • Omishima Island (大三島), Ehime
  • Hakatajima Island (伯方島), Ehime
  • Oshima Island (大島), Ehime

8 Recommended spots along the Shimanami Kaido


ONOMICHI U2, Onomichi City

It is a commercial complex converted from a shipping warehouse in Onomichi. It is a collection of stores, cafes, and hotels, and is a fashionable tourist spot representing Onomichi. Since Onomichi City is the arrival and departure point of the Shimanami Kaido, and is a mecca for cyclists, guests can bring their bicycles into the hotel rooms.

Tachibana Shokudo (立花食堂)

Tachibana Shokudo, Mukaishima island

This fashionable cafe is located on Mukaishima Island, the nearest island from Onomichi City on the Shimanami Kaido. It also has a general store that sells cute stuffs. The garden with palm trees and the sandy beach and ocean nearby create a tropical atmosphere. Benches are set up in the large garden, so you can relax and enjoy the spectacular view.

This is a spot where you can enjoy meals, sweets, and drinks along with resort-like scenery, so be sure to stop by on your cycling route. We recommend that you check the opening hours in advance before visiting.

Oyama Shrine (大山神社)

Oyama Shrine, Innoshima island

Oyama Shrine is located on Innoshima Island. This is the only bicycle shrine in Japan and is a very popular spot for cyclists to visit. You can receive a blessing for your own bicycle or purchase a bicycle charm. A small shrine near the main shrine enshrines the god of traffic safety, which cyclists on the Shimanami Kaido have come to worship as a guardian deity for their bicycles. It is recommended to pray there on the way to cycling.

Kosanji Temple & Miraishin no Oka (耕三寺・未来心の丘)

Kosanji Temple, Ikuchijima island

Kosanji Temple is located on Ikuchijima Island and was designated as a National Tangible Cultural Property in 2003. With its many colorful gates and statues, the temple has recently become a popular photo spot.

Miraishin no Oka, Ikuchijima island

Near Kosanji Temple is Miraishin no Oka, a hill made of Italian marble. The pure white world all around is fantastic and a sight to behold. Please stop by together with Kosanji Temple.

Tatara Bridge (多々羅大橋)

Tatara Bridge connecting Ikuchijima and Omishima

The Tatara Bridge connects Ikuchi Island, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Omishima Island, Ehime Prefecture, and is known as one of the most artistically designed bridges on the Shimanami Kaido. The bridge, which looks like a white bird spreading its wings, is so beautiful that one could look at it for hours and never get tired of it. The road on the bridge is flat and has few ascents and descents, making it a relatively easy challenge even for first-timer cyclists.

Hakata Beach (伯方ビーチ)

Hakata Beach, Hakatajima island

Hakata Beach is located on Hakatajima Island. At sunset, the setting sun creates a romantic scene over the bridge. Dolphin Farm Shimanami, a facility where visitors can interact with dolphins, is located right next to the beach.

Kirosan Observatory Park (亀老山展望公園)

Kirosan Observatory Park, Oshima island

Kirosan Observatory Park is located at the top of Mt. Kiro, at the southern tip of Oshima. You can even see Mount Ishizuchi, the highest peak in western Japan, on a clear day. The view of the Kurushima Straits from the top of Mt. Kiro is amazing. Visitors can enjoy the sunset over the ocean and the illuminated (on designated days only) Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge. However, since it is located at the top of a mountain and has a long slope, it can be a bit challenging. Beginning cyclists may find it challenging, so if you’re ready for the test, please give it a try.

Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge (来島海峡大橋)

Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge connecting Oshima Island and Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge is the largest bridge on the Shimanami Kaido. It is famous as the world’s first triple suspension bridge with a total length of more than 4,000 meters. The magnificent blue waters of the Kurushima Straits seen from the bridge are a sight to behold for anyone visiting the Shimanami Kaido. Cycling or driving over the bridge is fine, but taking a ferry to go under the bridge is also recommended for a fun experience.

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The Shimanami Kaido, which crosses multiple bridges and traverses the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, might initially seem daunting due to its length. However, it offers not only stunning scenery but also art, delicious food, and many other enriching experiences that become accessible only upon visiting. As a cycling heaven, the route is well-maintained, and there are facilities specifically for cyclists, making it accessible even for beginners. Please enjoy a personalized journey, and make the most of your visit by utilizing both bicycles and public transportation to explore the tourist spots fully✨🚴

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