A must-see for cat lovers! Relax on the cat island, Sanagi Island



Sanagi Island in the Seto Inland Sea is also known as Cat Island and is famous for its many cats.
This time, the boat trip started in the evening, so we were able to see the sunset just from the boat.
The Neconoshima Hostel where we stayed was a unique room with a school motif, and the food was delicious and very enjoyable!
We hope you will also take a look at this relaxing trip plan with lovely scenery and cute cats.

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Itinerary (Day 1)

4:00pm Tadotsu station(多度津駅)

This trip started in the evening!
Walk from Tadotsu Station to Tadotsu Port.

Spot Outline

Located in Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, Tadotsu Station is a station of Shikoku Railway Company (JR Shikoku) and Japan Freight Railway Company (JR Freight). Nearby is the Port of Tadotsu, which is also used by tourists.

4:20pm Tadotsu Port(多度津港)

There are two routes to Sanagi Island, one from Tadotsu Port in Kagawa and the other from Kasaoka in Okayama,
This time, we took a ship departing from Tadotsu Port, which requires no transfers and has a large number of services.
The ship is three stories high and the interior is larger than expected! There is also a restroom.
The best part of a boat trip is being able to feel the wind and see the sea!

box office

Scenery of the harbor


There’s also a restroom.

View from the deck

I’m glad I took the flight at a time when the sunset was beautiful!
The sunset on the horizon and the sea are healing itself.

View from inside the ship

While warming up, you can enjoy such a beautiful view through the large windows even from inside the ship✨

Spot Outline

Tadotsu Port is a port and boat terminal located in Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. According to reviews, it is convenient for access to Sanagi Island, and boats departing after Tadotsu do not require transfers and there are many services. The boats are three stories high, with spacious interiors and restrooms for a comfortable boat ride. In addition, the boat is reputed to offer a great view of the sea while feeling the breeze, which is the best part of the boat trip.

Sanagi Island(佐柳島)

When I arrived at Sanagi Island, I immediately saw a cat!
They are too friendly and cute.


Spot Outline

Sanagi Island, located in Sanagi, Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is known for its large population of cats. Originally, the island was famous among cat lovers for having more cats than the number of islanders, but “flying cats,” cats that fly between embankments, became a hot topic after spreading on SNS. Many word-of-mouth reports have been received from visitors who have found the cats adorable and healing.

5:00pm Neconoshima Hostel(ネコノシマホステル)

The guesthouse where we will be staying is a renovated school building that was originally an elementary school.
The rooms are named after classrooms, such as “arts and crafts room” or “library,” so you get the feeling that the remnants of the school and the necessities of a hotel coexist in the same room.

The lock has a special way to open the door, so it would be good to ask the front desk how to open the door.
The room we stayed in this time was a “science room”. It was unique and interesting, with the equipment typical of a science room still intact!
It makes me feel nostalgic.

The style of the hotel here is make your own bed. It is a new and fun experience!

It really says science lab!


Sandals provided


Beakers and test tubes!



The corridors are still in their original state as they were at the time of the school.


Interior view of restroom

Three shower rooms

Shampoo, body soap, and hair dryer are provided.
The shower room seems to be available until 10:00am in the morning.

Overall, it’s so beautiful!

They don’t have conditioner or make-up remover, so you might want to bring that with you?

Self-bed making

The guide shows how to lay it out, so first-timers don’t have to worry!

Spot Outline

Neconoshima Hostel is a guesthouse located in Sanagi, Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, in a renovated school building that was originally an elementary school. The rooms are named after the classrooms, and the remnants of the school and the necessities of a hotel coexist. The way to open the key is special, so you need to ask how to open the door at the front desk. You can enjoy a new experience in the style of making your own bed. The facilities are clean and comfortable, both the restrooms and shower rooms are clean, and the owner and his wife and her husband’s mother are known to be very nice.

7:00pm Cafe Neconoshima(喫茶ネコノシマ)

Dinner at a coffee shop in the Nekonoshima Hostel, where we are staying this time.
We had many small bowls of rice unique to the island!

Water and other drinks can be purchased at the mini store at the front desk.

Old cameras are displayed along with tableware.

The blackboard of the timetable is reused as a ship’s timetable

Accessories made by local artists were also sold!

They are all cute.

Island dinner 1,100 yen

I enjoyed the fresh sashimi, the perfectly salted beans and rice, the miso soup with somen noodles, and all the other small dishes.

fig ice cream & cafe au lait

I couldn’t resist and ordered it when I saw other customers around me asking for it.

Spot Outline

Cafe Neconoshima, located in Sanagi, Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is a cafe attached to Neconoshima Hostel. The former staff room has been renovated and is available for use by guests only.

Itinerary (Day 2)

Morning of the second day

When you open the curtains of the room, the ocean is right there! The beautiful view will heal you in the morning.

View from outside corridor

We found a place where you can see a view that looks like a cutout of the ocean!


9:00am Cafe Neconoshima(喫茶ネコノシマ)

Breakfast on the second day

The salad looks delicious.

Tadotsu Port(多度津港)

Check out and explore the island!
Lunch was, of course, on the island, where we ate bread that we had purchased before leaving the port.

I’m sorry to say goodbye, but it’s time for the boat…
It was a very relaxing two days with many different cats ✨

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