Things to Do in Kagawa: Enjoy spectacular views and gourmet food by car



This time, we made a one-day trip to Kagawa Prefecture, famous for its udon noodles.
Use your car to enjoy the spots you are interested in.
This is a too-luxurious one-day trip to a place that seems to be in the sky, a beautiful sunset, an aquarium, and gourmet food in Kagawa.
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*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

7:30am Utazu station(宇多津駅)

This trip started with a rental car at Utazu station!

Spot Outline

Utazu Station is a Shikoku Railway (JR Shikoku) station located in Utazu-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. There are car rental stores nearby, and the station is also used as a base for sightseeing.

8:30am Unpenji Ropeway(雲辺寺ロープウェイ)

First came the ropeway leading to Unpenji Temple.
It is one of the largest ropeways in Japan with a total length of 2,600 meters ✨
It arrives at the summit at 10 meters per second, which is quite fast! The ride takes about 7 minutes.


Souvenir Corner

Souvenirs can be purchased in Mountain Base station.


Ropeway operates every 20 minutes.

tariff schedules

Round-trip fare for adults is ¥2,200.

Inside the gondola

You can see what you can see from where.

one’s step (as in “watch your step”)

It is a little scary because you can see underneath.

It is spacious inside and has a capacity of 101 people

On the way to enjoy the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea and mountains.

The interior of the gondola on the way back was red.

Spot Outline

The Unpenji Ropeway in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, is one of the largest ropeways in Japan, with a total length of 2,600 meters. It reaches the summit at a speed of 10 meters per second, and the ride takes about 7 minutes. It is an essential means of transportation to Unbenji Temple.

8:50am Unpenji Ropeway Summit Station(雲辺寺ロープウェイ 山頂駅)

Riding the ropeway, you will be at the summit station in no time.
From here, walk to the summit park.


View from the summit station

Lovely view overlooking the Seto Inland Sea ✨

Atmospheric temperature

Even in summer, it is cool because it is on the mountain.

prefectural border

Right in front of the summit station is the border between Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures.
Jumping back and forth is fun!

Spot Outline

Unpenji Ropeway Summit Station, located in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, is accessible by ropeway. You can walk to the summit park where photo spots are gathered.

Unbenji Summit Park(雲辺寺山頂公園)

We arrived just a short walk from the station.
Unfortunately, it was cloudy that day…but still a spectacular view!


Continue straight from the summit station.

Photo frame

A place to place the camera is also provided, so anyone can take a picture that looks good!

Mini chairs are cute.

It’s so cute, two for one.

Mystery Rocket

Rainbow umbrella

Colorful umbrellas are at your disposal.

Piano bench

Let’s also hold a presentation here.

Spot Outline

Unpenji Summit Park, located in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, is 920 meters above sea level. It is popular as a scenic spot with a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea, and is easily accessible via the Unbeji Ropeway.

The swing in the sky(天空のブランコ)

A must-see spot when you visit Unpenji Summit Park!
Swings that make you feel as if you are diving into a spectacular view ✨
It is a little scary, but it feels good to feel the wind when you paddle as hard as you can.

Spot Outline

The “swing in the sky” is a photo spot located in Unbeji Mountain Top Park in Kagawa Prefecture’s Kannonji City. This spot is highly recommended for visitors who want to experience the luxury of swinging on a swing while enjoying the spectacular view.

10:30am Chichibugahama Beach(父母ヶ浜海岸)

Next to the mountains, we will visit a popular sightseeing spot in Kagawa! We will travel by car.
It is a 1-km long beach and a popular place to take pictures as if you were in Salar de Uyuni!


How to take spectacular photos

The sunset at low tide seems to be especially spectacular.
You see people’s reflections in tide pools on social media!


It is famous as a sunset spot, but you can also come during the daytime and take great pictures!

ocean water

The ocean water is clean and crystal clear!

Cute heart wall

There is also this wall along the beach.

Spot Outline

Chichibugahama Beach, located in Nio Otsu, Nio-cho, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, is a beach boasting a long beach of about 1 km. Many bathers visit the beach every summer. It is also a popular spot for taking pictures that look like Salar de Uyuni.


An Insta-popular donut shop located right on the beach!
You can get cute donuts that look great on social media.

No way.

The restaurant was temporarily closed that day.

Spot Outline

Located in Nio-cho, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, Donutaholic is a specialty doughnut takeout store. The owner of BAKE STUDIO OKAZAKI, a hamburger and sandwich specialty store next door, offers about 30 kinds of freshly fried doughnuts every day.


I got myself together and came to another cafe.
Here, under the concept of locally produced, locally consumed ice, you can enjoy shaved ice made with fruits produced in Mitoyo!
There was also a terrace.


Get in line as soon as it opens, look at the menu, and wait.


Cleanliness of the store


Souvenirs of Chichibogahama beach are also sold in the store.


The shaved ice menu features a wide variety of shaved ice made with seasonal fruits!

What a waste (I regret the state of being wasted) !

The Mottainai shaved ice is made with the day’s surplus or blemished fruit, and is nature-friendly.

Mottainai ice ¥920

The Mottainai Ice menu for the day features apples, mandarin oranges, and shiny muscats on top, and the sauce is full of melon milk.

Spot Outline

KAKIGORI CAFE Himuro, located in Nio-cho, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, is a cafe focusing on shaved ice. The shaved ice using locally grown fruit is so popular that customers visit from all over Japan. It is offered not only during the summer season, but all year round. Located by the seaside, it also has terrace seating for bathers.

Seasonal Stand(シーズナルスタンド)

We ladder to the cafe next to the shaved ice shop.
It’s a stylish take-out cafe with dried flowers and fruit sandwiches!



The space is surrounded by dried flowers made from seasonal flowers.


Filled with dried flowers from floor to ceiling!

Cafe Menu

Today’s fruit sandwich and drink menu.
If you buy it, you can get it with pretty dried flowers!

Drinks and fruit sandwiches

Fruit sandwiches.
Cheyenne Muscat & Pineapple ¥700
Queen Nina & Gold Kiwi ¥600
Cassis grapefruit ¥600
Iced tea 400 yen

The fruit sandwiches here are the sponge-sandwiched type.
The fluffy sponge and fruit combined with plenty of cream is the best!
We will have a picnic while looking at the ocean.

Spot Outline

Seasonal Stand, located in Nio-cho, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, is a dried flower and cafe stand store. Dried flowers displayed inside the store create an extraordinary atmosphere. Take-out fruit sandwiches are popular.

12:30pm Miyoshi Udon(三好うどん)

We drive to lunch.
Visit this popular restaurant where you can enjoy handmade special noodles at a reasonable price.
We were able to enter the restaurant after waiting in line for about 30 minutes.



Cafe-like, warm and inviting interior.

Cute menu list!


Udon noodles can be selected from small to extra-large.

home-made udon

Udon noodles are carefully made on the spot.

Toriten (chicken tempura) bukkake (Udon noodles in a hot soup with various ingredients and condiments) (medium) ¥550, Kama-age (Udon noodles straight from the pot and not soaked in cold water) udon (medium) ¥400

The sticky noodles and broth are so delicious ✨.
The large, freshly fried toriten is also excellent!

Spot Outline

Miyoshi Udon” is an udon restaurant in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, popular for its handmade special noodles. It is reasonably priced, and you can choose the amount of food you want. Even if the restaurant is crowded, the turnover is good, so you can often get in right away.

2:00pm Mt.Shiude Observatory(紫雲出山展望台)

We drove to our next destination, Mt.Shiude.
We are heading back up the mountain to the lookout point!
It overlooks the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.


This is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, and in spring, visitors can enjoy a collaboration of the spectacular view and cherry blossoms!

Let’s climb as hard as we can!

viewing platform

Seto Inland Sea

A little foggy, but nice view.

Names of islands that can be seen from here

Spot Outline

Located in Takuma-cho Tsumu, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, the Mt.Shiude Observatory is a popular spot for viewing the beautiful scenery of the Seto Inland Sea. It is loved by many tourists as a place where they can enjoy the most spectacular views in Shikoku.

2:30pm Mt. Shiude Archaeological Museum and Cafe(紫雲出山遺跡館 喫茶コーナー)

I need a break! I came to the coffee shop corner in the museum, which exhibits artifacts from the Yayoi period.



Large windows overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.


Coffee and chiffon cake are available.

Pear juice ¥500, Berry Berry Shortcake ¥480

Iced cake with lots of berries on top.

Island Guide

You can learn the names of the islands you can see from here.
It is interesting that it even says population!

Spot Outline

The Mt. Shiude Archaeological Museum and Cafe is located in Takuma-cho, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, and is a coffee shop inside the Relics Museum. On the sea side of the building, there is a large window with counter seating along the window, which offers a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea and the Tatoubi islands.

4:00pm Shikoku Aquarium(四国水族館)

The last destination is an aquarium themed on the aquatic landscape of Shikoku.
You can observe fish swimming in a large aquarium and enjoy sea lion and dolphin shows✨
If you get hungry, there is a cafe that sells cute food and drinks.
Souvenir stores selling cute stuffed animals are also fun!


Ticket machine


Adults 2,200 yen per person

floor map

It has two floors and is divided into several areas.


There are a variety of programs going on every day!
They seem to be a little different depending on the season.

Program 2

Area Guide

sea lion

First, we went to the public training of sea lions.
Clever and cute sea lions have a surprisingly not-so-cute cry…

Pacific Zone

Aquarium with colorful fish

Mysterious jellyfish

giant water tank

Photo Spot

The most popular photo spot at Shikoku Aquarium, often seen on social networking sites.

Setouchi Zone

Next came the Setouchi Zone.

The atmosphere is different and interesting again.

He’s swimming like he feels good.

View of Ryugu

A little artistic space on the second floor

projection mapping

The Dragon’s Palace where Urashima Taro traveled is said to be located in Shikoku, and the space is interestingly designed in the image of the legend!

Souvenir Shop

A wide variety of snacks and toys!



Cafe in the water play zone that sells lovely refreshments.


Shuwa Jule Pineapple ¥500, Jule Lemon Ginger ¥450

An original drink that is unique to the aquarium.

dolphin show

Dolphin Sunset Program for a limited time only.
Dolphin shows are enjoyed against the backdrop of the Seto Inland Sea and the setting sun!

The dolphins give a spectacular performance✨

Spot Outline

Shikoku Aquarium is located in Utazu-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. It features exhibits themed around the aquatic landscapes of Shikoku, one of Japan’s most prominent regions, including the Pacific Ocean, the Seto Inland Sea, and the clear waters of the Shimanto and Niyodo Rivers. It is also a popular tourist spot with a café selling cute food and drinks and a souvenir store.

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