The 7 Best Things to Do in Hiroshima in July: Traditional Festivals, Flower Festivals, Oysters in Summer

If you’re planning to go sightseeing, including seasonal activities unique to that time of year in your itinerary is ideal. In this issue, we introduce essential travel information for July in Hiroshima, including weather, appropriate fashion, key events, and recommended spots, catering to those interested in experiencing the uniqueness of the season.

*Please note that the event information listed is subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.


About Hiroshima in July

Hiroshima City in Summer


The rainy season that started in June will end around mid-July, with average temperatures in July ranging from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, with many days exceeding 30 degrees Celsius during the day. Even in the mornings and evenings, the heat rarely abates, and the days remain hot and humid. Since this is the season when the sun’s rays become stronger, it is necessary to take measures against heat stroke if you spend a long time outdoors.


In July, shrines and temples in Hiroshima hold traditional events and fireworks displays to color the summer night sky. Don’t miss the spectacular flower garden spots that are at their best in summer, where annual events are held according to the blooming conditions.


July is the high season for sightseeing in Hiroshima. Miyajima in particular attracts many tourists, but there are also many other historical spots that are worth visiting even in the summer heat, such as the Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park. Since most of the activities will be outdoors, it is important to take precautions against heat stroke.

July Fashion

July in Hiroshima can get very hot, so light, breathable clothing is recommended: T-shirts, shorts, and sandals are common, and hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are recommended to prevent sunburn. It is also recommended to carry a light cardigan indoors to protect against air conditioning.

Traditional Events of Hiroshima

In Japan, traditional events celebrating the arrival of summer are held throughout the country in July. Be sure to check out the festivals in Hiroshima Prefecture in July, where you can experience Japanese culture like portable shrines, Bugaku festivals, fireworks displays, and other events.

Gion Festival Fight Mikoshi (祇園祭けんか神輿)

Susanoo Shrine (素盞嗚神社)

Gion Festival, originating in the Heian period (794-1185), is held annually in early July at Susanoo Shrine in Fukuyama City. Today, while Gion festivals occur at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto and other shrines across Japan, Fukuyama’s Gion Festival is reputed to be the oldest and the original.

The highlight of the festival is the “Kenka Mikoshi,” which translates to “fighting portable shrine,” held on the final day. Three portable shrines from neighboring districts gather at the shrine one after another, and their carriers shout and hit each other, each weighing approximately 500 kilograms, to wish for good health and good fortune. The sound of the portable shrines colliding with each other echoes around the shrine, attracting many worshippers to this heroic festival. It is a great festival with rich tradition and individuality.

Itsukushima Shrine Ichitate Festival (嚴島神社の市立祭)

Itsukushima Shrine (嚴島神社)

At Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, there is a Bugaku dedication called the Ichitate festival in July. Bugaku is a form of Gagaku (Japanese Imperial Court Music and Dance) accompanied by dance that originated in India and was introduced to Japan via the Korean Peninsula and China. It is said that the Bugaku of Itsukushima Shrine was introduced in the late Heian period (794-1185). The dancers in colorful costumes and the sounds of classical instruments transport us back to the Heian period.

Hiroshima Minato Yume Fireworks Festival (広島みなと夢花火大会)

Hiroshima Minato Yume Fireworks Festival is held every year on the fourth Saturday in July at the quay of a large ship in the Port of Hiroshima. Approximately 400,000 people visit this popular summer event. The spectacle of approximately 10,000 fireworks decorating the night sky is a sight to behold and is sure to be an unforgettable summer memory. The fireworks display is filled with a variety of designs and colors, making it a must-see event.

Summer Blooms: Experiencing Flowers at Their Best

The colorful flower fields, which can only be seen at this time of year, are the perfect photo spot. In addition to admiring the flowers, you can also enjoy gourmet food and shopping at the spots introduced here, so why not take this opportunity to visit?

Early Summer Lily Festival (初夏のゆりまつり)

white lily

The Lily Festival is held from mid-June to mid-July at Hana-no-Eki Sera (花の駅せら). Visitors can enjoy the collaboration of flowers and elegant fragrances that color the plateau to their heart’s content. There is a lot to see and do, including flower picking, sales of bulbs and cut flowers, and a petting zoo for goats. There are also coffee shops and concession stands, so this is a recommended event where you can enjoy gourmet food and shopping as well. Enjoy the beautiful scenery created by nature on a breathtaking scale.

Bihoku Summer Festival (備北夏まつり)


This event will be held at Bihoku Hillside Park from mid-July to late August 2020. In addition to viewing sunflowers and Hibiscus called “Titanbicus”, which are at their best, there will also be events to experience the season, such as making summer sweets such as warabi-mochi and agar jelly, making handmade soba (buckwheat noodles), and experiencing crafts. The festival is packed with fun events that allow both adults and children to fully enjoy summer together.

Hibiscus “Titanbicus”: A new and unique hybrid flower

Oysters in Summer

Oysters are a signature delicacy of Hiroshima, renowned for their availability and superb taste even beyond the winter season. Particularly notable is the summer season, when Hiroshima oysters are especially plump, large, and flavorful. Below, we’ve listed some recommended restaurants where you can enjoy these exquisite oysters even in summer!

Hiroshima Oyster Bar MABUI Fukuromachi (広島オイスターバー MABUI 袋町店)

Raw oyster example image

Hiroshima Oyster Bar MABUI Fukuromachi is a popular restaurant among locals and tourists alike. A wide variety of oyster-based dishes such as pasta, ajillo, and gratin are available. They always have more than 10 kinds of fresh oysters from Japan and overseas, including Hiroshima oysters. When in doubt about what to order, try fresh raw oysters. Comparison sets are also available, so we recommend enjoying oysters from different regions while comparing them.

Oyster Queen (オイスタークィーン)

Grilled Oyster example image

This restaurant, operated directly by an oyster producer, is situated on the shore opposite Miyajima. Here, you can enjoy fresh oysters while gazing out at the stunning view of Miyajima right before your eyes. The restaurant offers barbecue, all-you-can-eat oysters with shells, and other menu items that only a directly operated restaurant can offer. The store sells fresh oysters and snacks, making it a great place to buy souvenirs.

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We have introduced a variety of events, from those that can be enjoyed during the season to those that are only available for a limited time. Please check them out before you go and enjoy them to the fullest!

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