8 Family-Friendly Spots in Hiroshima for Parents and Children

Hiroshima is filled with park facilities, museums, and entertainment facilities that are perfect for family trips and for parents and children with young children. This article will introduce some family-friendly spots that children can also enjoy, and we hope you will find them useful for your trip.


Museum Facilities

Mazda Museum (マツダミュージアム)

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This museum facility features exhibits about Mazda’s new cars, its history, and engine technology. Visitors can also tour the assembly plant and see how cars are assembled. In the history corner, visitors can enjoy a valuable display of Mazda’s historic cars from the 1920s. There is also a corner where visitors can think about the future of Mazda’s environmental issues and exhaust emission problems, and many other things that we would like to pass on to our children. This is a recommended spot for parents and children who love cars.

Reservations are required for tours. Please make a reservation through their website or by phone.

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5-Days Children’s Museum (5-Daysこども文化科学館/広島市こども文化科学館)

This is a popular museum with a planetarium for children. It is a facility where visitors can learn about chemistry and manufacturing through hands-on experience. The museum also holds many events such as craft workshops and science shows, which are highly recommended to attend. Special exhibitions are also held, so be sure to check out the current exhibitions and events.

Yamato Museum (大和ミュージアム)

It was at the military port of Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture that Japan’s most famous battleship, the Yamato, was built. This museum is a place where visitors can learn about the history of Kure as a port town and about the science and technology related to shipbuilding and steel making. The huge replica of the battleship Yamato is a must-see, not only for children but also for adults as it is so large that it will amaze them.

Facilities for experience

OKOSTA Hiroshima Station (オコスタ広島駅)

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Hiroshima is famous for its okonomiyaki. Otafuku Sauce, a key brand for okonomiyaki sauce, offers a cooking studio where you can learn to make authentic Hiroshima okonomiyaki. The studio is located in ekie, a shopping mall directly connected to Hiroshima Station, and is gaining popularity as a spot where you can have an easy hands-on experience near the station.

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is different from Osaka-style okonomiyaki. Making okonomiyaki by yourself may seem too difficult, but you can learn professional techniques and have fun learning how to make it at home. Not only standard okonomiyaki, but also vegetarian and Muslim-friendly okonomiyaki are available, so you can choose the type that suits you best.

*Reservations are required. Check the official website for details!

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Entertainment Facilities

Miyajima Public Aquarium (みやじマリン/宮島水族館)

The aquarium is located on Miyajima, a popular sightseeing area in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is located near Itsukushima Shrine, which is registered as a World Heritage Site. The Miyajima Aquarium is one of the few places in Japan where visitors can meet “Sunameri”, a rare species of dolphin that lives in the Seto Inland Sea. They are famous for their charming and friendly nature, making them popular with children.


There is also a section where visitors can touch penguins and see the very popular otters. Hiroshima and Miyajima are famous for oysters and conger eels, and we recommend that you visit the exhibit where you can learn about oyster farming and conger eels. The indoor facility is perfect for rainy days. We recommend families and couples to visit.

Large park facilities for families to explore

Forest Adventure Hiroshima (フォレストアドベンチャー広島)

This adventure facility is located in Hiroshima Prefecture. This is the perfect spot for families who love thrilling activities such as ziplining through the forest and tightrope walking up tall trees. The forest scenery changes with the seasons, with cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall. Families, couples, and friends will also enjoy visiting. When visiting with children, it is recommended to check the official website in advance for the ages and conditions of use of the activities.

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Sera Kogen Park (世羅農場公園)

This large farm park offers a variety of flowers and plants throughout the year. In spring, visitors can enjoy the vivid scenery of lawn cherry blossoms, nemophila and tulips, and in fall, dahlias. The park also has a restaurant and café, making it a fun place to spend the entire day.
Located about 40 minutes by car from Onomichi City, it is recommended for sightseeing in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture.

National Bihoku Hillside Park (国営備北丘陵公園)

This national park is popular for its activity and athletic facilities. The park offers a wide variety of activities, including bicycle rentals, a huge athletic complex, and playground equipment for children. Visitors can enjoy playing a variety of sports and athletic activities all day long in the beautiful nature of the vast park grounds.

There are a variety of events to enjoy, from seasonal flower events and hands-on events to illumination in the winter. It is also a great spot to bring snacks, refreshments, or a packed lunch for a picnic.


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