The 8 Best Things to Do in Hiroshima in May: Recommended Festivals and Events

If you’re planning to go sightseeing, including seasonal activities unique to that time of year in your itinerary is ideal. In this issue, we introduce essential travel information for May in Hiroshima, including weather, appropriate fashion, key events, and recommended spots, catering to those interested in experiencing the uniqueness of the season.

*Please note that the event information listed is subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.


About Hiroshima in May


May in Hiroshima is a pleasant season from spring to early summer. Average temperatures range between about 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, and the days are warm and comfortable with a light jacket. It can get a bit chilly at night and in the mornings, so it is a good idea to bring a piece of clothing to wear.


Several major events are held in Hiroshima in May. Of particular note is the Hiroshima Flower Festival. This festival is held during Golden Week (a long vacation period from the end of April to the beginning of May), when the entire city comes alive with flowers, parades, musical performances, and more.


May is one of the best months to visit Hiroshima. The weather is stable and comfortable for touring the city. Tourists visiting Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima are especially numerous, and visitors can walk close to the torii gate when the tide is right. Hiroshima Castle, the Atomic Bomb Dome, and other historical sites also draw large crowds.

May Fashion

In Hiroshima in May, layered styles are recommended due to the temperature difference between day and night. A T-shirt and a light cardigan or shirt is generally worn during the day, while a sweater or light jacket may be necessary at night. On sunny days, remember to take advantage of sunglasses and hats to protect against UV rays.

May’s Popular Event held during Golden Week

During Golden Week, a long vacation period established in May every year in Japan, various events are held in various locations, attracting a lively crowd of people from locals to tourists. Here are some of the recommended events held in Hiroshima during Golden Week, so please take this opportunity to visit.

Hiroshima Flower Festival (ひろしまフラワーフェスティバル)

The Hiroshima Flower Festival is a three-day flower event held annually in Hiroshima City from May 3 to 5. It is one of the largest festivals in Japan during Golden Week, with a turnout of over 1.6 million people. The main venues of the festival are Peace Memorial Park and Peace Boulevard in Hiroshima City.

One of the highlights of the festival is the parade held on the first day, in which more than 8,000 people from 100 groups parade along the 1.2-km-long Peace Boulevard in their costumes and costumes decorated with flowers. On the final day, the 5th, the festival will be enlivened by “Kinsai Yosakoi,” in which teams from around the country will dance to a variety of songs.

night view

Spring Miyoshi Wine Festival (春の三次ワイン祭)

Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery (広島三次ワイナリー)

Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery, located in Miyoshi City, is a place where visitors can enjoy carefully selected wines made from locally grown grapes. The winery has a wine store, barbecue garden, and cafe, as well as a factory where visitors can observe the wine production process, making it a spot where both shopping and dining can be enjoyed.

The Spring Miyoshi Wine Festival is a wine, gourmet, and music event held every May on the lawn of the Miyoshi Winery in Hiroshima. In addition to wine tasting and sales, there are food booths, a music stage show, a special products corner, and much more to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere. Why not enjoy gourmet food and wine in the pleasant weather?

Event unique to Hiroshima

Special events only available this time of year can be enjoyed in Hiroshima, which boasts the natural bounty of the Seto Inland Sea and the beauty of its islands view!

Fukuyama Tomonoura Bentenjima Fireworks Festival (福山鞆の浦弁天島花火大会)

Fukuyama Tomonoura Bentenjima Fireworks Festival is a traditional fireworks festival that heralds the arrival of early summer in the Seto Inland Sea and is held every year on the last Saturday in May (* postponed in case of inclement weather). About 2,000 fireworks are launched from Bentenjima, a small uninhabited island between Tomonoura and Sensuijima island, so you can see the fireworks from Tomo-cho, Fukuyama City up close.

The illumination of the various fireworks on the sea creates a unique atmosphere of the port town. Stalls line the seafront, and before the fireworks are launched, local residents will perform “Aiya-bushi,” a traditional performance of Tomonoura. Visitors can enjoy the sounds of shamisen (three-stringed Japanese banjo) and the rhythmic performance of dancing with uchiwa (Japanese fans). Experience a special night filled with the liveliness of a large crowd.

Spring Flower Events at Their Best

Hiroshima is dotted with many spots where you can enjoy the flowers of the four seasons, and there are also many events held in spring! Here are some of the Instagrammable events and spots!

Rose Festival (ローズフェスティバル)

The Rose Festival is an event held at the Hiroshima Botanical Garden (広島市植物公園) in May, when roses are at their best. Hiroshima Botanical Garden has the largest variety of roses in Hiroshima, and visitors can enjoy 1,500 roses of 850 varieties, one of the largest number in the prefecture. During the event, a variety of rose-related events will be held, such as rose workshops and tours of the rose garden by volunteer guides.

Rose Festa (ローズフェスタ)

Located at an altitude of 540 meters above sea level, the “Hana no Mori (花の森/Flower Forest)” at Sera Kogen Farm is one of the largest English rose gardens in Japan. Taking advantage of the climate with temperature differences, visitors can appreciate roses for a long period of time. 7,200 roses of 150 varieties and 2,000 native plants of 200 varieties are in full bloom. The Rose Festa is an annual event that is held for about a month, coinciding with the blooming of the roses. Visitors can enjoy not only the visible scenery but also the scent of roses wafted by the early summer breeze. The event is full of attractions such as shopping and gourmet food, hands-on events using flowers, and the purchase of original goods and souvenir sundries. There are also many photo spots where you can enjoy taking pictures while strolling around.

Fuji Festival (ふじまつり)

Fuji Festival is held from late April to late May at the Sera Fuji Garden (せらふじ園). 30,000㎡ of the garden is home to approximately 1,000 wisteria (Fuji) and 12,000 lupine plants, which are in full bloom. The park has shade trees and benches, so visitors can spend a whole day relaxing. There are photo spots as well as cafes and stores where you can eat food with Fuji motifs. A walk in the Sera Fuji Garden should take 1.5 to 2 hours.

Spring Flower Festival (春の花まつり)

Hana no Eki Sera (Flower Station Sera/花の駅せら) is an all-weather flower farm spreading over 7 hectares of hills, where visitors can enjoy the collaboration of lovely flowers that color the plateau. The Spring Flower Festival is usually held from early April to late May according to the blooming of the flowers. Twenty-five kinds of flowers including peach dandelions, poppies, violas, and nemophila are in season and bloom beautifully. During the festival, visitors can enjoy shopping at restaurants selling rice, noodles, take-out food and drinks, and stores where flower seedlings, trees, and souvenirs are available. Feeding goats is also popular. The colorful flower garden looks great on Instagram.

Fukuyama Rose Festival (福山ばら祭)

Fukuyama Rose Festival is an annual rose festival held in May each year, and has a rich history spanning more than 50 years, making it Fukuyama City’s largest event.

The history of Fukuyama City and roses began in 1956, more than 10 years after the end of the war, when 1,000 rose saplings were planted in parks in the city to restore peace of mind to people who had been unable to regain their liveliness. The festival is held in Midorimachi Park, Rose Park, Hanazono Park, Chuo Park, and the central shopping area, and is filled with a variety of events.

Editor’s Comment


May is the best time to go out. In Japan, May is filled with a wide variety of events due to the major holidays in the month. Why not visit and experience the events you are interested in? Please take a look at them as a reference for your travel plans.

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