Kagawa 3 Day Itinerary: Refresh yourself on the weekend at the art island “Teshima”! Part2



Introducing the third day of a weekend trip to the islands of Kagawa.
Plan to leave Tokyo on Friday night after work or school and tour the island on Saturday and Sunday.
I had an image of islands as being very far away, but it is surprisingly easy to get there!

On the last day, we went to Teshima, which is called the island of art in Kagawa Prefecture.
The entire island was dotted with art and many photo spots!
It is just right for a refreshing weekend trip to enjoy both nature and art!

The plan is to return on a proper Sunday night.

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

See Part 1 (Days 1 and 2)

Process (Day 3)

8:00am MY LODGE Naoshima

“Luke’s Table” in the hotel


We had a healthy breakfast with local ingredients.

Spot Outline

MY LODGE Naoshima is located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, and offers very clean and comfortable facilities, including rooms with bunk beds. Dinner and breakfast can be added.

9:20am Miyaura Port(宮浦港)

Purchase a ticket to Ieura Port.

Spot Outline

Miyaura Port is located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. There is a free parking lot at Miyaura Port, where you can park your car and enjoy walking around the area. There is also a store attached to the port, making it a convenient place to look for souvenirs.

9:42am Ieura Port(家浦港)

If the weather had been fine, I would have rented a bicycle to get around, as I did at Naoshima, but unfortunately it was raining that day, so I decided to take a bus.
There was a bus service from Ieura Port, which was convenient!


Luxury ferry on the way back ✨

Spot Outline

Ieura Port is a boat terminal located in the town of Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. It is also used as an access point to Teshima and Naoshima, and there are stores where you can buy souvenirs and a bus stop nearby.


Teshima, like Naoshima, is an island of art.
It seems to be popular with many spots where good photos can be taken!
It was great, full of nature ✨

Spot Outline

Teshima is an island rich in nature located in the town of Tonosho, Shodo-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. Like Naoshima, it is also famous as an island of art, and is popular for its many photo spots. Shuttle buses and bicycles are convenient ways to get around the island.

10:05am Teshima Bus Ieura Port(豊島バス 家浦港)

You can take the bus from here!
Don’t worry, buses are sufficient to travel to popular spots on the island!
First, head to the Teshima Art Museum.

Spot Outline

Teshima Bus Ieura Port, located in Ieura, Teshima, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is used as an access point to popular spots on the island. Buses can be taken from here, providing convenient transportation to the Teshima Art Museum and other places.

10:18am Teshima Bus, in front of Teshima Art Museum( 豊島バス 豊島美術館前)

Get off in front of Teshima Art Museum!
There were photo spots around this area.

Spot Outline

Located in Teshima Karato, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, Teshima Art Museum Mae is a stop on the Teshima Bus. It is convenient for access to the Teshima Art Museum, a famous tourist attraction.

10:40am Teshima Art Museum(豊島美術館)

Speaking of Teshima, visit the famous Teshima Art Museum.
It was a lovely place, with the architecture blending in with the natural surroundings.
It is a museum, but it is like admiring a special architecture, and photography was not allowed inside the building.

If you like interesting architecture, you should definitely visit!
It is a popular spot with many tourists from abroad.

Note that this time of year you need to book tickets in advance online!
One adult, 1,570 yen.



The museum blends in with nature.

art museum

The inside of this space was used as a viewing area!

Spot Outline

The Teshima Art Museum is located in the town of Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. The building is designed to blend in with nature, allowing visitors to enjoy an infinite variety of expressions from the changing seasons. Online ticket reservations are required, so tickets must be reserved online in advance. The viewing fee is 1,570 yen.

Teshima Tanada Project(豊島 棚田プロジェクト)

Vast terraced rice paddies were also visible. The green of the terraced rice paddies and the blue sea stretching out in front of you is beautiful!
I’m sure you could take some nice pictures in the spring and summer.

The way to jump into the sea

This is another famous photo spot!
The road leading to the sea looks as if it is skipping.

Spot Outline

The Teshima Tanada Project is a spot located in the town of Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. The project started with the maintenance of fallow rice paddies spreading around the museum. The beautiful scenery of terraced rice paddies, which can be described as the original landscape of Japan, unfolds here.

Teshima Art Museum Cafe and Shop(豊島美術館カフェ・ショップ)

The museum also has a cafe!
Photography was allowed inside here.

A stylish atmosphere in an inorganic café that girls love.
Goods were also sold!

Perfect for a short break!




Spot Outline

The Teshima Art Museum Cafe and Shop, located in the town of Tonosho-cho, Shodo-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is a cafe and museum store adjacent to the Teshima Art Museum. At the café, you can enjoy light meals and drinks made from Teshima ingredients. (Available only to museum visitors)

12:26pm Teshima Bus, in front of Teshima Art Museum

The bus ride takes about 15 minutes!

12:50pm Umi no Restaurant(海のレストラン)

The last stop on Teshima was lunch here.
As the name suggests, the restaurant has a great location with the ocean right in front of it.
It looks even better when the weather is nice.
It was raining and a little cold that day, so we had it inside the restaurant, but if it was sunny, it would be pleasant to eat on the terrace!

I had a Margherita (1,760 yen) recommended by the waitress and a Teshima original fruit syrup lemon soda (700 yen).
The pizza was delicious, with a terrific sweetness from the fresh tomatoes!

You can get lost in the many pizza menus that use island vegetables and sea food!


They say it is beautiful with flowers blooming around it depending on the season.
We had a garden nearby where we grew our own vegetables.
It is nice to have pizza made with fresh ingredients!

Umi no Restaurant

Terrace Seat

The view from here is great!


(at the) window

Discover the sign

Spot Outline

Umi no Restaurant is an Italian restaurant located in the town of Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. As the restaurant’s name suggests, the sea stretching out before your eyes is the perfect location, and you can enjoy your meal on the terrace when the weather is fine.

1:50pm Ieura Port

Walk to the port.

2:42pm Uno Port

From here, we will take a train from Uno Station to Okayama Station, and from Okayama Station to Tokyo Station for our return trip.

9:15pm Tokyo Station

Arrived at Tokyo Station! I was able to properly return home on Sunday night.

The Weekend Island Challenge is a great success!

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