6 Best Things to Do in Hiroshima in October: Autumn Food and Sake Festivals, Nature Experience and Camping

If you’re planning to go sightseeing, including seasonal activities unique to that time of year in your itinerary is ideal. In this issue, we introduce essential travel information for October in Hiroshima, including weather, appropriate fashion, key events, and recommended spots, catering to those interested in experiencing the uniqueness of the season.

*Please note that the event information listed is subject to change.


Hiroshima in October


Hiroshima in October is characterized by mild weather and is very pleasant. Temperatures range from about 15-25 degrees Celsius, with mild days but cool nights. With many comfortable sunny autumn days, it is the perfect season for sightseeing.


October in Hiroshima is a time when food and culture come together. It is the time when we transition from the full intensity of summer into the autumn season, and from around the end of October, trees begin to change colors in various parts of Hiroshima, and the season for enjoying the autumn leaves gradually approaches. Outings to nature spots and autumn camping are also recommended.


October is a perfect day to go out as the weather remains stable and comfortable. The mild autumn temperatures allow visitors to take their time touring the sights. In addition to the pleasant weather, this is the time of year when there are various opportunities for outings, such as autumn tastes and events. It is also a great season for outdoor activities and sports.

October Fashion

In Hiroshima in October, a layered style is recommended due to the temperature difference between day and night. During the day, a light long-sleeved shirt or, depending on the day, a short-sleeved shirt is comfortable, but in the morning and evening, a cardigan or light jacket is often necessary.

2 Events to Enjoy Food & Drink

Hiroshima Food Festival (ひろしまフードフェスティバル)

Hiroshima Castle (広島城)

The Hiroshima Food Festival is one of the largest events in Hiroshima Prefecture, held over two days in late October each year. The theme of this food festival is “local production for local consumption,” and all the gourmet foods from all over Hiroshima gather together to create a lively atmosphere around Hiroshima Castle and the surrounding area. The festival is so popular that about 400 booths line up each year, attracting about 600,000 visitors during the two-day event. We hope you will join us at this festival and enjoy Hiroshima’s gourmet food.

Saijo Sake Festival (酒まつり)

Saijo Sakagura Street (西条酒蔵通り)

Saijo Sakagura Street, lined with numerous breweries, is located on the south side of JR Saijo Station. The Sake Festival is a major event representing Higashi-Hiroshima City, attracting more than 200,000 visitors during the two-day event. There is a venue where visitors can compare sake from all over Japan (for a fee), and a venue where they can enjoy Higashi-Hiroshima’s local cuisine, Bishu Nabe (sake hot pot) (for a fee). Bishu Nabe is a one-pot dish of pork, chicken, and vegetables cooked with only sake, salt, and pepper. The alcohol content is cooked off, so even children and those who do not like sake also can enjoy this dish.

Other events will be held in various parts of the city in a wide variety of locations, including limited sake sales from sake breweries, stalls selling Hiroshima City specialties, rest areas for eating and drinking, food stalls for children, stage events, dance performances, and live performances by special guests. This is a community event that can be enjoyed by both sake lovers and non-drinkers.

*Advance reservation tickets may be required for some venues. We recommend that you check the official website for the latest information before visiting.

2 Nature Spots to Enjoy the Season’s Changing Colors

Autumn is the season for colored leaves. In Hiroshima, trees gradually begin to change color in late October toward the peak of the fall foliage season in November. Let’s go out to spots where you can enjoy nature at a time when you can feel the changing of the seasons. The best time to view the autumn foliage may vary depending on weather conditions.

Sandankyo Gorge (三段峡)

Sandankyo is a scenic gorge spot designated as a special national scenic beauty spot. The trees usually begin to change color in late October. The sheer rock walls are impressive, and the scenery is one of the best in western Japan.

Yano Onsen Park Shiki no Sato (矢野温泉公園 四季の里 もみじ谷園)

It usually begins to change color in late October, covers an area of about 15,000 square meters. Trees such as maples and beeches change color, and visitors can enjoy the autumn foliage at its peak, along with the Yano’s rock sea (矢野岩海), a national natural treasure.

2 Campgrounds for Fall Camping

Camping with starry sky example image

Enjoy a nature experience at an autumn camp! Here are some recommended camping spots in Hiroshima Prefecture! Accommodations can be booked online.

Hoshinokoyama Forest Park (星居山森林公園キャンプ場)

This campground is located on Mt. Hoshinoko, one of the highest mountains in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture. There is an observatory and a full range of outdoor facilities. The air is clear, and if you are lucky, you can even see shooting stars, making it a perfect spot for star gazing. Camping or staying in a bungalow is also recommended for those who want to enjoy stargazing while lying on the grass on a long autumn night.

Jinseki Plateau Tiergarten (神石高原ティアガルテン)

Jinseki Plateau Tiergarten is a theme park located in the Senyogahara Plateau at an altitude of about 700 meters on the border between Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures. It is equipped with a log house that can accommodate up to 10 people, a log house where you can stay with your dog, and camping facilities. It is a spot specializing in play and experience, with a variety of petting experiences and activities, tree houses, and even hammocks.

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October is the ideal travel season thanks to its comfortable weather. Please refer to this page and enjoy your trip!

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