Extremely spicy Ramen Tour in Hiroshima: Carefully selected by girls who love spicy ramen!



This time, he loves extremely spicy ramen and makes a hobby of visiting extremely spicy ramen restaurants in Hiroshima,
A extremely spicy ramen girl has visited two extremely spicy ramen restaurants!

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Travel Itinerary

Hiroshima Chuka Soba Noodles Ganbo(広島中華そば がんぼ)

The first restaurant is about a 7-minute walk from Shin-Inokuchi Station.
There is also soy sauce and pork-based Chinese noodles, but I ordered the “Aka-soba” (850 yen), which is double the amount of hot sauce. (+200 yen)

The piercing spiciness is sure to become a habit!
The egg on top is, of course, delicious, and the cubes of chashu pork are also tasty and melt in your mouth!



There is counter seating and table seating.

meal ticket machine

Purchase a meal ticket and hand it to the waiter!

meal ticket machine

There is also a wide variety of toppings, rice dishes, and gyoza (dumplings).

menu with pictures

Ordered, a Aka-soba noodle with twice the amount of hot chili peppers.

A huge amount! But it’s strange because this is habit-forming!

Spot Outline

Hiroshima Chuka Soba Ganbo is a ramen restaurant located in Nishi Ward, Hiroshima City. While there are soy sauce and pork-based Chinese noodles, the “Aka-soba” (850 yen) is especially popular, and you can choose to have it doubled in hotness (+200 yen). The spiciness is piercing, and the egg and chashu pork on top are also reputed to be delicious. The location is about a 7-minute walk from Araiguchi Station.

Orochon Bishamon Store(オロチョン 毘沙門店)

The second restaurant is located in Asaminami Ward.
There is also a Yokogawa branch, and I have visited that one several times, but this is my first time here!
I ordered the “Blow crimson flame Orochon” (1,100 yen)

The soup is characterized by the presence of hormones in the soup, which makes it amazingly rich!
And since it is served in an iron pot, it does not get cold easily.

It contains foreign chili peppers and is so hot that it makes you break out in a sweat.
But the richness is so amazing that you can’t stop eating! Zosui (rice porridge) is recommended to finish off the meal.


This attention-grabbing sign!
The characters are cute.


Counter available.


There is also a tatami room, so feel free to bring your children!


Set menus are also available for lunch.


Buy T-Shirt

The T-shirts sold at the store were so cute that I had to buy one!
Next time I’m going to wear this to eat ✨

Spot Outline

Orochon Bishamon Store is a ramen restaurant located in Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City. Orochon, which is also in the name of the restaurant, is a distinctive dish of Hokkaido miso-based soup spiced with hot chili peppers, providing a perfect balance of spiciness and richness. It is also served in an iron pot, making it hard to cool down and earning the restaurant a reputation as a chopstick stopper.

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