Things to Do in Ryogoku, the town of sumo – Don’t Miss Trying “Chanko Nabe”!



This time, we went out to Ryogoku, the city of sumo wrestlers ✨! As we stepped out of the station, witnessing sumo wrestlers casually strolling about made it feel like stepping into a different world 🎶. For more details, please check this page!

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Travel Itinerary

12:00pm Ryogoku Station

Starts at Ryogoku Station. We’re excited to see what the journey will be like♪

Spot Overview
Ryogoku Station is located at 1-3-20 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, on the East Japan Railway and Tokyo Metropolitan Transport Bureau. It is also the westernmost station in Sumida Ward.

12:30pm Chanko Kirishima

First, let’s try Chanko Nabe! Chanko Nabe is a type of Japanese stew, often categorized as one-pot dish, is frequently consumed in large quantities by sumo wrestlers as part of their weight-gain diet.

Chanko Kirishima is located right next to the station, and the restaurant covers from the first to the eighth floor. ☀️


Once you get inside, you’ll see the curtain separating the seats has a sumo wrestling pattern! Cute 😻💕


Inside the lift also got the picture of sumo wrestlers! I’m in the mood to watch the sumo wrestling✨


The lunch menu looked like this, with three choices!

Lunch Set Menu -西-(¥1,500)

We ordered the smallest one, “西”! Even though it was the smallest, it was a hearty meal with chanko, rice, sashimi, kobachi (small bowl of cooked food), pickled vegetables… 🎶 Additionally, the rice was refillable!

The taste of chanko was rich pork bone flavor and very tasty! We both finished the food very quickly!

Spot Overview
Chanko Kirishima in Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, is a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic chanko nabe which is also known as Sumo wrestler’s hot pot. It is particularly well known as a restaurant run by former ozeki Kirishima (former sumo wrestle). It is conveniently located just a short distance from the station.

2:00pm Edo-Tokyo Museum

Next, we went to the Edo-Tokyo Museum! We were both so excited by the size of this building, which we saw as soon as we arrived😳We couldn’t stop being excited!

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is temporarily closed for major renovation from April 2022 until 2025.

Ticket (admission fee ¥600)

Each ticket has a different picture 🖼💖 This is a memorable gift!


The first thing you see when you enter is this large bridge! How could there be a bridge inside a building…! and it’s a well restored Edo bridge✨

Some buildings are this big!

We found the rides

Tried to get on this two-seater vehicle!

Spot Overview
The Edo-Tokyo Museum is located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, and its permanent exhibition introduces the history and culture of Edo and Tokyo using real documents and reconstructed models, and also holds special exhibitions. It is also recommended as a walking course with the Hokusai Museum.

3:30pm Kohiru-an

It was a warm and sunny day and we wanted something cold to eat. That’s where shaved ice comes in! 🍧🎶


This shop specializes in shaved ice. You can even put two kinds of syrup on your shaved ice!


The shop is cozy, clean and has a nice atmosphere ✨The way they put up the menu also makes you feel like it’s summer time!

<left>Yokozuna milk (900 yen) with matcha syrup (200 yen) /<right> Hanami sake (¥1,300)

Hanami sake shaved ice was seasonal limited edition! This one tastes like amazake(Japanese sweet sake) and is delicious 🤤

The Yokozuna Milk, as the name suggests, has a strong milk presence! Yum! The matcha syrup also had a presence to match it♪

Put syrup on 😻

Even more looks delicious!

Spot Overview
Kohiru-an is a shaved ice shop in Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo. The shop has a counter and table seating, and hot tea is served when seated. Seasonal menus are available and shaved ice made with seasonal ingredients can be enjoyed. Reservation methods and business information can be found on the official Instagram page, so it’s a good idea to check in advance when making a reservation or visiting the shop.

Ozeki Kaban Kobo Squeeze

This is a shop where you can buy handmade bags, wallets and goods made from leather!



Each one is a different color and quality of leather, so you can have fun finding your own favorite product 🎶

Pen case (¥500)

This is the pen case we fell in love with at first sight! It’s big enough for three pens/one pair of glasses and the leather fabric is different on both sides 💕There are two different shapes for the pens: a heart shape and a bean shape… we liked the heart one, but the bean shape was really cute too 💯

Spot Overview
Ozeki Kaban Kobo Squeeze, located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, is the signature brand of Ozeki Bag Workshop, which was established in 1963. It sells handmade bags, wallets and sundries made from leather and is conveniently located close to the station.

6:00pm New Torisyo

Let’s conclude our trip with a drink at an izakaya! This is a traditional izakaya with strong local roots and the customers were all regulars! The atmosphere was great and we had the best time 🎶

Counter seating available


The ground floor has counter and table seats while the second floor has tatami room!
We had a seat on tatami room and it was a space that made us feel at home, as if we were at our grandma’s house in the countryside 😌

Draft beer (¥550)


Assorted sashimi (¥1,200)

On this day, the platter consisted of tuna, red clams, scallops, firefly squid, yellowtail, sea bream and grouper! The fish were plump and tender, with a variety of textures… very tasty 🤤

Yakitori assortment with sauce (¥660)

You can tell how delicious it is by looking at this tasty sauce. Our favorite was the stuffed peppers, and the sauce that got in between the meat and the peppers was just… amazing! It’s the best! We were happy to end our fun day with a delicious food 😌💖

Spot Overview
New Torisyo is an izakaya in Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, where you can enjoy seafood and yakitori dishes. It is a traditional izakaya rooted in the local area, with many regular customers, and is popular for its good atmosphere. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a light drink after a day out.

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