Roppongi Hills: Restaurant, Movie, Art, and the Observation Deck! – What to Do in Roppongi Hills


What is Roppongi Hills?

West Walk
West Walk

Roppongi Hills is a commercial facility that opened in April 2003 in Roppongi 6-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, and is home to more than 200 restaurants and stores. Since its opening, it has been recognized as a place to forge a new “cultural urban center” in Tokyo.


Roppongi Hills consists of the following five areas.

  • West Walk (1F to 6F)
  • Hill Side (B2F to 2F)
  • Metro Hat / Hollywood Plaza (B2F to 3F)
  • North Tower (B1F, 1F)
  • Keyakizaka (1F to 3F)

On the 2nd floor of the Hill Side are the entrances to Tokyo City View, Mori Art Museum and TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills. Mohri Garden is located on the B2 floor of the Hill Side, and Sakurazaka Park (Roborobo-En) is located right next to Keyakizaka on the 1st floor.

The direct connection from the station provides excellent access, and you will never get tired of looking at the contemporary artworks placed here and there along the way. You can also sit on a bench in the garden or park and relax after a long day of shopping. The Keyakizaka illumination is also a popular event in Tokyo, attracting many visitors as a winter tradition.

Public Art "Roses"
Public Art “Roses”

Roppongi Hills is a hub of restaurants, museums, movie theaters, observatories, and other attractive facilities that will keep you entertained for an entire day. Many contemporary events are held throughout the year, and each time of the year offers a different atmosphere. For information on events, please click here.

With some stores open early in the morning and others opening until late at night, this facility is accessible at any time of the day.

Roppongi Hills official website:

Things to do in Roppongi Hills

Experience the Art

Mori Art Museum Entrance
Mori Art Museum Entrance

There are three art-related facilities in Roppongi Hills Mori Tower: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo City View, and Mori Arts Center Gallery.

Mori Art Museum

The museum, the core of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, is located on the 53rd floor, approximately 230 meters above ground. The museum features a wide range of contemporary art, including paintings, sculptures, fashion, architecture, and installations, and visitors will be able to encounter works from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, the U.S., and Africa.

The attraction of Mori Art Museum’s projects is that many of them are unique and appealing to the pop sensibilities of today. The result is a highly satisfying visual feast for the eyes. Many Japanese art museums close early, but Mori Art Museum is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays through Sundays, and 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesdays. So it opens until late at night on all days except Tuesdays.

Mori Arts Center Gallery

The 1,000-square-meter gallery on the 52nd floor host a wide variety of high-quality exhibitions, including special exhibitions of rare collections from some of the world’s most prestigious museums, as well as paintings, photography, film, design, fashion, and manga/anime works.

Tokyo City View

Located on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Tokyo City View is a spot where you can enjoy art while taking in the spectacular view. The Sky Gallery, a museum-quality gallery space, hosts events and exhibitions that combine urban entertainment with the view.

Mori Art Museum Shop

The Mori Art Museum shops are open on the 3rd and 53rd floors of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, and the Museum Shop on the 3rd floor sells a wide range of art-related merchandise, including original goods, catalogs, and artist-exclusive goods, as well as ceramics by young ceramic artists and design goods.

The Museum Shop on the 53rd floor is located inside the Mori Art Museum building and sells original and related goods and catalogs for current exhibitions. Moreover, the bookshelf that spans an entire wall is truly impressive.

Urban view from the Tokyo City View Observation Deck

On the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, there is a spectacular view spot, Tokyo City View. In the heart of Tokyo, one of the largest cities in the world, visitors can enjoy the view from the indoor observation corridor (250 meters above sea level) and the outdoor observation corridor “Sky Deck” (270 meters above sea level).

Located in the indoor observation corridor, the “Sky Gallery” is a museum-quality gallery space with three view areas and an 11-meter-high atrium and glass walls that give visitors a sense of freedom.

Of these, “Sky Gallery 1” is the most popular area with romantic views of Tokyo Tower and Odaiba. From “Sky Gallery 2,” where you can see Yebisu Garden Place and Yokohama Landmark Tower, you can also see Mt. Fuji on sunny days. Sky Gallery 3, located in the Shinjuku/Shibuya area, is also popular for its view of the Tokyo Aoyama Cemetery Chitose and cherry blossoms in Yoyogi Park in the spring.

If you want to preserve the memories of your visit here, we recommend using the “TOKYO SKY SHOT” service, in which a professional will take photos at the Sky Gallery and Sky Deck. The photos taken will be made into mini cards with your photo for free, or you can purchase large size photos separately.

Night view of Tokyo
Night view of Tokyo

If you have a ticket for Mori Art Museum, Tokyo City View or Mori Arts Center Gallery, you can also go to the Sky Deck on the rooftop for an additional fee. The beauty of the night view is so mesmerizing. It has been selected as one of the 100 best nightscapes in Tokyo, and is truly one of the best nightscape spots in Tokyo.

*The Sky Deck is temporarily closed from September 2023. The reopening date will be announced on the website.

Fireworks at Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival
Fireworks at Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival

Tokyo City View is hosting various events, including the Roppongi Tenmon Club. The Roppongi Tenmon Club encompasses such as stargazing parties, astronomical seminars, and workshop events.

On a certain day in August every year, you can enjoy the “Jingu Gaien Fireworks Show” from Tokyo City View, which is a great opportunity to view the fireworks from a great location. If you are planning to visit Japan in August, check this out.

Tokyo City View Shop

After enjoying the spectacular night view, you may want to visit the observatory’s original goods store, Tokyo City View Shop, located in Tokyo City View on the 52nd floor, where you can find limited-edition goods and memorable items that are only available here.

Watch a movie in a luxurious cinema

TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills

TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills
TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills

TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills, a movie theater, is located right next to Mori Art Museum. The corridor leading to the screen is decorated in a calm and chic style, creating a luxurious atmosphere that is hard to believe it is a movie theater. If you want to purchase tickets smoothly, try using the “vit” service, which allows you to purchase tickets over the Internet.

TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills has a wide variety of seat types. For example, the “MediaMation MX4D” system allows you to experience up, down, left, right, cold, warmth, scent, smoke, and more through your seat. 11 different special effects work together to make you feel as if you are in the world of the movie.

In addition, the following seat types are also available;
Chair-Front Reclining Seats: reclining seats in the front rows of movie theaters
Premier Luxury Seats: leather electric recliner featuring footrests
Premier Box Seats: 1.5 times larger than usual seats, with partitions separating each seat


Roppongi Tsutaya

If you would like to visit a bookstore in Japan, “ROPPONGI TSUTAYA BOOKS” is recommended. TSUTAYA BOOKS is a book and cafe shop with more than 20 stores within Japan. The Roppongi store houses Starbucks Coffee, and visitors can bring books from the bookshelves into the cafe space and read them.

ROPPONGI TSUTAYA BOOKS is a bookstore based on the concept of a “Western style bookstore in Roppongi,” with a large selection of Western books and magazines. It also sells stationery and sundry goods, and has a “share lounge” that can be used as an office, café, or bar for a fee.

Open from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Opening hours vary depending on the floor.) You are guaranteed to enjoy a relaxing experience tailored to suit your lifestyle. Business hours are subject to change. Please check the official website in advance.

Relaxing and soothing rest space

Public Art "Maman"
Public Art “Maman”

If you visit the public areas of Roppongi Hills, you will find public art everywhere.

There are nine works of art in total, six supervised by Mori Art Museum and three selected by Fumihiko Maki, who designed the building in the TV Asahi site. The large spider sculpture “Maman”, among the most beloved public artworks, is easily identifiable and serves as an great meeting point.

The “Streetscape”, a world-first project, collaboration of 13 designers, has been implemented on the sidewalks of Keyakizaka Dori and Sakurazaka Dori, with many fashionable and uniquely shaped benches. It’s allowing visitors to experience art just by sitting on them, and are also popular as a photo spot.

Mohri Garden

Mohri Garden
Mohri Garden

In Roppongi Hills, there is also a Japanese-style garden. “Mohri Garden” is a spot where the Kaino Mohri estate stood until the end of the Edo period, recreated as a Japanese-style garden.

The 4,300-square-meter site is centered around a pond and is planted with waterfalls, mountain streams, autumn leaves, and cherry trees, allowing visitors to enjoy nature while walking around. During the cherry blossom season, yoshino cherry trees and weeping cherry trees bloom, creating a beautiful scene. In the fall, the maple leaves turn red, and visitors can enjoy the various expressions of the season.

A stroll through Mohri Garden with a meal or drink purchased at Roppongi Hills in hand is also a great way to spend the time. Enjoy conversation, have a lively picnic, or take a break from shopping, and have a good time surrounded by green nature.

Sakurazaka Park (Roborobo-En)

Sakurazaka Park (Roborobo-En)
Sakurazaka Park (Roborobo-En)

Sakurazaka Park (Roborobo-En) is located at the southern end of Roppongi Hills. There are many interesting pieces of playground equipment, including 10 colorful slides that are popular among children and a tower consisting of 44 robots whose eyes and chests light up at night. Children can use this facility spontaneously, so those with young children should visit.

There is also a “Parent/Child Resting Room” on B2 floor of Hillside, where you can take a rest and recover after a long day of play. There is also a diaper changing table and a nursing room, so those with babies can use these facilities.

Enjoy a special food experience at the restaurant


If you are looking for something a little more special, we recommend the restaurants in the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, a luxury hotel. The restaurants are all luxurious and offer the feeling of luxury that only a high-class hotel can offer.

Japanese-style meal

Shunbou is a Japanese restaurant that offers a true taste of Japan by selecting the freshest seasonal ingredients. In addition to bright private rooms, there is also a separate ryōtei (type of traditional Japanese restaurant) with a sophisticated and relaxed design, which can be used for a variety of occasions.

Shunbou (Japanese Cuisine)
Official website:

Roku Roku offers sushi. In an open and bright space with Aji stone and running water, there are counter seats and private rooms where you can have sushi made by a chef right in front of you.

Roku Roku
Official website:

Western-style meal

THE FRENCH KITCHEN is a Western-style restaurant based on traditional bistro cuisine. Colorful dishes using selected seasonal ingredients are served. Outside terrace seating is available except in fall and winter.

Official website:

THE OAK DOOR steakhouse is popular for its dynamic grilled dishes. Although the prices are high, you can enjoy high quality food and service.

Official website:

Casual Lunch

There are many restaurants in Roppongi Hills where you can have a casual lunch. We have selected some of the recommendations!


CRISP SALAD WORKS, which specializes in custom salads. The “chopped salad,” which is made by cutting salads and meats into small pieces, is sold at CRISP SALAD WORKS and offers a well-balanced diet with over 400 grams of vegetables per serving.

Official website:


At “Japanese Yakiniku Dining Manpuku,” which focuses on “yakiniku as Japanese cuisine,” you can enjoy yakiniku that focuses on bringing out the best of each part of the meat. In addition, don’t miss 37 Steakhouse & Bar, which offers only top-class meats and features thick slices of dry aged beef steaks.

AS CLASSICS DINER, which serves 100% beef hamburgers, is also noteworthy. The burgers are full of the meatiness that only coarsely ground beef can provide, and they are sure to whet your appetite. At “BARBACOA,” where a bar lounge is set up, you can enjoy a salad bar with a full lineup of about 30 kinds of salads and authentic Brazilian cuisine.

Japanese Yakiniku Dining Manpuku
Official website:

37 Steakhouse & Bar
Official website:

Official website:

Official website:


If you want to have authentic pizza, we recommend Mohri Salvatore Cuomo (offers takeaway too). Located in an excellent location along the Mohri Garden, and the terrace seating is popular on sunny days.

Mohri Salvatore Cuomo
Official website:

Basic Information

Roppongi Hills

Business hours

  • Store: 11am-8pm
  • Restaurant: 11am -11pm

Address: 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6406-6000 (10am – 9pm)
[Official website]
Parking: P1-P11 parking lots are available.

Access Information

By train

  • Directly connected to Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line via Exit 1C.
  • 4 minutes walk from Exit 3 of Roppongi Station on the Oedo Line, 5 minutes walk from Exit 7 of Azabu-juban Station on the Oedo Line.
  • 10-minute walk from Exit 5 of Nogizaka Station on the Chiyoda Line

By car

  • From Shibuya direction, get off at Shibuya exit of Metropolitan Expressway 10min.
  • From Suginami or Shinjuku direction, get off at Gaien exit of Metropolitan Expressway. 15 min.
  • From Ikebukuro, get off at Kasumigaseki exit of the Metropolitan Expressway. 10 min.
  • From Meguro, Haneda, Shinagawa direction, get off at Iikura Exit of the Metropolitan Expressway. 10 min.
  • From Ueno, Chiba, Shiba Koen direction, get off at Shiba Koen exit of Metropolitan Expressway. 10 min.

By bus

  • Toei Bus RH01: “Roppongi Hills”, “Roppongi Keyakizaka”
  • Toei Bus 都01: “Roppongi Ekimae”, “EX Theater Roppongi-mae”
  • Toei Bus 渋88: “Roppongi Ekimae”, “EX Theater Roppongi-mae”.
  • Toei Bus 反96: “Roppongi Ekimae”, “Roppongi Hills”

Frequently Asked Q&A

Where can I park my large car? 

P2 self-propelled parking (height limit 2.2m) or P10 self-propelled parking (height limit 2.3m)

Can I rent a wheelchair?

When using Roppongi Hills, parking lots P1, P5, and P9 are available. Wheelchairs are also available for rent at the Information Desk, so please inquire with the P1, P5, or P9 parking lot staff or at the Information Desk if you wish to use a wheelchair.

Is there parking for tourist buses?

No, there is not.

Is there a taxi stand in Roppongi Hills?

There is a taxi stand on the 1st floor of Mori Tower. A Nihon Kotsu dispatcher is available to arrange taxi from 8am to 12am on weekdays and from 11am to 9pm on weekends and holidays.
Nihon Kotsu toll-free number (TEL: 03-5755-2151)

What is the difference between porte-cochere A, B, and C? 

As follows.
Porch A: Tourist bus boarding area
Porch B: drop-off point for cabs, etc. and bus stop
Porch C: Office porch

Are there any parking restrictions if I bring my pet? 

If you have a pet in your car, please use P1 (mechanical type) or P10 (self-propelled type). at P1 (mechanical type), you can use the “waiting room for customers with pets”. Those with large or medium-sized pets should wait there for the car to exit the garage.

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