Complete Guide to Yokohama: Recommended Sightseeing Spots, Restaurants and Access Information

Yokohama, just 30 minutes away from Tokyo, is a city with urban sophistication yet having a rural mood. It is a prosperous port town with many tourist attractions and beautiful scenery.
In this page, we introduce famous sightseeing spots in Yokohama such as Chinatown and the Red Brick Warehouse, as well as seaside restaurants, retro cafes and gourmet eateries.
We also introduces information about special ticket deals and access information, so hope it will help your planning!


What is Yokohama?

Yokohama Minatomirai

Yokohama is located in the eastern part of Kanagawa Prefecture and is the prefectural capital city. It is designated as government ordinance-designated city, has the largest population of any municipality in Japan and the largest area of any municipality in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Yokohama Yamate Western Museum

With the opening of the country to foreign trade at the end of the Edo period, the city began to flourish as a foreign trading port and many foreigners came to live here. Yokohama Chinatown, which remains today, is a legacy of the Chinese trading houses that were formed in the foreign settlement.


Yokohama Station and its surroundings are lined with many commercial facilities, and in Minatomirai, within walking distance of Yokohama Station, the hottest restaurants and specialty shops are opening one after another. The exotic Yamate/Motomachi area and Yokohama Chinatown are also within cycling distance, and there is no shortage of places to enjoy your holidays. The Yokohama Port area, with its well-developed parks and greenways, is also a great place to take a stroll while enjoying the view of the bay area.

With its beautiful cityscape and excellent shopping environment, Yokohama continues to attract attention not only as a tourist destination but also as a ‘desirable place to live’.

10 popular tourist attractions to keep in mind

Yokohama Chinatown (横浜中華街)

Yokohama Chinatown

Yokohama Chinatown is a famous historical tourist attraction. It is probably the place most associated with Yokohama as a sightseeing spot. Yokohama Chinatown is a gourmet town with more than 200 restaurants, where you can enjoy the authentic taste of Chinese food.

Yokohama Chinatown is currently home to 10 gates, 4 of which, located in the east, south, west and north, were built according to Feng Shui philosophy and each has a deep meaning, such as prosperity or good fortune.

These days, more and more shops are open until late at night (after 10pm). After a concert or event, you can still enjoy a meal or a drink in Chinatown.



A popular spot covered in bright red bricks, the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse is a historical brick building constructed as a model warehouse for the national government in the late Meiji and early Taisho periods.

It is divided into Building No.1 and Building No.2, which contain general stores and cafés/restaurants, as well as an event area between Hall 1 and Hall 2, where the ‘October Festival’, ‘Christmas Market’ and other famous events are held every year.

The adjacent Red Brick Park is an open plaza facing the sea, where you can relax and enjoy the view for a special time.

Opening hours:
Building No. 1: 10:00am-07:00pm
Building No. 2: 11:00am-08:00pm
*Opening hours of cafés and restaurants vary from shop to shop.
*Please check the latest information as opening hours may change depending on the time of year.

CUPNOODLES MUSEUM (カップヌードルミュージアム)


There is a museum dedicated to Cup Noodles, the world’s first cup noodle, a long-selling product. The diversification of food that has occurred over time has led to the launch of products with different flavors and different sizes, such as ‘mini’ and ‘BIG’. Seafood, Curry, Chilli Tomato and Tom Yum Kung are the most popular Cup Noodle flavors.

At the My CUPNOODLES Factory in the museum, visitors can make their own original cup noodles for 500 yen per serving, choosing from four soups and 12 toppings, for a total of 5,460 flavor combinations. The completed My Cup Noodle is packaged in an air package and can be taken home.

Other exhibits include the Chicken Ramen Factory, a workshop where visitors can make their own Chicken Ramen, the CUPNOODLES Park, an athletic facility, and the Instant Noodles History Cube, where instant ramen packaging covers the walls, making it a fun place for children.

Opening hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm (admission until 5:00pm).
Admission fee: Adults (university students and above): 500yen, free for high school students and below.

Yamashita Park (山下公園)

Yamashita Park

Yokohama’s most famous park, created by reclaiming rubble from the Great Kanto Earthquake. The park has many attractions, including views to the sea, roses and monuments.

The park includes a fountain, the Indian Water Tower, an Indian-style drinking fountain and the ‘Future Rose Garden’. The park is also equipped with benches with a view of the sea, offering a unique view of Yokohama.

Yamashita Park also hosts a variety of events and is a great date and play spot.

Opening hours: Park admission is free, and the park is open anytime.

MARINE&WALK YOKOHAMA (マリン アンド ウォーク ヨコハマ)

MARINE&WALK YOKOHAMA(マリン アンド ウォーク ヨコハマ)

MARINE&WALK YOKOHAMA was born from the idea of creating a street in a warehouse district by the sea, and is located next to the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. The fashionable two-storey building is lined with about 30 diverse shops, including fashion, general merchandise, restaurants, bakeries and cafés.

At the restaurants, you can enjoy menus and services that you can only experience here, such as the all-you-can-eat pie shop, Pie Holic, and Miguel Y Juani, where you can taste authentic Valencian paella.

Visitors can spend a relaxing time eating and chatting while enjoying the view of the sea.

Opening hours:
Sales: 11:00am-8:00pm
Food and drink: 11:00am-10:00pm
*Some shops may differ.

Yokohama Landmark Tower (横浜ランドマークタワー)

Yokohama Landmark Tower

Yokohama Landmark Tower is a complex of offices, a hotel and a shopping mall with the tower building at its core, comprising an observation floor and a multi-purpose hall.

With 70 floors and a height of 296.33 m, it is the second tallest skyscraper in Japan after Abeno Harukas in Osaka, which opened in 2014.The observation deck floor, Sky Garden is located on the 69th floor, and the Landmark Plaza shopping mall is located in the lower levels.

Looking out from the Sky Garden on the 69th floor, you can see not only the scenery of Minato Mirai and the city of Yokohama, but on a clear day, you may even be able to see Mount Fuji and the SkyTree.

Shop & Restaurant opening hours:
Shopping 11:00am-08:00pm
Cafes & Restaurants 11:00am-10:00pm

Mirai Yokocho 11:00am-11:00pm
*Some shops are different. For the latest information, please contact each shop.

Sky Garden opening hours:
Regular opening hours: 10:00-09:00pm (last admission: 08:30pm)
*Last admission extended to 09:30pm depending on the day of the week.

Yokohama Yamate Western Museum (横浜山手西洋館)

Yokohama Yamate Western Museum

Yokohama is full of exotic Western pavilions, and currently seven are open to the public free of charge: two in Harbour View Park (Minatono Mieruoka Koen), three in Motomachi Park (Momomachi Koen) and two in the Yamate Italian Garden (Yamate Itariayama Teien), which are connected to each other by slopes.

Each is designated as an important cultural property or historical building, and you can enjoy the retro atmosphere as you make your way around the course.

Yokohama Sankeien Garden (三渓園)

Yokohama Sankeien Garden

↓Sankeien Memorial Museumは調べました

The garden has 17 Japanese buildings on a 17.5 ha site, three of which are registered as tangible cultural property buildings by the Yokohama City.

The park also contains the Sankeien Memorial Museum and a teahouse, and many types of flowers can be seen throughout the year. How about spending some time here and feeling the atmosphere, which is different from the atmosphere in front of the station?

Opening hours:
Open: 9:00am-05:00pm (entry until 30 minutes before closing).

Closed: 26 – 31 Dec.
*Opening hours may change during events.
*Opening hours of tea shops in the park vary from shop to shop.

Yokohama Port Museum (横浜みなと博物館)

Sail Training Ship NIPPON MARU

The Yokohama Port Museum is the first museum dedicated to the Port of Yokohama. Under the main theme of “Port of Yokohama in history and life”, the museum carries out research, studies and exhibitions related to the Port of Yokohama.

Inside the museum, the Yokohama Port Maneuvering Simulator is very popular by children. Visitors can experience a realistic simulation of the Port of Yokohama as seen from a ship on a computer graphics screen.

Visitors can also take a tour of the Sail Training Ship NIPPON MARU. Normally the sails are not unfurled, but all the sails are unfurled about 12 times a year.

Sea kayaking experiences are available at the Sea Kayak Park on the aft side of the Nippon Maru. There are also hands-on events for children, so check it out when you visit.

Opening hours: 10:00am-05:00pm (last admission 4:30pm).
*The museum opens at 9:30 on exhibition sail days.
Closed on Mondays (or the following day if Monday is a public holiday). Other closed days may happen.

Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street (横浜元町ショッピングストリート)

Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street

Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street is a 600 metre-long shopping street centred on Motomachi Street. It was developed when the port of Yokohama was opened to foreign customers. It is lined with a wide variety of shops, from long-established shops representing Yokohama to shops offering new trends and fashionable cafés.

Many people enjoy walking with their dogs, and there are three ‘pet bars’ set up so that dogs can drink clean water. The water is freshly drawn daily by shop staff.

5 popular trendy cafes by the sea

bills (ビルズ)

bills 横浜赤レンガ倉庫(ビルズ)
The ricotta pancake

This cafe is located in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Building No. 1. An all-day dining restaurant from Sydney, Australia, which can be enjoyed from morning till night, this is the second branch in Japan.

The most popular and famous menu item is the ricotta pancake, which is made up of three layers of pancakes, but is fluffy, sweet and easy to eat. It takes about 20 minutes for the pancakes to be ready, but you can relax and wait while enjoying the view of the red bricks and a drink.

The Berry Berry Pancakes, available only at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse shop, are mildly sweet treat with accents of Shiso and matcha.



Located next to a wedding hall, the open terrace is popular. It offers lunch and dinner course meals, as well as afternoon tea. The restaurant overlooks the Landmark, the Giant Ferris Wheel and the Sailing Ship Nippon Maru, and is also recommended for special occasions as the night view is superb.

Port Terrace Cafe (ポート テラス カフェ)

Port Terrace Cafe
Port Terrace Cafe

This café terrace is located on the third floor of JICA Yokohama, right next to the Yokohama Cupnoodles Museum, and is open to the public.

The café offers a wide range of international cuisine at reasonable prices, including menus using HALAL MEAT processed according to Muslim precepts, vegetarian menus, and Japanese and ethnic dishes.
The location overlooks the port of Yokohama.

*The Port Terrace Café is scheduled to be closed until early 2024 due to major renovation work at JICA Yokohama.

Shitamachi DINING & CAFE THE sea

Located on the third floor of the New Otani Inn Yokohama Premium, it offers a buffet of salads and sweets. You can also savor sumptuous main course meal such as steak and beef stew, and there is a wide selection of wines.

With a glass of wine in hand, you can enjoy the elegant view of Minato Mirai from the large windows.

Café & Dining Blue Terminal

Australian-style all-day dining with ocean views, located on the Osanbashi Pier at the Port of Yokohama. It serves food made mainly from local Kanagawa ingredients. You can also enjoy their speciality coffees and drinks, and the restaurant offers a panoramic view of Yokohama Harbor. You can enjoy a atmosphere that can only be experienced here.

3 retro coffee shops

Coffee no Daigakuin Lumière de Paris (コーヒーの大学院 ルミエール・ド・パリ)

Coffee no Daigakuin Lumière de Paris is an old-fashioned coffee shop in Kannai with the Showa-era atmosphere. The shop is marked by a large signboard with the words ‘Daigakuin (Graduate School)’ written on it, and has a red carpet inside. Toast and parfaits are served in a gorgeous atmosphere with chandeliers.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10:00am-06:00pm (L.O.05:00pm)
Sat & Holidays 10:30am-06:00pm (L.O.05:00pm)
Closed on Sundays

Mone (純喫茶モネ)

Mone is a coffee shop that has been in Totsuka for 50 years and is well known to those in the know. It is famous for its delicious coffee, traditional Naporitan (Japanese tomato ketchup spaghetti) and sandwiches, all at reasonable prices.

Opening hours: 7:00am-08:00pm (counter seats open from 10:30am).
Opening hours may change during the year-end and New Year holidays.
Closed on Wednesdays and New Year’s Eve.

Kissa Azuma (喫茶あづま)

This warm, Showa-era coffee shop has been in business since 1957 and has a cinema in the basement. You can enjoy meals such as spaghetti and pilaf in a retro signboard and interior design that makes you feel as if you have stepped back in time to the Showa period.

Opening hours:
Morning 8:00am-11:00am
Lunch (no lunch on public holidays) 11:30am-02:00pm
Closed on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month

6 eating places in Yokohama Chinatown

Houtenkaku (鵬天閣), “Baked xiao long bao (soup dumpling)”

Baked xiaolongbao

When it comes to eating out in Yokohama Chinatown, you can’t miss the soup daumpling (xiaolongbao in Chinese). Houtenkaku, a popular restaurant with a long queue, is famous for its baked xiaolongbao, with the seafood and pork two-piece set being the most popular. Black vinegar is available, and you can enjoy the change in flavor by pouring it over the food. The filling is hot, so be careful not to burn yourself while eating.

Opening hours: 10:00am-10:00pm
*Restaurant (2F) 11:00am-10:00pm (L.O.09:30pm)
Closed: Open every day of the week.

Koseiwa (公生和), “Golden shark fin soup”


Shark fin soup is a well-known high-end Chinese dish. You can eat such shark fin soup at a reasonable price in this shop. The soup is thick and contains plenty of collagen. For an extra 50 yen, you can add burnt rice, which adds a textural accent to the soup.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri, Sun 10:30am-10:00pm
Sat 10:30am-10:30pm
Closed on Wednesdays (open on public holidays).

Shahou Shuro (謝朋酒楼), “Fried UFO”

Fried UFO

This deep-fried dish is in UFO-shaped and filled with cabbage, chives, shrimps, nori and other ingredients inside. It is flavored with seafood and the outer has a very crispy texture.

Opening hours:
Weekdays, before national holidays 11:00am-11:00pm (L.O.10:15pm)
Saturday, Sunday, before national holidays, 10:30am-11:00pm (L.O.10:15pm)
Closed: No closed days

Edosei (江戸清), “Steamed pork bun”

Originally founded as a butcher shop, the most popular item at this shop is the giant steamed pork bun, weighing 250 grams each. Surprisingly juicy, it is a very popular item that you must try if you visit Yokohama Chinatown.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10:00am-07:30pm
Sat 10:00am-09:00pm
Sun & Holidays 10:00am-08:30pm
Closed: No closed days

Rouishin (老維新), “Panda bun”

If you want to be Instagram-worthy, panda buns are the way to go. They look just lovely and come in a variety of sweet and spicy flavors, including chocolate, strawberry and sweet bean paste.

Opening hours: 10:30am-08:45pm.
Closed: No closed days

 Yokohama Daihanten (横浜大飯店), “Apricot soft-serve ice cream”

Apricot soft serve ice cream is a must when you want something sweet in Yokohama Chinatown. The rich, thick soft serve ice cream is made with plenty of fresh cream and apricot powder, and just one bite will fill your mouth with the flavors!

Opening hours: 10:30am-09:30pm
Restaurant 11:30am-09:30pm (last order 08:50pm)
Closed: No closed days

4 craft beer specialists

Umaya no Shokutaku (驛の食卓)

This is a directly-operated shop of Yokohama Beer with a brewery attached. There is a set of five standard beers to compare, so you can find your own favorite beer. There is also an extensive food menu, all of which goes well with beer and is delicious.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 11:30am-02:00pm/04:00pm-10:00pm
Tuesday to Thursday 04:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday 11:30am-10:00pm
Sunday and public holidays 11:30am-09:00pm
*Each day of the week, meals L.O. 1 hour before closing / drinks L.O. 30 minutes before closing.

Closed: Open all year round except New year holiday season

THRASH ZONE (スラッシュ ゾーン)

Metal music is played as background music and this beer bar attracts metal, punk and rock lovers. You can taste punchy, bitter beers with no foam. The bar actively develops its own home-brewed beers, many of which are a little high in alcohol content.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 06:00pm-11:30pm
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 03:00pm-10:30pm

JINGLE (ジングル)

JINGLE is a hideaway beer dining restaurant where you can enjoy daily changing craft beers and dishes, including the signature beer Shonan Gold. The spacious counter seating makes it easy to use, even for one person, and the atmosphere is homey.

Opening hours:
Mon & Tue 05:00pm-11:30pm (L.O 10:30pm)
Wed-Sun 05:00pm-11:45pm (L.O 11:00pm)
*Opening hours may differ during consecutive holidays, including national holidays.

Closed: No closed days

Bashamichi Taproom (馬車道タップルーム)

This brewery, owned and operated by Baird Beer, a brewery in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, offers a wide range of unique beers, and the three-storey building, with its old wood and faded bricks, has a Western or Texas vibes. The signature dish is “REAL AMERICAN SMOKED BBQ!!” The slow-cooked meats and original BBQ sauce have a truly authentic taste.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 05:00pm-11:00pm L.O food 09:55pm, drinks 10:25pm
Saturday and public holidays 12:00pm-11:00pm L.O. Food 09:55pm, Drinks 10:25pm
Last day of Sundays and consecutive holidays 12:00pm-10:00pm, L.O 09:00pm

Closed: No closed days

5 popular souvenirs from Yokohama that you shouldn’t miss!

Kaseirou (華正樓), “Steamed Meat Bun”

Meat Bun image

Yokohama is famous for its meat buns, a classic souvenir, and one of the best is the high-end Chinese restaurant Kaseiro in Yokohama Chinatown, which ranks No. 1 in the world for meat buns. These meat buns are one size larger than the buns you are used to seeing and are a luxurious filled with meat.

Kiyoken (崎陽軒), “Shumai”

Popular at Kiyoken is the Old-fashioned shumai (Chinese dumpling), which has delivered the same delicious taste since its launch in 1928. You can eat as many as you like of these bite-sized shumai with dried scallops and pork. A large, rich and juicy-tasting ‘Deluxe Shumai’ is also available.

FRANÇAIS (フランセ), “Yokohama Millefeuille”

Yokohama Millefeuille

These sweets are available at Sogo Yokohama and Yokohama Takashimaya shops. The crispy pie, rich cream and chocolate are a perfect match. Two flavors are available: a nostalgic milk flavor and an aromatic black tea flavor.

Jukeihanten (重慶飯店), “Banpin”

The rich and proud black bean paste is wrapped in a moist dough and made into a tube-shaped pastry. The surface is sprinkled with roasted walnuts all over, giving it a savory flavor. This gem was recognized as the 24th Kanagawa Prefecture Designated Confectionary and won the Excellence Award at the Kanagawa Prefecture Confectionary Competition.

Bashamichi Jyuban-Kan (馬車道十番館), “Biscauto”

Biscauto is a historic confectionery that was introduced to Japan around 1550 AD, along with other Western confectioneries such as sponge cake. They are very crispy and crunchy, with a low sweetness and elegant cream sandwiched between thick biscuits.
There are three varieties: lemon, peanut and chocolate. The packaging is also retro and cute.

Annual event information

January: Yokohama Chinatown, Spring Festival

横浜中華街 春節
Yokohama Chinatown, Spring Festival

In China, the Chinese New Year is called ‘Spring Festival’ and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The Spring Festival held in Yokohama Chinatown, which introduces traditional Chinese culture such as lion dances, dragon dances and parades in imperial costumes, has become a representative tourism event in Yokohama and a winter tradition.

February: Yokohama Film Festival and Plum viewing party at Sankeien

Yokohama Film Festival

This festival is for film fans. The festival focuses on domestic films released in the previous year, and awards for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Newcomer and Best Screenplay are selected. The festival is popular for the high attendance of award winners on the day of the festival.

Plum viewing party at Sankeien

Sankeien has long been famous for its plum blossoms. From around mid-February to March, approximately 500 plum trees of various varieties bloom.

March: Minato Mirai 21 Sakura Festa

Lively events, including stage events and lighting displays, will be held along Sakura-dori, a 500-metre-long avenue of cherry blossom trees. The beautiful rows of someiyoshino cherry trees in pale red and white blossom every year, making it one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in the Minatomirai area.
During part of the festival, Sakura-dori Street will be pedestrianized and a gourmet street and product exhibition will be held.

April: Yokohama Flower and Green Spring Fair

Yokohama Flower and Green Spring Fair

The Yokohama Flower and Green Spring Fair takes place in Yokohama Park, where over 100,000 tulips spread out. Flower performances, a flower market and other events are held, and the streets are decorated with spring flowers.

In Yamashita Park, the Flower Garden Exhibition, where the city’s landscapers and others have elaborately designed flower beds, and the Gardening Festival, where flowers and greenery are displayed and sold.

May: The Yokohama Parade (International Costume Parade) and Memorial event for the origin of ice cream

The Yokohama Parade is such a large scale parade event that traffic restrictions are in place, and everyone is welcome to watch for free. There are two parade routes: the 1.4 km-long Kids Parade and the 3.4 km-long Super Parade.

On 9 May 1869, the first ice cream in Japan was produced and launched on Yokohama Bashamichi. To commemorate this, a ‘Memorial event for the origin of ice cream’ is being held on 9 May at a special booth in front of Kannai Hall. The 5,000 Bashamichi ice cream will be given on a first-come, first-served basis if you cooperate with a charity donation.

June: Hakkeijima Hydrangea Festival

Hakkeijima Hydrangea Festival

Surrounded by the sea, Hakkeijima Island is home to 20,000 hydrangeas, one of the largest in the prefecture. Hakkeijima’s original varieties will also be in full bloom.

July: Yokohama Sparkling Twilight

Yokohama Sparkling Twilight

This is an event in which five-minute fireworks are launched in the Port of Yokohama during the summer and winter months. From 2020 to 2022, a short-lived secret fireworks display was held, but in 2023, the fireworks launch schedule and location will be made publicly available. The schedule and launch locations vary, so please check the official page for the latest information.

Official Website:

September: BeerFes yokohama

A large number of domestic and international beers, including prize-winning beers, will be on show in Yokohama. This is a great opportunity to experience the diversity of beer in a style that allows you to sample as many beers as you like for just the price of admission.

October: Yokohama Oktoberfest

Yokohama Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival and has been held in Munich, Germany, since 1810. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse has hosted the festival since 2003 as Oktoberfest, where you can enjoy an atmosphere that is as close as possible to the real Germany.

November: Kotohira Otori Shrine Tori no ichi

Tori no ichi is held at the Kotohira Otori Shrine near Yokohama Bridge Street. This is an annual event in which handmade lanterns are dedicated by neighboring shops and businesses and hung in the shrine grounds to pray for family safety and business prosperity.

There are also stalls, and the festival is a popular early winter event in Yokohama, attracting many visitors.

December: Christmas Market in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Christmas Market

The Christmas Market at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse is an annual event that attracts many tourists. Visitors can enjoy shopping and eating under decorated Christmas trees and illuminations.

Access to Yokohama Station

How to get there from Narita Airport

  • From Airport Terminal 2 (Narita Terminals 2 & 3) Station, take the Narita Express train (bound for Yokohama) and alight at Yokohama Station.
  • Take a bus directly from Narita Airport Terminals 1, 2 or 3 to Yokohama City Air Terminal (Yokohama Station).

【Bus timetable】

How to get there from Haneda Airport

  • From Haneda Airport Terminal 3, take the Keikyu Airport Line express train to Keikyu Kamata Station, transfer to the Keikyu Main Line train to Yokohama Station.
  • Direct connection from Haneda Airport Terminals 1,2,3 to Yokohama City Air Terminal (Yokohama Station) by Keikyu Bus.


How to get there from Shinjuku Station

  • From Shinjuku Station, take the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line (bound for Zushi) and alight at Yokohama Station.

How to get there from Shinagawa Station

  • From Shinagawa Station, take the Keikyu Main Line Rapid Express (bound for Keikyu Kurihama) or JR Tokaido Main Line (bound for Atami) or JR Yokosuka Line (bound for Zushi) and alight at Yokohama Station.

How to get there from Ueno Station

  • From Ueno Station, take the JR Ueno Tokyo Line (bound for Hiratsuka or Atami) and alight at Yokohama Station.

Free pass for sightseeing in Yokohama

Akaikutsu bus

Akaikutsu bus

This is a sightseeing bus that starts from Sakuragi-cho Station and takes you around the ‘good old Yokohama’, represented by modern architecture and harbors from the Meiji period onwards. The buses have a retro design inspired by old streetcars.

Yokohama 1-Day Ticket

Yokohama station

This is a special discount ticket that includes a Keikyu Line round-trip discount ticket and a one-day passenger ticket for unlimited ride zone. The Yokohama Municipal Subway and Minato Mirai Line also have a variety of free ride zones. It is ideal for visiting popular spots such as Chinatown and Minato Mirai.

Yokohama Chinatown Trip Gourmet Tickets

Yokohama Chinatown

This is a special ticket that includes a one-day passenger ticket for the Tokyu Line, a one-day passenger ticket for the Minato Mirai Line, and a meal tickets for an applicable restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown.

Transport for Yokohama sightseeing



Bicycles are a great way to enjoy the whole of Yokohama. The Yokohama Community Cycle ‘baybike’ is easy to use and inexpensive, with a 30-minute minimum charge, so you can enjoy getting around Yokohama with ease.

Water bus

Yokohama Sea Bass

This is a marine transport boat unique to the port city of Yokohama that allows you to easily travel to Yokohama’s main tourist attractions while enjoying the view from the sea.

Sea Bass (Water Bus Service) access between Yokohama Station East Exit through Minatomirai to Red Brick Warehouse.
Currently does not stop by Yamashita Park Pier due to renovation work on boarding facilities.

Water bus (Keihin Ferry Boat) Water bus connecting ZOU-NO-HANA through Canal Park to Nippon Maru.
*Not in service for the time being.

Cruise Ships

There are cruise ship ports everywhere in Yokohama. Cruise ships are the best way to enjoy the waters of Yokohama.

Marine Rouge: an elegant restaurant ship with a luxurious atmosphere where you can enjoy authentic French cuisine prepared by a French chef.

Yokohama Night View Fantastic Cafe Ship: only one service a day, on weekends only. This cruise takes you to the energy spots of happiness in the fantastic glow of Yokohama Harbor.

Factory Night View Jungle Cruise: only one service a day, on weekends only. This cruise offers a night view of the Keihin factory zone, one of the four major factory zones in Japan, from the canal.

Yokohama Harbor Cruise: a romantic cruise from Osanbashi Pier to Yamashita Park, Bay Bridge and the Minato Mirai area. Light snacks (sandwiches and rice balls) and drinks (alcohol: about a can of beer) can be brought on board. *Litter is to be taken home.

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