Street Food Tour in Shin-Okubo: 7 Recommended Shops You Must Visit in Tokyo’s Korean Town!



This time, I visited Shin-Okubo, Japan’s Korean town! My stomach is satisfied with a lot of delicious food, sweets, and cheese✨

There are numerous delicious restaurants in Shin-Okubo, making it tough to decide where to go. But, here, I will introduce some recommendations that you will undoubtedly enjoy, so please take a look at them as a reference for your choice!

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

Waffle Khan Shin-Okubo (ワッフルカーン 新大久保店)

The first shop is here! A waffle specialty store from Korea.

Not only do they look cute, but the waffles are also doughy and full of flavor! The dough is mixed with grains, and the cream is calorie-free! Appriciate less guilt and more flavor✨


Nutella Strawberry Half: 630 yen
The large waffle with plenty of whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and strawberries was delicious!

Menu 2

Spot Outline

Located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Waffle Kahn Shin-Okubo is a waffle specialty shop from Korea that has been a hot topic since it opened in November 2021. Waffles are made by mixing grains into the batter and using calorie-free cream, making them tasty while reducing your guilt. They also look cute and are attracting attention as a new eating treat.

NASCO FOOD COURT (ナスコフードコート)

For the second stop, I visited this shop located in Islam Yokocho, just a 2-minute walk from Shin-Okubo Station! I am glad to see that Shin-Okubo has not only korean restaurants but also many good Indian restaurants!

Here, you can get kebab yakitori. The enticing aroma couldn’t be ignored, and after savoring the sweet ones, the salty ones are equally delightful! The portion size is just right, making it a recommended choice!

*Take-away and eat-in are temporarily closed.

barbecue chicken

At 130 yen per piece, it was tender and spicy. Seems like a variety of spices are used and makes me crave a drink!

Spot Outline

NASCO FOOD COURT is a biryani shop located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Located in “Islam Yokocho,” a 2-minute walk from Shin-Okubo Station, you can enjoy an exotic atmosphere. The kebab yakitori grilled in the store is very popular, and many people are lured by its aroma to stop by. The size is just right, and it tastes even better after a sweet treat. Shin-Okubo is an area with many delicious restaurants, not only Korean, but also Indian cuisine, making it well worth a visit. *Take-away and eat-in are currently closed.


If you want to get a taste of Korea in Shin-Okubo, you have to try the cheese hot dog (corn dog) !

Various kinds of hot dogs, Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes), chicken, and hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancakes) are available. You are sure to be satisfied✨


Menu 2

Potato mozzarella rice hot dog: 450 yen

Korean hot dog, has become a hot topic on social media due to its impressive appearance. The crunchy outside and the rich cheese and sausage inside make it an awesome! This is a must-try!

Spot Outline

JONGNO YATAIMURA, located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, is a shop where you can enjoy popular Korean dishes such as tteokbokki and hotteok. The cheese hot dog is excellent, and the menu offers portions that can be eaten by one person, making it a good place to eat and walk around.


The fourth stop is a place where you can eat “tungkaron,” which is a Korean macaron! Unlike regular macarons, Korean macarons are so voluminous and colorful that you can’t eat them in one bite. Definitely recommended for those with a sweet tooth!

This time I got the “Macachino” with macarons on top of the Frappuccino✨


Make sure to order at the cash register beforehand. They also have an eat-in space available!


Cute macaroons in the showcase

Strawberry macaccino: 840 yen

A luxurious treat that allows you to enjoy both the Frappuccino and the macaroon. Surprisingly not as sweet as it looks, it was easy to eat! ✨

Spot Outline

MACAPRESSO, located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, is a dessert cafe that crosses coffee with dessert. Tungkaron, a Korean macaroon, is especially popular, and is so voluminous and colorful that it is hard to eat in one bite, making it a popular photo-worthy item. Another popular menu item is the “Macachino,” which is a macaroon on top of a Frappuccino. Located on the second floor of THE CITY Shin-Okubo.

Chicken Mochi-Gome Tangsuyuk (チキンもち米タンスユック)

I found a delicious Korean food stall style shop! I’ve already been to 5 shops but the every time I smell good food, makes me stop by again!

Mochi-Gome (sticky rice) Tangsuyuk is a type of sweet-and-sour pork, with meat fried in glutinous rice flour. This time, I had Busan Oden (fish cake soup), and it felt like I was in Korea right now!


Busan Oden

Busan Oden 2 pieces: 400 yen

Fish paste cake on skewers! Delicious when paired with broth!

Spot Outline

Chicken Mochi-Gome Tangsuyuk, located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, is a shop famous for its Korean oden. Tteokbokki is the signature dish, but Tangsuyuk, a kind of sweet-and-sour pork with meat fried in glutinous rice flour, is also popular. Visitors can feel as if they are in Korea, as they can enjoy the Korean food stall-style atmosphere.

HOSIGI DOUBLE CHICKEN 3rd Store (ホシギ2羽チキン3号店)

Here you can eat gimbap (Korean seaweed rolls) and Korean chicken! (I’m almost full, but I really wanted some).

Manyo Gimbap

It was tasty and filling! I could probably eat this amount as a snack!

Spot Outline

HOSIGI DOUBLE CHICKEN 3rd Store, located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, is a shop serving Korean cuisine. Here, you can enjoy gimbap, Korean-style seaweed rolls, and Korean chicken. It is available for eating and drinking, or for groups as there is seating up to the second floor.

Korean Cuisine Hongdae Pocha Shin-Okubo Main Store (韓国料理ホンデポチャ 新大久保本店)

For the final stop, this is the place to enjoy authentic Korean cuisine! Shrimp cheese fondue, cheese dakgalbi (Korean spicy chicken stir fry), UFO chicken (fried chicken fondue), and all other popular Korean dishes! The menu is so extensive that you can’t go wrong here!

The interior of the shop is a stylish and lively space with neon K-pop videos playing.



Assorted kimchi

Chamisul Peach Flavor

The most popular Korean liquor is Chamisul, a soju! Peach flavor is very easy to drink and highly recommended!

Korean stew

It was hot, rich in flavor, and very tasty✨ Glad it warmed me up!

Full of ingredients


Spot Outline

Korean Cuisine Hongdae Pocha Shin-Okubo Main Store is a Korean restaurant located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. It offers a wide variety of popular Korean dishes such as shrimp cheese fondue, cheese dakgalbi, UFO chicken, and other authentic tastes. The restaurant is a stylish and lively space with neon K-POP videos playing in the background, making it the perfect place to enjoy Korean cuisine.

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