Izakaya Hopping in Kinshicho, Tokyo: 3 Reasonably Priced Bar Near the Station!



This time, my friend and I explored Kinshicho, an area near Tokyo Skytree. We enjoyed bar-hopping to three izakayas offering seafood, skewers, fried dishes and so on!

All of the shops we visited are located near the station and offer delicious and inexpensive options, making it perfect for bar hopping! Please take a look at this page for more information✨

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

Tezukuri Marugen (手造り 丸源)

The first stop is a one-minute walk from Kinshicho Station South Exit. Seasonal sashimi and other seafood dishes are available at reasonable prices✨ The shop also offers a set meal at lunchtime, but this time we ordered mainly snacks for drinking!

There are many “bottle keep” can be seen! It’s a service at Japanese izakaya allowing customers to purchase a bottle of liquor and have the remaining portion stored until future visits.

There were quite many customers enjoying a midday drinking!

Menu ①

Menu ②

Medium draft beer 400 yen

We immediately toasted with our first draft beer!

Sashimi 3-piece set 800 yen

It was fresh and plump! The salmon was especially tasty and fatty!

Crab cream croquette 600 yen

Crab cream croquettes are on the menu, and we can’t resist the urge to try them! We knew it wouldn’t disappoint!

Spot Outline

Tezukuri Marugen is an izakaya located in Koto-bashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo. A set meal is served at lunch time. Conveniently located just a minute’s walk from the Kinshicho South Exit, it is also a great place to enjoy a drink. We recommend the delicious seasonal sashimi and other dishes.

Kaneda (大衆酒場 かね夛)

The second stop is a standing style izakaya, a three-minute walk from the south exit. It is located on the main street in front of the station and is very easy to get to.

The place was crowded with people enjoying horse racing in the afternoon, and kind customers gave us edamame and we enjoyed just being there✨

Menu ①

There is a wide variety of toppings to choose from!

Menu ②

There are also a wide variety of skewers, including pork, beef, chicken, and vegetable.

Umeshu (plum wine) 390 yen, highball 390 yen

Motsuni (offal stew) with croissants: 390 yen

Croissants with motsuni!? What a strange combination, but it is so delicious. The savory croissant goes surprisingly well with the motsu (offal)! I highly recommend you try it! The motsu was also big and satisfying.

Yagen Nankotsu (Chicken cartilage) 150 yen, grilled chicken skin 170 yen, Kashira (Crown) 120 yen

Personally, I find grilled chicken skin too delicious! The sauce is rich in taste and paris perfectly with sake! Chicken cartilage also has a crunchy texture.

Japanese sake AKABU 560 yen

Easy to drink even for sake beginners!

Spot Outline

Kaneda is a standing bar located in Koto-bashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo. Located a 3-minute walk from the south exit and facing the main street in front of the station, it is easily accessible.

Tachinomi Sui (立ち呑み 粋)

The third stop is a standing bar just a minute walk from the north exit of Kinshicho Station. It is a standing bar but also had tables! The snacks are cheap and delicious!

Menu ①

The snacks are 100 yen and the other menus are 200 yen!

Menu ②

Hoppy Set is a great deal✨

Menu ③

Highballs and lemon sours are also available.

Menu ④

We were surprised at the low price despite the gorgeousness of all the dishes, such as fried chicken wings and chicken nanban (deep-fried chicken with tartar sauce)!

Yuzu Mitsu Sour 330 yen, Hoppy Set 290 yen

Handmade potato salad 380 yen

Homey and gentle taste! Tastes that you could eat it every day✨

Cheese rice cracker 100 yen, fish sausage 200 yen

The cheese rice crackers are crispy, light and delicious! The fish sausage was also delicious with a mayonnaise!

Corn tempura 200 yen

I smelled a delicious sweet smell from the seat next to me and ordered it! I could taste the sweetness of corn✨

Spot Outline
Tachinomi Sui is a standing izakaya located a minute walk from the north exit of Kinshicho Station in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. It can also be used as a sports bar with chairs and tables. It is a casual place to stop by with a reputation for its inexpensive and delicious snacks.

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