Izakaya Hopping in Egota!



I’ve been to Egota Station for a ladder drink ☺️
For drinks, yakitori, stewed motsu, and seafood dishes are served!
I’m so happy to have a good place to drink 💓

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Travel Itinerary

Hishakaku Egota Basho(飛車角 江古田場所)

The first restaurant we came to was a yakitori restaurant just a minute walk from the station!
Astringent, too astringent!


Lots of menus and posters on the walls! It’s austere and great~!

Ordered chicken skin and liver!

The best char-grilled aroma! Goes well with alcohol ◎

Then, Tsukune!

I was surprised when I ate it because it was too fluffy!

Highball with shiso extract!

It was pink and pretty.

Homemade meat shumai!

The meat was packed and filling! The tender taste is only possible by handmade! The best!

Spot Outline

Hishakaku Egota Basho Location is a Japanese-style pub located in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. It is conveniently located a minute walk from the station. This restaurant features an austere atmosphere and is known for its delicious yakitori.

Yakiton Kimura(やきとん きむら)

The second restaurant is a yakiton restaurant that suddenly appears in a residential area!
The restaurant is very clean and cozy~.

Toast with a sake called Tamanohikari 🍶.

It was my first time drinking sake and it was sweet and very easy to drink! The yakitori label is adorable😍.

innards stew!

The eggs turned out this color! Of course, the eggs were soaked in flavor and very tasty – you should definitely order this when you go to this restaurant!

Order ginger meat roll and meat roll with green onion 🥓.

I’ve never had whole ginger before, but it was refreshing and amazingly delicious!

Spot Outline

Yakiton Kimura is a yakiton restaurant located in Asahigaoka, Nerima-ku, Tokyo. Located in a residential area, the restaurant is well known by word of mouth for its clean and comfortable interior.

Izakaya Torowaru(居酒屋とろわる)

For the third restaurant, we went to a stylish izakaya with full glass walls!
This restaurant focuses on seafood dishes.

Menus line the walls.

There were so many, I was lost!

Order the crab miso potato salad!

It appeared in a bowl! The moment I ate it, my mouth was crab 🦀🦀.

Assorted sashimi!

I was surprised when I received this gorgeous dish! It was fresh and very tasty, as the restaurant is particular about seafood!

The final toast is a beer and lemon sour 🍻.

I enjoyed my first time to drink at the barge!

Spot Outline

Izakaya Torowaru is a stylish izakaya located in Sakae-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo. The interior of the restaurant is entirely made of glass, creating a bright and open atmosphere. The restaurant has a wide variety of creative dishes, and is well known for the high quality and taste of its food. It is recommended for dates, women’s parties, and family dinners.

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