Izakaya Hopping in Nakano, Tokyo!



This time, I went to Nakano and enjoyed bar hopping alone for the first time in my life!
Nakano is an area rich in entertainment spots, especially famous for Nakano Broadway, a mecca for anime and manga culture lovers, attracting many locals and foreigners. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants and bars open until late at night. It was a lively town with many drinking establishments right out of the north exit of Nakano Station, and I had so much fun exploring it✨
Read on for my bar hopping day out!

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

Taiyou Hanten(泰陽飯店)

The first stop is Chinese Restaurant!
This place looks like a famous restaurant that has been featured on TV!
I am attracted by the “Sour 185 yen” sign in front of the store; what a reasonable price!


The restaurant has large desks, so you can comfortably spend time even if you come in a large group!


I ordered the Horoiyoi set: one drink and 2 small plates for 980 yen! It’s very reasonably priced.

draft beer

My first drink is beer, for sure!

Chilled jellyfish Salad

This was so delicious, with the crunchy texture of the jellyfish and the crispy cucumber creating the perfect harmony!

Braised pork belly

It was so flavorful and tender✨ I want to eat it again right now! There was cabbage and green onions under the meat.

Spot Outline

Taiyou Hanten is a Chinese restaurant located in Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo. It is a famous restaurant that has been featured on TV. The restaurant offers a wide variety of menu items, including a all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink course.

Gyu no shimonya(牛の四文屋)

Second stop is a shop specializes in beef!


The first floor was counter seating! There seems to be tables on the second floor.


There are many menu items using beef!✨Best of all, the variety of Horumon (offal) skewers was amazing!


Table of Meat

There was a piece of paper with the menu that explained which part of the beef the meat was from! Many parts of the meat I had never heard of!

Shimonya Original Highball

Shimonya original highball with ume syrup. The ume flavor went well with the meat!

Dark beer (¥350)

I wanted a beer, so!

Rump: 200 yen, Hatsu (Heart) : 200 yen

The rump was very tender and went well with the wasabi! The hatsu was salty and I liked it very much✨

Hachisu 200 yen

I had never seen the word ‘hachisu’ before, so I decided to order it out of curiosity. At first glance, I wasn’t sure if I would like it. But, when I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted! With a touch of sweet sauce, it quickly became one of my new favorite foods.

Spot Outline

Gyu no Shimonya is an izakaya located in Nakano Ward, Tokyo, where you can enjoy beef dishes. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a meal with family or friends. The reasonable price range is also attractive, and the restaurant is well-received good reviews. Beef lovers should definitely try visiting.

Uchikoshi sakaba(打越酒場)

The third stop was Uchikoshi Sakaba! The ‘sake’ lantern is very attractive!


The shop had counter seats and tables! The atmosphere was very clean, relaxing and comfortable.


My favorite thing here is this sake tasting set! You can compare three different kinds of sake!

Sake tasting set (980 yen)

I decided on three: Denshu (from Aomori), Akabu (from Iwate), and Juyondai (from Yamagata)!

They fill the drink to the very edge of the cup.


Snack Menu

Many kinds of snacks! Meat, fish, vegetables, even noodles!

Seared firefly squid (190yen)

When it comes to sake snacks, firefly squid is my favorite! It also went well with all three of the sake I ordered.

Seared komai (190yen)

Firefly squid was not enough of a snack, so I ordered komai too which was freshly made with good saltiness, again perfect with sake✨

Spot Outline

Uchikoshi sakaba is an izakaya located in Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo. The shop has only a counter and offers sake tasting sets. The shop has a good reputation for its reasonable price range and atmosphere.

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