Izakaya Hopping in Monzennakacho!



This time, two girls went to Monzennakacho to have a drink!
We went to 3 restaurants and all of them are close to the station and the food and drinks are too good!
Please take a look at our selection of stores 🤍.

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

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Monzennakacho Station(門前仲町駅)

This time, we will have a barge drinking in Monzennakacho🍻.
We introduce 3 izakaya (Japanese style pubs) near Monzennakacho Station on the Tozai Line!

Spot Outline

Monzennakacho Station is a Tokyo Metro/Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau station located in Monzennakacho, Koto-ku, Tokyo. It is served by the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and the Toei Subway Oedo Line, making it a connecting station. The Tokyo Metro station is located at Monzennakacho 1-chome, and the Toei Subway station is located at Monzennakacho 2-chome.

Aizu Basashi Sumibi Yakitori Monzennakacho Hikodori(会津馬刺し 炭火焼鳥 門前仲町 彦酉)

The first restaurant is here! A 2-minute walk from Monzennakacho Station on the Tozai Line.
Hikodori is a tavern where you can enjoy the seasonal flavors of Aizu Ueda, such as horse sashimi.

Also upstairs seating!

The first floor is counter seating, but the second floor has a horigotatsu (sunken kotatsu) so you can relax and enjoy your meal at your leisure.

Handwritten menu

Isn’t this handwritten menu fascinating? 🤤
In addition to horse sashimi, there is a wide variety of other food items such as grilled skewers and snacks!

Drink Menu

There is also a wide variety of sake and shochu!

Draft beer 586 yen

Steady goodness.

Tuna sake thief and mascarpone: 647 yen

It tastes like salted fish and is very delicious! The strong taste also goes well with handsome sake.
The cheese mellows it out so it goes well with sake 🍶.

Specialty: Assorted 3 kinds of Aizu horse sashimi 2,077 yen

Misuzi, Momo, and Tsukami parts were on it! Beautiful pink 🌸
It is said to be served with spicy miso and sweet soy sauce in the Aizu style!
Each has a different softness, so you can enjoy the different textures.

Shichida 757 yen

The staff recommended Shichida. We had it with soda.
It has a very delicious amazake-like aroma!

Spot Outline

Aizu Basashi Sumibi Yakitori Monzennakacho Hikodori izakaya is located in Monzennakacho, Koto-ku, Tokyo, a 2-minute walk from Monzennakacho Station on the Tozai Line. Here you can enjoy the seasonal flavors of Aizu Ueda. The horse sashimi is especially recommended, and you can also enjoy other dishes such as charcoal-grilled yakitori.

Kyu-yon-pa Monzennakacho(九四八 門前仲町)

The second restaurant is here. It is a 10-second walk from Monzennakacho Station on the Tozai Line!
This restaurant specializes in authentic charcoal-grilled yakitori.


The restaurant is spacious and perfect for large drinking parties! There is also a counter!


In addition to yakitori, there is a wide selection of snacks!

Kaku highball 605 yen

And bamboo shoots as a side dish.

Beef salt stew 580 yen

This is the first time I have had salt stewed! It was refreshingly delicious with some yuzu kosho on top!

Hatsu 210 yen

The saltiness is good, and the texture is very nice.

Thigh meat 250 yen

The meat is plump and juicy!

lemon sour

(Left) Sakurao Lemon Sour 660 yen
(Right) Matcha Lemon Sour 550 yen

Liver 280 yen

Definitely delicious!

Charcoal-roasted yam 200 yen

It was much softer and dustier than I had imagined!

Spot Outline

Kyu-yon-pa Monzennakacho is a charcoal-grilled yakitori restaurant located in Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo. It is conveniently located just a 10-second walk from Monzennakacho Station on the Tozai Line.

Tachinomi Masarao(立ち飲み ますらお)

The third restaurant is here. A popular standing izakaya that has been crowded since its opening!
We are very happy to be in a great location, just 30 seconds from Monzennakacho Station on the Tozai Line♪.

Menu is on the wall style

The meal menus are posted on the wall, so it is like a treasure hunt, and choosing a menu is fun!
Drink menus are available at your seat!

Kaku highball 300 yen

300 yen! Too cheap!

Red sea bream kelp sashimi, itozukuri 680 yen

The aroma of kelp is soaked into the dish, and even without soy sauce, it is full of flavor! This dish is too good to be served with sake.
I personally liked the fact that it was cut into small pieces.


This is really delicious! Even though it is a potato shochu, it has no peculiar taste and I get it with soda, which makes it easy to drink!
It has a fruity taste 🤤♪

Miso cucumber 200 yen

This is also too cheap at 200 yen!
The third restaurant will be something refreshing 🥒.

Green tea high 320 yen

The cosmetics are too good too! I’m a confirmed repeat customer ♡.

Milt ponzu 680 yen

The warm albacore is plump and melts in your mouth.

Spot Outline

Tachinomi Masarao is a standing bar located in Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo. Since its opening, it has been very popular and is known for its excellent cost performance. It is conveniently located 30 seconds from Monzennakacho Station on the Tozai Line and is open from 4:00 pm, so it is crowded from early in the day. It is also known as a hidden gem, with a wide selection of drinks and tasty snacks. However, be careful during busy times, as it is sometimes impossible to get in.

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