Izakaya Bar Hopping in Okayama: Local Sake and Food Near the Station



This time I went bar hopping in Okayama and enjoyed local sake and food of Okayama! There are many izakaya near Okayama Station.
Okayama prefecture is renowned for its rich history, cultural heritage, and stunning natural scenery. Famous for producing high-quality fruits like peaches and grapes, it’s a perfect spot for sightseeing. Enjoy an izakaya experience along with your sightseeing✨

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary


The first stop is an udon izakaya located at the entrance to the Okayama Ekimae Shopping Street!
Open 24 hours a day, a great place to enjoy udon, a la carte dishes, and drinks.

The interior is cozy with a Showa-era atmosphere, attracting local drinkers who gather there after lunch. It’s an ideal first stop or a spot for a quick meal.

*Currently closed.

Scallop chanja (scallop with spicy sauce) 360 yen

The spiciness goes well with beer.

Beef yakiniku 480 yen

Even though it is beef yakiniku, this stir fry includes full of meat and vegetables too! The meat was tender and the flavor was strong. It’s so delicious that I couldn’t stop eating!

Dried beef seems to be popular but they were sold out.

Spot Outline

Located in Kita-ku, Okayama City, Nonki-bou is an udon izakaya located at the entrance to the Okayama Ekimae shopping street. 24 hours a day, the cozy shop where local drinkers gather has a Showa-style atmosphere. It has been highly praised by reviews as a great place to start off bar hopping or quick meals. Currently closed.

Toriyoshi Ekimae main store(鳥好 駅前本店)

The second stop was a long-established izakaya, a 5-minute walk from the station.
What a surprise, this place has been listed in Michelin Guide!

The shop was spacious, with counter, table, and tatami room seating.

There was a wide variety of dishes from fish to meat, hot pots, sushi, etc., and a selection of locally brewed sake!

Shime saba (Marinated mackerel) 500 yen

The shime saba that was on today’s recommendation, was fresh and delicious!

Tori-su (vinegared chicken) 200 yen

The chicken skin and meat are delicious and chewy! The meat was served with glass noodles underneath! It’s amazing that it’s only 200 yen! You should definitely order this!

Assorted skewers 400 yen

Tastes good! But a bit expensive though

Large plate dishes



Spot Outline

Toriyoshi Ekimae main store, located in Honmachi, Kita-ku, Okayama City, is a long-established public izakaya. The shop is spacious, with counter, table, and tatami room seating. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes from fish to meat, hot pots, sushi, etc. Local sake is also available. It has also been reviewed by Michelin Guide.

Okayama no sakebar Sakabayasi(おかやまの酒ばぁ さかばやし)

The last stop is a sake specialty store that offers all kinds of local sake from Okayama.
They have over 200 types of alcoholic beverages.
It was like a sake bar, but with food menu as well!

The shop is small, with mainly counter seating and tables in the back. I think it is best to come with one or two people, not a large group!

For your information, it’s adjacent to an izakaya called Izayoi no Tsuki, which seems to have the same menu. So, if you’re with a large group, I think that would be a better choice.

910 yen

I wanted warmed-sake so ordered it as hot! Mild and gentle✨

Vinegared mamakari 400 yen

Okayama’s specialty fish, mamakari (Japanese sardinella)! It was pickled in sweet and sour vinegar and had a refreshing taste! It was also chewy, which I liked!

Udon noodles with yellow chives sauce: 680 yen

Udon noodles with yellow chives from Okayama. Simple and gentle taste, with a slightly sweet broth.


Spot Outline

Okayama no sakebar Sakabayasi is a sake specialty store located in Kita-ku, Okayama City. They have a wide selection of sake, wine, and other alcoholic beverages, with more than 200 varieties available. The shop is small, with mainly counter seats and tables in the back, and is best for one or two people.

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