Kasaoka and Fukuyama 2 Day Itinerary



This time we rented a car and drove around Kasaoka and Fukuyama 🚗✨.
Stylish cafes, grocery stores, and a night at a special inn 🥰.
We ate delicious food and visited many fashionable spots 👭💖.

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

10:30am Fukuyama Station(福山駅)

We start from Fukuyama station! This time it’s a road trip🚗.

Spot Outline

Fukuyama Station is located in Sanomaru-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Fukuyama Station is also home to the Sanste Fukuyama commercial facility, where visitors can enjoy shopping and dining. Fukuyama Castle is also located near Fukuyama Station and can be seen as soon as you exit the ticket gates. Fukuyama Station is also convenient for transportation, as the Nozomi, Mizuho, and Sakura Shinkansen bullet trains stop there. It takes about 220 minutes directly from Tokyo. Fukuyama Station is often used as a sightseeing and transportation hub for many people.

10:40am Toyota Rent-A-Car Fukuyama Ekimae store(トヨタレンタカー 福山駅前店)

First, rent a car🚗.
Fukuyama is a good place to rent a car.

Spot Outline

Toyota Rent-A-Car Fukuyama Ekimae store is a car rental spot located in Minomaru-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Cars can be rented and are convenient for getting around in Fukuyama. According to reviews, renting a car in Fukuyama is recommended when touring Kasaoka and Fukuyama.

11:00am mono+iku (monoiku) Nurture, Tools for Living Store(mono+iku(モノイク) 育む、暮らしの道具店)

My first goal was to visit a fashionable spot in Fukuyama.
The store had a very cute selection of goods: 👏🏻
The couple at the restaurant are nice and relaxed ☺️💓
From soaps and diffusers to ceramics and foodstuffs, there are many specialties! It was fun just looking at them and it was kind of relaxing just to be in the space of the store…! 🥰

I bought some chili paste in a cute daruma package as a souvenir, but they also had yuzu kosho, which is only sold here! They made it specially to commemorate Monoik’s first anniversary 🌶.


So many stylish accessories to choose from😍!



utensils and cutlery

Chili sauce🌶.

Found a spicy food lover! There was also yuzu kosho!

Confectionery and seasonings

Spot Outline

mono+iku is a general merchandise store located in Tajime-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Inside the store, you will find an abundance of cute sundries, soaps, diffusers, ceramics, foodstuffs, and other carefully selected goods. The store’s space is cozy, and the couple who run the store are also known by word of mouth for being nice and relaxing. There are also products that make great souvenirs, such as yuzu kosho (Japanese citron pepper) and chili paste in daruma packages, which can only be purchased here.

11:40am 101 design store

Next, we went to a general store in an atmospheric building 😌.
The sundries ranged from kitchenware to baby items, character goods, clothing, chairs, art, and many other things!

It would be stylish to decorate your room like this 😍.



Just looking at it is fun~!

Stylish dish🙈.


There was a figurine by Swedish designer Lisa Larson! 🐈

Safe organic products😌.


There are so many different types that I could look at them all the time 🎨.

Spot Outline

101 design store is a general merchandise and interior goods store located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Inside the atmospheric building, you will find a wide variety of goods ranging from kitchenware, baby goods, character goods, clothing, chairs, art, and more. It is a fascinating store that you can enjoy just looking at.

12:30pm KOKON

We went to a stylish café where many fashionable women gather for lunch 💓.
The atmosphere of the restaurant was so cute and lovely!

We went there for lunch, but you can dine in or use the cafe! I had the meat and it was tender and delicious 🤤.
I was really curious about this place’s specialty, Fontainebleau, a very cute yogurt dessert? I was very curious about it!

If you decide to go to a cafe in Fukuyama, I highly recommend this place 🥰.



Stylish space 😌✨



Grilled rib roast steak and seasonal vegetables ¥1,750
Stewed hamburger steak with homemade demi-glace sauce 1,400 yen


Spot Outline

The spot called KOKON is a French-based restaurant located in Meiji-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. It has an atmosphere that would attract fashionable women and is available for lunch and café use. The meat is known for being tender and delicious, and the specialty, a lovely yogurt dessert called Fontainebleau, is also popular. If you are looking for a café in Fukuyama, this is a good spot to visit.

2:00pm Enlee(エンリー)

Next, we came to a stylish cafe with a great location in the park!
The terrace is open and you can feel the greenery as there is a park in front of the restaurant, which is great if the weather is nice 🌱💓.

Both meals and cafe use are available: 🙆‍♀️
I ordered cream puffs and coffee! It was a little harder to eat than I expected because it was so much bigger than I thought it would be, but the puff and cream were delicious and I popped it in 🤤❤︎
The oversized mille crepe and the seasonal tart looked delicious~!


The cream was rich and delicious😍😍😍.

Seasonal fruit tart 550 yen
Cream puff 350 yen

Lunch Menu

Sweets Menu

Spot Outline

Enlee, located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, is a stylish cafe in a park. The terrace seats offer a view of the park’s greenery, making it a perfect location when the weather is nice. You can eat or use the cafe, and the menu includes cream puffs, coffee, and other items. The oversized mille crepe and seasonal tarts are also delicious. Word of mouth says that the terrace seating is nice and open.

16:00 Tsujiyo Ryokan(辻与旅館)

The inn where Mr. Degawa (Japanese comedian) stayed this time.
There were only two rooms available, one for one person and a relatively small Japanese-style room for 2.3 people! It was a warm room like a grandma’s house, and it was kind of nostalgic. ☺️

There was a room with works by Inukai Tsuyoshi and Ono Chikkyou, and the proprietress was very attentive in explaining them to me, so I learned a lot about history. ✏️

The food seems to be good and they are often used for dinners! I wish I could have tried it 🤤.

By the way, there was a bath in the room, but there was also a family bath in hinoki (Japanese cypress): ♨️


Room 2

Room 3



There’s a lot of stuff on display.


I like the retro atmosphere!

Spot Outline

Tsujiyo Ryokan, located in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture, is a ryokan where Tetsuro Degawa has stayed as an overnight guest. With only two Japanese-style rooms, the inn has the warmth of a grandmother’s house. Some rooms are decorated with works by Tsuyoshi Inukai and Chikkyo Ono, and the proprietress explains them carefully. The food is also delicious and is used for dinners. Baths are available in the rooms, but there is also a hinoki (Japanese cypress) family bath.

5:30pm Ajidokoro Eiseimaru(味処 栄清丸)

Dinner is here. I really liked this tavern 🤤🍶.
I was so impressed with the first Spanish mackerel I had here that I became a huge fan of Spanish mackerel! You should definitely order the Spanish Mackerel Salt Tataki 😂It was savory, the meat was sticky and tender, and the flavor was concentrated and really delicious!

We also had three kinds of sake!
Tagaji from Okayama Prefecture was delicious, fluffy and tasty but clean and crisp. 👏🏻

The restaurant was too delicious to go back the next day!
I want to enjoy more of the other dishes!

Takaji Junmai Daiginjo Asahi 990 yen

Sake made from edible rice 🌾.

Chikurim 870 yen

Seaweed with salt 780 yen

The meat was savory and glutinous! The salty taste was delicious 😭



Lots of sake ❣️

Spot Outline

Ajidokoro Eiseimaru is a seafood izakaya located in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture. According to word of mouth, the salted Spanish mackerel tataki is especially recommended, and is known for its savory, tender, and concentrated flavor. They also have a wide selection of Japanese sake, with Tagaji from Okayama Prefecture said to be particularly delicious. The restaurant is comfortable and has many repeat customers.

09:15am Osabana Coast(青佐鼻海岸)

Start the second day with a view of the Seto Inland Sea 🌊.
This beach offers a view of the Okayama Sea and the islands therein!
It’s a small beach, but the lovely scenery and soothing sounds of the sea will soothe you. ☺️
The weather was a little bad this time, so I couldn’t stay long, but if the weather was good, I wanted to just hang out and feel the ocean! It was such a place 🌊.

The view looks like this

Spot Outline

Osabana Coast is located in Yorishima-cho, Asakuchi City, Okayama Prefecture. Conveniently located next to a road, the beach is crowded with people, including families with children, during the swimming season. According to word of mouth, it is popular as a place where visitors can be healed by the soothing sounds of the sea and the island of Okayama, with its wonderful views of the ocean. If the weather is fine, they say, you can spend a relaxing time while feeling the ocean.

10:00am Uminokousha Share Atelier(シェアアトリエ 海の校舎)

This is one of the best spots on this trip!
An abandoned elementary school has been turned into a store, art exhibition, and studio 👒👜It was very interesting to hear about the artist’s passion and history, and to be able to purchase items on the spot!

And the most attractive thing here is that there is a goat named Tsukuru-kun 🐐. He is very friendly, cute, and he heals me…! ❤︎ It’s worth going just to see Tsukuru-kun. 🙆‍♀️ You can have the rare experience of walking a goat lol (I was taken around).

It seems like they were still at the stage where they were just starting to work hard, so I’m looking forward to the future: ☺️✨


That’s great…

as it was then

science laboratory

Nice view.

The Infirmary Becomes an Atelier


A workshop that makes tools for writing and going out.

Pretty colored accessories

Bags, etc.

2-way backpack

writing implement

He also opened the inside to show us.

staff room

I wonder if it’s a student work.

What kind of classroom is this?

Ishida Hat

Hat Atelier

They are all so cute.

Retro and cute😍.

sports ground

The! It’s like a school 🏫.

Goat Tsukuru-kun

It looks like you can take a walk!

He was friendly and super cute. ☺️

Spot Outline

Share Atelier Umi no Kyosha is a shared atelier in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture. It is housed in a closed elementary school and has a store, art exhibits, and a studio, where you can enjoy interacting with the artists. Another attraction is the presence of a goat, Tsukuru-kun, who is well known for being friendly and cute. Visitors can also enjoy the rare experience of taking a goat for a walk. This is a spot that is still developing and we look forward to its future.

12:00pm Chinese Soba Sakamoto(中華そば 坂本)

I was hungry, so I went to lunch! My first Kasaoka Ramen🍜.
The soup was thick with a soy sauce base and a robust chicken flavor! The noodles were thin and straight and well mixed with the soup.
When I went there around noon, I was surprised to see a huge crowd and a line of salaried workers!

The appearance of a long-established restaurant!

Chinese soba (regular) 600 yen

Thin noodles, soup and noodles are well mixed and delicious 🍜.

Spot Outline

Located in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture, the restaurant Chinese Soba Sakamoto is a ramen restaurant. The soy sauce-based soup has a robust chicken flavor and a rich taste. The noodles are thin and straight, and intertwine well with the soup. The restaurant is so popular that businessmen line up around noon, and it is known as one of the oldest and most established restaurants in the area. It is also conveniently accessible, being only a 4-minute walk from the station.

1:00pm Kasaoka Bay Farm(笠岡ベイファーム)

Next stop was a super photogenic spot! The rape blossoms field was surprisingly more spectacular than I had imagined!
It was so beautiful and pretty with rape blossoms all over! The yellow was too bright and dazzling 😂✨
I would love to come back to see the flowers in other seasons 🥰.

It is a great spot for a drive, as there are stores and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal or snack and purchase local foods and souvenirs!
Even on a weekday, there were many people there!

Yellow all over the place 🟡😍 great!



restaurant (esp. Western-style)

Schedule of Charges


Spot Outline

Kasaoka Bay Farm is a roadside station located in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture. Visitors can enjoy seasonal flower fields such as rape and sunflower fields, and there is also a restaurant and a store where local foods and souvenirs can be purchased. Visitors can also rent bicycles and enjoy cycling. It is a popular spot visited by 800,000 people annually, and the restrooms are reputed to be clean.

2:00pm Apple Bakery & Cafe

The last one is here! A cafe where you can enjoy freshly baked bread and lunch.
When I got there around 2pm, most of the bread was sold out…
We bought some homemade snacks and took a break in the car, but the store is open and has a wide variety of drinks, including smoothies, so even if you are not looking for bread, you may want to use the cafe. 🙆‍♀️



There are also drinks, just right for a break!

Cute round cookies🍪

They also had some sundries.

Spot Outline

Apple Bakery & Cafe is located in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture. Their handmade breads and sandwiches are popular, and they also offer a wide variety of drinks. The interior of the cafe is open and inviting, and it can be enjoyed even when using the cafe. However, the bread sells out early, so be careful about the time of day.

3:00pm Toyota Rent-A-Car Fukuyama Ekimae Store(トヨタレンタカー 福山駅前店)

Return the rental car and return to the station! It was another fun trip 🚗.
Please take a look at our road trip plans~!

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