Shibuya Scramble Square Travel Guide : A new landmark in the ever-evolving Shibuya area! From the popular Shibuya Sky to the hottest restaurants and a wide selection of gourmet foods from the department store!


What is Shibuya Scramble Square(渋谷スクランブルスクエア)?


Shibuya Scramble Square opened in 2019 as a new landmark tower directly above Shibuya Station.
The tower is approximately 230 meters high, with 47 floors above ground, and includes stores, restaurants, community space, offices, and observation facilities.

The concept is “mix, create, and spread to the world”. As a place where new movements and culture are born, it is popular among a wide range of people, especially among young people.

Shibuya Scramble Square, where people from all walks of life gather, consists mainly of the following areas.

  • Stores & Restaurants (B2F – 14F)
  • “SHIBUYA QWS”, an industrial exchange facility (15F) as a new community venue
  • Offices (17F to 45F)
  • Observation facility “SHIBUYA SKY” (14F and 45F to rooftop)

In addition, the commercial floors from B2F to 14F consist of the following

  • Food floor (B2F – 1F)
  • Fashion floors (2F – 5F, 7F – 9F)
  • Beauty Floor (6F)
  • Lifestyle sundries floor (10F, 11F, 14F)
  • Restaurant floors (12F and 13F)

Shibuya Scramble Square opened in 2019, but development has not yet stopped. With the current building as the East Wing, the West and Central Wings are scheduled to open in 2028. We will keep an eye on the changes in Shibuya in the future!

Things to Do

View of the city at SHIBUYA SKY


One of the most popular spots in Shibuya Scramble Square is the “Shibuya Sky” built on the roof of the building. At approximately 2,500 m2, it is one of the largest observation spots in Japan, offering a view of famous landmarks such as the Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, and Mt Fuji.

Shibuya Sky consists of the following three areas.

  • Ascending space: SKY GATE
  • Indoor observation corridor: SKY GALLERY
  • Rooftop Observation Space: SKY STAGE

There are numerous tricks even before arriving at the rooftop, and the ingenuity of raising expectations for the openness of the rooftop cannot be overlooked.


Sky Gate, the rooftop observation space on the top floor, features a lush green space with artificial grass. With only one unobstructed glass wall, visitors can fully enjoy the sense of openness.

In one corner called SKY EDGE, you can look down directly on the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, and in CLOUD HAMMOCK, you can enjoy the openness of the sky while lying on the net.

Another highlight is that the atmosphere changes dramatically from daytime to nighttime. There is no time limit on how long you can stay after entering, so we recommend that you visit in the evening and enjoy the night view before leaving. Please note that it is not possible to re-enter after leaving.

Enjoy gourmet food and scenery at restaurants and cafes at the same time

The restaurant floor “FOODIES SCRAMBLE” on the 12th and 13th floors offers not only typical Japanese cuisine such as sushi, shish-kebabs, okonomiyaki, soba and udon, but also a collection of international gourmet specialties including Spanish, Italian, Taiwanese and Arabic cuisine. Many restaurants have seating that can be set up with a view, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious atmosphere.

High-quality department store gourmet foods and sweets

A wide range of take-out gourmet stores operate from the second basement to the first floor.

Each location has its own special features. The first floor features “ecute EDITION” where you can get special sweets, and “TOKYU Foodshow EDGE” where cutting-edge food specialty stores are gathered.

The second basement floor is occupied by “Gourmand Market KINOKUNIYA”, a high-end supermarket where you can find food from around the world and seasonal Japanese products, and the second basement floor is lined with stores selling prepared foods, boxed lunches, and bread.

Many special stores are open on all floors, so if you are looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one, this is the place to be.

Gathering of the hottest culture stores

Culture stores selling lifestyle goods are now open on the 10th and 11th floors. Hands” and “TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE” are well-loved culture stores in Japan.

Located on the 10th floor, Hands offers a wide range of products in categories such as health & beauty, outdoor, houseware, and stationery.

Located on the 11th floor, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE is a bookstore with its own Starbucks. It functions as both a bookstore and a café. If you buy a drink at Starbucks, you can bring a book from TSUTAYA to read for free. Power supply and high-speed Wi-Fi are also available for your convenience.

The “Share Lounge”, a coworking space that has recently become a hot topic, is also located here. There is an hourly fee for use of the lounge, but there are about 20 kinds of drinks such as coffee, tea, and juice, as well as healthy and additive-free snacks such as nuts and chocolates, available for free upon entry.

The view in the lounge is excellent, making it a good spot for those who want to work on their PCs or other devices when they are temporarily in the lounge.

Large beauty floor

The beauty floor on the 6th floor houses a total of 40 cosmetic brands and cafes. In addition to general counseling brands loved by adult women, highlights include a rich lineup of diverse cosmetics available, from fragrances to organic cosmetics.

ANNA'S by Landtmann
Smoothies at ANNA’S by Landtmann

Also not to be missed is “ANNA’S by Landtmann”, the only café on the floor. The concept is “beauty from within,” and smoothie refreshment drinks with plenty of herbs, seasonal fruits, and vegetables are available. The coffee and sweets served at the main store in Vienna are also exceptional in mellowness, so don’t forget to order them.

Internet/SNS reputation

Shibuya Sky is the best photo spot

Shibuya Sky, located above Shibuya Scramble Square, is the best photo spot! Stylish photos can be taken against the backdrop of the metropolis of Tokyo!

It is a photo spot for night views that also attracts camera enthusiasts! The rooftop observation space at night is lit only minimally by indirect lighting, which minimizes the reflection of light from the window glass.

Enjoy the view of Shibuya while eating.

Many restaurants in Shibuya Scramble Square have seats with a view of the outside. The drawback is that it is crowded, but if you go to the trouble, you should definitely enjoy both the view and the food!

Large commercial facility with over 200 stores

Shibuya Scramble Square is simply huge! There are more than 200 stores in the building. The building contains a wide variety of stores, from high-end brands to low-priced stores, as if it is a strategy to avoid narrowing down the target market.

Facility Information

Shibuya Scramble Square

Business hours:

  • Store: 10:00am-9:00pm
  • Restaurant floor: 11:00am-11:00pm
    *Depends on the store.
  • Shibuya Sky: 10:00am-10:30pm (last admission 9:20pm)

Address: 2-24-12, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
For inquiries: please click here for the official website.

Access Information

By train


Frequently Asked Q&A


A baby room is located on the 13th floor with 4 diaper changing stations, 3 nursing spaces, a rest area, and a hot water dispenser for formula. Diaper changing stations are also available on the 4th, 6th, 9th, and 14th floors. Baby strollers can be rented free of charge at the information counter on the 2nd floor, so please inquire if you would like to rent one.


There is no baggage storage or coin lockers for large baggage, but there are refrigerated coin lockers and coin operated lockers on the first floor. They are available from 10:00 to 21:00, and cannot be taken in or out after hours.

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