Okinawa 2 Day Itinerary: Women’s Trip to Naha City and Chatan 🍹- Experience Okinawa’s Unique Gastronomy and Fortune Telling (Day 2)



Following the first part, the second part and the second day, we enjoyed active sightseeing while enjoying Okinawa’s unique gourmet food! Okinawa is famous for this! While keeping in mind the points that Okinawa is famous for, we also happened to come across a wine that tasted so good that we went to buy it, and we had our fortune told at a fortune teller that we ended up at while chasing after a cat 🐈‍⬛…! This is a record of the second day, which was filled with unexpected and happy encounters that only a trip like this can bring. ⭐︎

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

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9:00am Delocatessen Trunq Oroku store(デリカテッセントランク 小禄店)

Start of the second day! Let’s start with breakfast.
A delicatessen located in Akamine, Naha City that sells bread, prepared foods, wine, and other items. You can also eat in after ordering food and drinks. I ordered salted bread (100 yen) and hojicha lemonade (550 yen) for breakfast. 8~10am is eat-in only and comes with a morning set that includes salad, ham, and boiled egg for free. The ham is a homemade loin ham made from Okinawan pork, and the salted bread is made with coarse salt from Okinawa and organic butter from Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture. A delightful set that will get you excited from the morning 😋.



A variety of side dishes of all kinds

Lots of delicious looking bread 🥐.

Drink Menu

eat-in space

The interior is stylish♪ Morning is great in a nice space!

Spot Outline

Delocatessen Trunq Oroku store is a bakery and wine store located in Akamine, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. It offers breads, delicatessens, and wines, and you can eat in at the store. For breakfast, the salted bread with homemade loin ham and hojicha lemonade are recommended, and there is an eat-in only morning set available from 8~10am. The free salad, ham, and boiled egg that comes with the set is made with homemade loin ham from Okinawan pork, coarse salt from Okinawa, and organic butter from Takachiho, Miyazaki. The set is highly rated by word of mouth as a delightful set that will get you excited in the morning.

10:00am Shurijo Castle(首里城)

Next, we strolled around Shurijo Castle.
There was a sad fire, but I visited Shuri Castle because I could see it being rebuilt since then. The main hall, which was burned down, is being rebuilt for 2026, so I would like to visit again when it is completed!

Through the magnificent gate…

Shuri Castle, which is being reconstructed, can be seen just in front.

The second gate, Zuisenmon

The third gate, the Rokokumon

Shurijo Castle under reconstruction

madder red buildings and gates


It is frustrating that it is cloudy, but the view is great!

viewing platform

Panoramic view of the city

Again, sorry about the weather. 😂It is a little higher than where we were earlier, so the view is even better. I hope to see Shurijo Castle from here again when it is completed.

Spot Outline

Shuri Castle is located in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan.The seiden and surrounding buildings were destroyed by fire in 2019. However, reconstruction is underway to show and rebuild by 2026. Visitors can take the monorail to Shuri and walk there in about 15 minutes. The seiden is currently undergoing repairs and the lacquer is being repainted. Special New Year’s events are also held at the temple, making it a popular spot for Hatsumode (New Year’s visit).

11:00am Mihama Town Resort American Village(美浜タウンリゾート・アメリカンビレッジ)

We came to an American-style resort facility located on a former U.S. military base. The streets are so cute and pop-like that you really feel like you are in the U.S! In addition to souvenir shops and restaurants, there is a hotel on the premises and a beach, which is currently under construction!


Streetscape 2

Spot Outline

Mihama Town Resort American Village is a resort town located in Mihama, Chatan Town, Okinawa Prefecture, and was established in 2004 on the site of a former U.S. military base, and is characterized by its cute, pop-culture townscape with an American atmosphere. With stores, restaurants, general stores, and vintage clothing stores, it is a fun place to be both day and night. And although the Ferris wheel is gone, there are still plenty of events to enjoy, such as when the locals gather in costume during Halloween. The terrace seating is recommended due to its proximity to the ocean, and if you stay at a nearby hotel, you can stay longer without worrying about the time. There are also many photo-worthy spots, and they have become a hot topic on social networking sites.

12:00pm Hamaya(浜屋)

Lunch was at an Okinawan soba restaurant in Chatan, where the soki is excellent. I knew that I could not miss out on Soki Soba on my trip to Okinawa! So I ordered Hamaya Soba (small) (500 yen). Ingredients included an egg omelet and soft, tender soki. The noodles are a little thicker, firm, and frizzy. The soup was too good, with a light salty broth added to it! It was a perfect dish 🤤.



Buy a meal ticket

Spot Outline

Located in Chatan-cho, Okinawa Prefecture, Hamaya Soba is a local Okinawan soba restaurant serving mainly Okinawan soba. Ingredients include soft tender tender soki and egg rolls, and the noodles are characterized by their thick, firm, and frizzy texture. The addition of a gentle salty broth makes for an excellent taste. Many celebrities have visited the restaurant and it is popular among tourists.

1:00pm The Sunrise Shack Okinawa

This kitchen car originates from Hawaii and offers a new kind of drink that crosses superfoods with coffee. (When visiting, please check once on Instagram or the website for details on the location of the stall!)
In addition to coffee, they also sold smoothies and acai bowls.


Three sizes (S-M-L)

Blue Dream 1,000 yen

This time I chose a smoothie. The blue color is due to spirulina, which is a seaweed that gives the smoothie its bright blue color!

Spot Outline

The Sunrise Shack Okinawa is a café located in Chatan-cho, Okinawa, serving coffee and acai bowls. The kitchen car originated in Hawaii, and its new drink, a cross between superfood and coffee, is also popular. Please check their Instagram or website for the location of their stall.

2:00pm Vin Stock Chatan(ヴァンストック 北谷)

A natural wine specialty store that just opened this year.
In fact, the wine I had at another store on the first day was so good that I came back to buy it 🍷.

*The business is currently closed.


There is a wide selection of wines and craft beers in fashionable packages that are rarely seen in stores.

Buy original wine bag and orange wine â

It seems that here, if you pay a bottle opener fee, they will open it on the spot and you can drink standing up 🍷.

Spot Outline

Vin Stock Chatan is a natural wine and craft beer store located in Chatan-cho, Nakagami County, Okinawa Prefecture. It is currently closed. (There is a sister store in Tokyo.)

3:00pm Shijo Hondori(市場本通り)

â-ª Looking for souvenirs in the arcade near Kokusai-dori Avenue â-ª

Aloha shirts are all lined up 🌺

Souvenir Shop

Another souvenir shop over here.

I went in!

Blue Seal (brand name for tarpaulin)

A variety of colorful T-shirts

Orion Beer T-shirts were also available 🍺.

Okinawan sweet

Spot Outline

Shijo Hondori Street, located in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, is a bustling shopping street where souvenir stores gather. Located one street off Kokusai-dori, the street is lined with a variety of stores, from souvenir shops to streets where you can get a sense of deep Okinawan culture. It is especially crowded with people seeking local sweets essential for annual events such as the Lunar New Year, Seimei Festival, and Lunar Bon Festival.

3:30pm Sasurai no Oda(さすらいの小田)

While wandering around the shopping arcade, I followed a cat I found and ended up at a deep spot, which eventually led me to this fortune teller’s shop. Since I was in the mood for a good fortune-telling session, I decided to have my fortune-teller take a look! I was surprised to find that it was quite right! 🤣
I had my fortune read by Oda teacher, a well-known fortune teller in Okinawa, using palm reading and horoscope, and also received advice✨I had a very pleasant time!

Spot Outline

Sasurai no Oda is a fortune teller located in Naha City, Okinawa. Dr. Oda, a famous Okinawan fortune teller, can read your palm and horoscope and give you advice. According to word of mouth, he is reputed to be quite accurate and enjoyable.

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