Shibuya PARCO Travel Guide: Trend-setting destination for fashion, art, and the latest technology!


What is Shibuya PARCO(渋谷パルコ)?


PARCO is one of the most popular commercial facilities in Japan. Operating in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, PARCO continues to introduce cutting-edge fashion and the latest trends. In particular, PARCO here in Shibuya is the flagship store of PARCO and is synonymous with Shibuya culture. This store was the driving force behind the growth of Shibuya into the young people’s town that it is today.

Nakashibu Street
Nakashibu Street

Such PARCO has reopened for renewal in 2019. It aims to “pursue what is new, different, interesting, and unique” without targeting a specific age group or gender.

One of the features of the building is its unique architectural design, which focuses on the “slopes” and “streets” that characterize the Shibuya area, and has created a three-dimensional street that extends from the Spanish Slope to the 10th floor. Each floor has its own entrance, allowing visitors to feel as if they are walking through the streets of Shibuya.

The 4th, 8th, and 10th floors also feature outdoor plazas for use on sunny days.


Floors from B1 to B9 (including some on the 10th floor) are commercial facilities, with stores organized around the five pillars of FASHION, FOOD, ART & CULTURE, ENTERTAINMENT, and TECHNOLOGY.

The 1st through 5th floors house fashion brands with diverse concepts, while the 6th floor area called “CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA” consists of stores selling proudly Japanese content such as anime, games, manga, and subculture, and the Mobile eSports The public viewing café & bar is particularly popular, focusing on mobile e-sports.

Gourmet-related stores occupy each floor from the first basement to the seventh floor.The basement floor features CHAOS KITCHEN and the seventh floor features RESTAURANT SEVEN, both of which are attractive restaurant/food floors with different concepts. The 8th and 9th floors are home to PARCO theaters, mini-theaters, galleries, training facilities, and other cultural spots that offer a special experience for the senses.

The 10th floor of the rooftop plaza is “ROOFTOP PARK,” which offers a peaceful park-like atmosphere filled with greenery. The park also has an indoor event space, so those who are interested in frequent cultural events or just want to take a breather in the bustling Shibuya area are welcome to visit.

Things to Do

Shopping with the latest technology


One area of Shibuya PARCO that is particularly next-generation is the “PARCO CUBE” on the 5th floor. Here, visitors can experience a new sensation of technology-enhanced shopping.

Eleven stores are located in the “PARCO CUBE” and are characterized by smaller space and in-store inventory compared to a typical sales floor. The stores are as sophisticated as showrooms, with limited items and selected recommendations.

If you want a product that is not available in the store, you can purchase it through the “PARCO ONLINE STORE” online store site. All inventory is managed digitally, so all you need to do is transfer the data directly to your smartphone through the large signage in the common area or in the store.

A moment to immerse yourself in the world of art


Shibuya PARCO has a number of galleries, museums, and culture stores whose exhibits change with the seasons. For example, “GALLERY X” is a culture-oriented gallery. It offers a wide variety of genres such as art culture, animation, games, and music.

On the 4th floor is “PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO,” which mainly deals with art, design, and fashion, and holds special exhibitions related to new things and events.

Other art and culture spots scattered throughout the facility include “OIL by art pocket notebook” (2nd floor), a contemporary art gallery by the Japanese art magazine Bijutsu Techo, and “HOBO Nichiyobi” (8th floor), a spot for introducing Tokyo culture, offering a wide range of attractions.

There is a theater and a movie theater on the 8th floor.

“PARCO Theater” is the cultural center of PARCO, a luxurious premium theater with 636 seats, all of which are S quality. All performances at the PARCO Theatre are produced by PARCO. For more detailed information on performances and schedules, please check the official PARCO Theater official.

“WHITE CINE QUINTO” is a new cinema that defies the existing concept of movies and movie theaters, and although it is a small theater with 108 seats, it shows not only movies but also collections of fashion brands, foreign musicals, and other works. Those who want to experience culture on a higher level will surely love it.

In addition, the “PUBLIC STAGE” on the 9th floor offers visitors a chance to experience content that straddles high culture and subculture. With “learning” as its theme, the PUBLIC STAGE is a place that can be enjoyed by a wide range of visitors, from adults to children. The event space by artists and designers active in the front lines of the industry and advanced educational institutions aims to provide creative education for teenagers.

Enjoy interesting gourmet food

Restaurant Guide

Shibuya Parco also has a unique selection of restaurants.

“CHAOS KITCHEN” on the basement floor, “RESTAURANT SEVEN” on the 7th floor, and other gourmet stores that you may want to stop by on other floors are open for business. CHAOS KITCHEN, with its concept of “food, music, and culture,” is a particularly interesting area where the following unique restaurants and sundry stores are gathered.

  • Music Cafe & Bar “QUATTRO LABO”
  • New yakiniku-style hamburger steak : Kiwamiya
  • Ghibier and insect restaurant : Kome to circus
  • A Standing Izakaya : Tachinomi BEERBOY
  • Vegan Izakaya : Masaka

“RESTAURANT SEVEN”, located on the 7th floor, features a collection of Japan’s best restaurants, including conveyor-belt sushi, yakiniku, ramen, tempura, and more. The following restaurants are particularly recommended.

  • A famous conveyor-belt sushi restaurant in Kanazawa :Kanazawa Maimon Sushi
  • Where you can enjoy Tempura and Sake : Hakata Tempura Takao
  • Where you can enjoy grilled Wagyu beef : Shibuya Yakiniku KINTAN
  • Serving healthy but hearty vegan food : FALAFEL BROTHERS

Check out the latest fashions


Boutiques are located on the 1st through 5th floors, where you can find items to suit your purpose, including women’s, men’s, and jewelry, etc. At the street store on the 1st floor, you can find high brand products such as “Gucci” and “Yves Saint Laurent Beauté”! The first floor store is located on the first floor of the building. The world’s most prestigious and quality brands are all here, so window shopping alone is sure to be an uplifting experience.

The 2nd to 5th floors are divided into stores based on PARCO’s unique approach. The concept of each floor is also a highlight, such as a floor featuring Tokyo’s trends, a floor where mode and art are crossed, and a floor where diverse cultures are mixed. Many of the stores are opening for the first time in a commercial facility, so it is a good idea to take your time to explore all the floors, keeping an eye out for brands that you may encounter for the first time or that are new to you.

Encountering Japan’s Leading Culture

Nintendo TOKYO
Nintendo TOKYO

“CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA” on the 6th floor is a collection of goods related to world-class Japanese video games, anime, and art content. Here, visitors can encounter popular content loved even overseas, such as “Nintendo TOKYO” and “Pokémon Center SHIBUYA”.

Nintendo TOKYO, the first official store directly managed by Nintendo in Japan, sells game consoles, game software, and Nintendo character goods, as well as holding limited-time events and game experiences.

Pokémon Center SHIBUYA
Pokémon Center SHIBUYA

Pokémon Center SHIBUYA is the official store of Pokémon. The spatial presentation that gives the shop a next-generation feel makes full use of state-of-the-art technology. The concept is different from the conventional Pokémon Center, so those who want to visit a unique Pokémon Center should check out this store.

Other must-see stores for fans of manga and anime are listed below.

  • “JUMP SHOP” selling goods from the comic magazine “Weekly Jump”, which has been popular in Japan for many years.
  • The first permanent official store for game content, “TOUKEN RANBU YOROZUYAHONPO (刀剣乱舞万屋本舗) “
  • “CAPCOM STORE TOKYO” where limited-edition Capcom goods will be sold.
GG Shibuya mobile esports cafe&bar
GG Shibuya mobile esports cafe&bar

If you want to immerse yourself in otaku/gaming culture, visit “GG Shibuya mobile esports cafe&bar” or “TOKYO PARADE goods & cafe” during cafe time.

A new type of cafe & bar, “GG Shibuya mobile esports cafe&bar” is a great place to enjoy public viewing of e-sports. The restaurant is equipped with a large monitor and seats about 100 people, making it a great place to mingle with many people. Enjoying gourmet food while talking about e-sports with the people around you is one of the ways to have fun here.

In addition, at the collaboration cafe “TOKYO PARADE goods & cafe,” collaboration goods from anime and movies are sold and menus can be enjoyed at different periods, so it is recommended to check the periods when the contents you are interested in are available.

Editorial Visit Review

2023/11/14 Thu.

I visited Shibuya PARCO! There are many large commercial facilities in Shibuya, but if you want to follow the trends, Shibuya Parco is a must. With stylish restaurants and free observation spots, it is perfect for a date!

The editor’s favorite restaurants are “Tachinomi BEERBOY” and “SCHMATZ Beer Dining”. Both are beer stores, but with a bright exterior. It is also nice that they are open from lunch!

Another thing I like about PARCO is its rooftop plaza, ROOFTOP PARK! It is a great deal to be able to enjoy a panoramic view of Shibuya for free. There is also a café attached to the park, which is open even in the evening hours, so if you are tired of walking in Shibuya, please stop by.

Facility Information

Shibuya PARCO

Business hours:

  • Store 11:00am-9:00pm
  • Restaurant/Cafe 11:30am-11:00pm
    *Opening hours differ for some stores.

Address : 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
For inquiries: please click here for the official website.

Access Information

By train

  • 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station on JR lines, Tokyu Toyoko and Denentoshi lines, and Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin, Hanzomon and Ginza lines.

By bus

  • 1 minute walk from Jinnan 1-chome Station bus stop by Keio Bus

Frequently Asked Q&A


Correspondence. Please note, however, that restaurants and service stores are excluded. There is no duty-free counter. Each store is responsible for its own service.


Multi-purpose restrooms on the 1st basement floor, 7th floor, 9th floor, and 10th floor are equipped with baby cribs. Restrooms with baby chairs are located in the men’s and women’s restrooms on the first basement floor and the second through tenth floors. If you wish to use the baby restrooms, please visit them on the 5th floor. Free baby strollers are also available for rent at the information desk on the first floor, and can be rented for children from approximately one month to four years of age.


The closest exit is Shibuya Station “A6C” exit.

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