Okinawa 2 Day Itinerary on Kokusaidori Street, Naha: Activities, Souvenir Shopping, and Hotel



This time, it’s a 2-day/1-night plan to enjoy Kokusai-dori to the fullest ✨
Located in Naha City, Kokusai street is a bustling area where Okinawa’s shopping and culinary culture converge. Lined with traditional local handicrafts, it is a fun place for tourists to stroll.
Original accessories are sure to be a memorable part of your trip!
Not only Okinawan soul food, but also toast and Italian food in style?
Bond with friends by cooking breakfast in a hotel with a kitchen.
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*Please note that the information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

11:30am Kokusai Street(国際通り)

The trip starts at the main street, Kokusai Street
It is the largest downtown area in Naha.

Spot Outline

Kokusai street is the main street in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. There are many souvenir shops around the area and the main street is busy, but once you step into the alley, you will find a local atmosphere. It is a great area to buy souvenirs and a popular tourist spot that is sure to be exciting just to walk around.

12:00pm Okinawa natural glass,Studio Ruri(ガラス工房 スタジオ琉璃)

A place where original glass accessories can be made

Accessories are made by combining parts of your choice!

There are so many colors and shapes for the parts, it’s hard to decide which one to choose.

Spot Outline

Okinawa natural glass,Studio Ruri is located at 2-5-6-204 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. Here, you can make your own original glass accessories. Conveniently located just a minute walk from Kokusai Street Avenue, the studio is popular among tourists and locals alike for its hands-on experience in making glass accessories. Please visit and try making your own special accessory.

2:00pm Guilty’s Naha Kokusai Street Store – Specializing in buttered toast and craft lemonade -(ルティーズ 那覇国際通り店 -バタートーストとクラフトレモネード専門店-)

A good place for toast and lemonade


It will definitely look good in a pop-up store.

Zeccho Strong Lemonade 580 yen and Mojito Lemonade 580 yen.

The moment you drink it, the lemon aroma will be all over the place.

Lemon & yogurt 880 yen.

Lemon is refreshing and delicious.

Zeccho Buttered Toast + Comparison Set 660 yen + 800 yen

The toast is fluffy and delicious.
It’s fun to compare foods

Spot Outline

Guilty’s Naha Kokusai Strret Store – Specializing in buttered toast and craft lemonade – located in Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, is a cafe dedicated to buttered toast and lemonade. Located at 3-1-4 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, the store is on the first floor. It is recommended for café use and for sweet treats.

3:00pm Genka Genkichi Ryukyu Glass Heiwa Street Store (in Churasanpin)

Visit the store on Heiwa Street where you can find many unique Okinawan souvenirs.

Crunchy beniimo (Okinawan sweet potato) in various flavors.

The packaging is cute and makes a great souvenir.

Lots of Soki Soba

Spot Outline

Genka Genkichi Ryukyu Glass Heiwa Street Store (in Churasanpin), located at 3-1-13 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa, is a direct sales store of Genka Genkichi (Ryukyu Glass Studio) products. This store offers many unique Okinawan souvenirs. It is conveniently located on Heiwa Street.

4:00pm Okinawa natural glass,Studio Ruri (glass accessory experience) – ガラス工房 スタジオ琉璃(ガラスアクセサリー体験)

I’m back to finish up the last of the work – I’m back to finish up the last of the work!
A great way to remember your trip. and a great souvenir.

5:00pm Restaurant&Bar Very

Dinner is served at where you can enjoy authentic Italian food and wine.
We ordered a course!

assorted appetizers

The liver paste is very tasty.

Steamed mussels with white wine

The fluffiness & mild sweetness is the best

Fresh Fish and Seasonal Vegetable Fritters

Crispy and tasty! great with drinks.


Best from the smell ✨

Grilled Hinai Chicken

Tasty and flavorful.

Spot Outline

Restaurant&Bar Very is an Italian restaurant located in Tsuboya, Naha-shi, Okinawa. It boasts authentic Italian cuisine and wine, and course meals are also popular. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and is recommended for dates and women’s parties. According to word of mouth, the course meals are delicious and the wide selection of wines is highly satisfying.

7:00pm Condominium Resort VERY

This time, we stayed in a condominium (accommodation equipped with living room and kitchen)!
The room is as big as a castle. with 4 big beds

With large island kitchen

It had a large island kitchen so I made breakfast.
The microwave, cooking utensils, and tableware are also well stocked!

Spot Outline

Condominium Resort VERY is located on the second floor of a privately owned building at 1-7-5 Tsuboya, Naha-shi, Okinawa. Rooms are condominium type and are equipped with a living room and kitchen. According to reviews from guests, the rooms are spacious and have a castle-like atmosphere. What is more surprising is that they are equipped with four large beds.

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